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  1. not really as gold and EXP make no difference in PVP, level makes no difference in PVP, it's all equalized in PVP If I'm level 30 and your level 50 you may have more skills then me, and trained those skills to morph a couple times to do other things but you are using a skill or weapon they all hit with the same oof, and you can only slot about 12 skills and two weapon sets. weapon swap also swaps your skill set, for instance I am a Brenton Templar a healer damage caster depending on the skills I choose to spec in. At first I went heavy armor/ bow/resto staff for range and max armor and templar healing abilities, I still use that build from time to time but now I'm mainly light armor Destruction /resto staff so I drop all my heals and shields and Hots then swap to destruction staff to dole out DPS and recover mana (every heavy attack with destruction staff returns mana) then swap back and forth as necessary to heal and DPS. great in PVE and PVP the deals are all cosmetic and transmutation is just that make armor look like other armor. again cosmetic.
  2. what no PVP now in new world? and I was going to pre order to at least try it in beta now not sure.
  3. Sure with ESO plus you get Full access to DLC packs (such as dark brotherhood and many others, however you can buy them separate) Unlimited storage for crafting materials (this is crazy for crafters game changer but still not necessary just convenient as hell. double space in your bank 10% increase to Gold, exp, crafting inspiration and trait research Exclusive ability to Dye costumes (costumes not armor that is for everyone) double currency cap for transmutation crystals and exclusive assess to unique store deals 1650 crowns per month for mounts pets and more in the crown store. So no pay to win but definitely some quality of life upgrades and cosmetics
  4. there is a reason you don't "see" the armor
  5. I think the ESO model works, you never feel the need to sub unless your a crafter then it's almost a must.
  6. Welcome ! and yes game development is a mixed bag and almost never easy. I am currently backing 3 projects that are doing things no one else has done Crowfall (of course) Camelot Unchained and Star Citizen and in all 3 cases it's very different. Crowfall and CU are closer to scope and scale but still doing things no one else has tried and so far exceeding at it. although launch may be far away for these projects you see it coming together much like Crowfall here. Star Citizen on the other hand is trying things that are to me truly game changing if they can make it all work. but this is exciting times for crowd funded MMO's that are trying different things. some small some large but all exciting for the furture of gaming not only for these projects but what they will mean for the future of gaming in general. So yes my hats off to all the devs that stretch themselves to accomplish what has not been done before and most of us are rooting for you! (with our wallets too!) (didn't realize that was my first post) guess my lurker status is over lol
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