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  1. Region: NA, Canada Time Zone: UTC-4 Atmosphere : Looking for a guild to get back to Crowfall, and give my final products. Casual/Hardcore: Casual while at school, hardcore otherwise. Focus: Gathering / Crafting / Bugfinding Play-Style: Whatever, only need stamina. Faction: No preference. Game Experience: Tera, Eden Eternal, BDO, Albion, Wakfu, Dofus, TCGs, MOBAs Voice-Chat services: Discord all the way. Languages: English, French (main)
  2. Bumping the subject : Any news about it ?
  3. Okay, parcels are part of the eternal kingdoms (aka E.K). With the campaign system they showed us, you cannot get "high tier" ressources in the E.K. I would be something like the Sanctuary server, where you can only harvest low tier materials like cobblestone, slag,etc. The higher the tier/difficulty, better the ressources. This is subject to change btw We don't know yet what they're going to do with the parcels/E.K but as far I can tell, there is no plan to add ressource gathering in those worlds.
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