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  1. Region: NA, Canada Time Zone: UTC-4 Atmosphere : Looking for a guild to get back to Crowfall, and give my final products. Casual/Hardcore: Casual while at school, hardcore otherwise. Focus: Gathering / Crafting / Bugfinding Play-Style: Whatever, only need stamina. Faction: No preference. Game Experience: Tera, Eden Eternal, BDO, Albion, Wakfu, Dofus, TCGs, MOBAs Voice-Chat services: Discord all the way. Languages: English, French (main)
  2. Bumping the subject : Any news about it ?
  3. Yeah it's true that a large portion on player will solo at the beginning, but this fact doesnt matter on the balance of the class. My point here is that it's normal that a certain archetype cannot 1v2 against 2 intermediate players. It doesnt make sense. The archetypes arent balanced yet, so I was just saying that it might be a good idea to forget the 1v5 confessor fights
  4. I don't realy get what you meant. I think it's pretty normal that you'd get kill in a 1v2 with a ranged mage. If they're able to gapclose you, it's pretty normal that you die. Confessor was just too strong, I honnestly don't think that it's normal for an archetype to win 2+ players fight alone. Probably a lot more balanced now. You also said that it's boring to run alone in the map, Crowfall is a guild oriented game, pretty normal that you arent able to do lot of things alone, still an mmorpg.
  5. Okay, parcels are part of the eternal kingdoms (aka E.K). With the campaign system they showed us, you cannot get "high tier" ressources in the E.K. I would be something like the Sanctuary server, where you can only harvest low tier materials like cobblestone, slag,etc. The higher the tier/difficulty, better the ressources. This is subject to change btw We don't know yet what they're going to do with the parcels/E.K but as far I can tell, there is no plan to add ressource gathering in those worlds.
  6. - Found a bug where if you died as a druid and take over your old vessel, your essence UI is stuck over 80%, doesnt hurt you but you're enable to cast dark spells. Unable to reproduce.
  7. - Discovered a bug with the druid archetype. If you wanna teleport past some rocks, be careful, your camera might get stuck. https://youtu.be/68BevrOgB-I Here's where that bug happened EDIT: Apparently it's an old bug. Still not fixed then
  8. - Died from PvP, relogged into the server because some textures were gone like I said : When you log back and take over your last vessel, you get this HUD bug :
  9. - Sanctuary (PvE) is PvP allowed. - Sometimes when you die you get this You need to relog into the server if you want the texture back.
  10. Honnestly I love the fact that the vessel system will be here soon enough. I can't wait to test this aspect of the game !
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