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  1. Wasn't CoTP in Darkfall? If so, I think I was in the Stasis alliance with them. lolol
  2. I really like the random resource spawns. That will stop any one territory from having a particular lockdown, and gives a nice incentive for exploration with harvesting.
  3. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I sure hope you guys pump out resources and gear like you did in Darkfall! Hope to see you guys on the field! (Might actually consider joining XD )
  4. If you did "hours of research", I'm not sure how you could have missed the "pre-alpha" stage. I would urge you to do more because of you do, you will realize that the game is worth supporting. Even if it's a early game now, it's further along than a lot of games that are beta/released. And they're still adding more. Stay behind them and time will reap your rewards.
  5. SeveranceBane


    Except that they are proving that they are completing tasks. I think the point you are trying to reach is stupid. So what, you want them to complete the task and then be done with it? No. I'd rather have them continuing to work on it, even after it's done. I actually don't like that the subscription fee isn't mandatory, though I do understand the pros and cons to this. I just want to make sure they are funded, and well, for the time, effort and patience that they put into a game that's not even being made to be played by them. A lot of people don't realize.. Putting your game out there, that's bringing your beautiful dream to life. But it's just that, YOUR dream. You don't get to experience the excitement, awe, frustration, perseverance that everyone who does not know your dream get to. You've lived this dream; thought of it exactly how you imagine it a million times. To everyone else.. they get to explore this wonder, virgin to it's beauties. They are bringing us something that they already had the joy of exploring, so that we too can share in a world of their imagining. For everything they release, any money I spend is worth it.. and I will continue to support them. Not to mention, the awesome support provided both on the forums and through the customer support center. (Shout out to Gordon, again! lol) Either you have no regard for all the work it takes to make something so great, or you have never been the victim of a company that doesn't care at all. Even the best companies have not been as good as this one. I wholeheartedly support this company, and will continue to do so regardless of your opinion. I just wish you would see the good here, and thank them for not releasing a product that will fail but rather nourishing one that will sweep the gaming community as a whole.
  6. Also, does this apply to houses? I mean.. The servers are setup to die, right? Will I be able to place that house again? Or is it gone after the one use?
  7. .....This raises a larger question. Is there a forum explaining the differences between campaign and EK?
  8. Couldn't find another post with this answer. If I buy a stronghold, does it go away after one use? Or will you get one every time you start on a new server?
  9. They were a group largely dedicated to crafting. But I just got along with them really well. Sounds like it would be good if I join them. Help them get their gear back.
  10. I ran into OTG a lot in Darkfall, and between us there was a mutual friendship. I was wondering if they are coming to Crowfall? If so, I'd love to join you guys, this go around! Let me know, if you see this!
  11. In Darkfall, they had an alliance at server startup called They Hyperion Alliance. I was in an opposing alliance called Stasis. While we were smaller, we were consolidated (to give an idea, they probably had 1000 players vs. our 200-250). When we hit, we had less defense to deal with, and when we got hit, we had more consolidated defenses. In the end, we lost. However, we had a blast fighting and sieging, and gave them a good run for their money. Once we lost, a large portion segregated from Hyperion to start the Y'ssam Coalition and finally, Hyperion's reign was over. I don't imaging anything going differently here. One benefit to Hyperion controlling most of the map was the limitless opportunities to gank mob spawns and players standing just outside of city lines. "Assassins" if you will. It was fun for the time in between the wars, and tons of good gear and mounts!
  12. Just want to give a shout out to Gordon in the customer support center! Legit, had a response in about 5 minutes to my questions. I am blown away by this game and it's community at every turn!
  13. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I will do just that, then.
  14. Trying to setup my weekend (lol) but I'm slightly confused based on what the website says and a few forum posts that I've rummaged through. So, I purchased the 70.00 bundle (rounded). This gives me access to beta 1, if I'm not mistaken. Will I be able to play this weekend?
  15. Welcome! So glad to see the game flourishing even prior to completion. I haven't been in-game yet, but am definitely excited by what I've seen so far. To be honest, by the gameplay footage I've seen already, I'm shocked that it's only as far as it is. Such big plans for the game, and the combat is already so stellar, I can't wait to see the finished product. Glad to have you on board for the ride along!
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