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  1. I wanna start off by saying that once the game releases and if our account Usernames are our Ign's I would want a way to change it, for say I wanted to put my guilds name in my name I want to be able to do that for free at anytime and not have to pay real money to be able to change it. I realize that it is totally an option for them to make it free or pay, but if they made you pay for something so small like that, it would just be ridiculous. I also want there to be a filter on Usernames, so that people don't put dirty words or cuss words in their name, if they do decide to change their Username to something like that. If Usernames are different in the Ign I wonder if it will be like w101 where you create a name out of 3 names and tons of choices or one that is made by you, completely separate from your account username. Please leave your comments and opinions on this matter down below and add to my statement if you agree. I just want free to change Usernames instead of being stuck with a not so good one where you cant change it.
  2. If there is Usernames over heads, people will not be able to abuse hiding, suppose a ranged character has a name over their head, but a melee character doesn't so that someone cannot just sit in the bushes ko'ing everyone and no one is able to see where they are. If there is no Usernames over heads, there needs to be a marker set where the person was when they last killed you on the map. That's the only way to make sure that people won't abuse hiding/ camping, this game does not need to turn into CoD where people hide and glitch to get kills. I would like to hear some reactions to my statement, good or bad
  3. I want bettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. I hope this is not a old republic type game where you have to click 1-9 buttons to fight, but looks like it wont be like that, and the art style is magnificent I only wish for a beta possibly maybe
  5. Dakota id like to be a part of the g0d guild :)
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