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  1. This! When I switched over to an SSD, my fps went up a good 30%. As far as processors go,I'd recommend Ivy bridge tech or better for your Pentium. From research I've been doing, not testing, buying 1 900 series gpu will be better then using sli on 2 cards from say the 700 series. Windows will be releasing a free upgrade to windows 10 from 7 and up in a few months, I assume it will be capable of running more then 16g ram, as it is dirt cheap, might as well max out your board.
  2. I think this is a good concern, but already considered and dealt with. If armor isn't effective, you destroy the very idea of crafting. Also, if we need to heal ourselves in battle, we will most likely risk bandages,regs, arrows, etc.. in our inventory, naked or not. If someone can beat you w/ no heals while you have heals and take less damage, that's on you.
  3. This would be amazing. Comedy is an often underutilized medium to keep players entertained.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hplpQt424Ls crows are a**holes
  5. I see no problem with collision detection. Sure some people could grief w/ it, but that rarely seemed to be a problem for me in UO.
  6. Mortal online is a great example of a night time that actually feels and looks like night. The only way you could see anything was w/ a torch drawn. It made time of day a factor when choosing to go out on a long journey. If night fell out in the wilderness you may be better off waiting for morning instead of getting more lost.
  7. The problem with being able to finish a toon in a few nights is that it just turns the game into a glorified rock paper scissors fest. If i know my knight can't beat the guy in my farm spot, I'll just log in the type of toon that can. Then they log one in to beat what I logged in, and it turns into a meta of logging the right toon in at the right time, instead of advancing 1 particular skill set with one type of toon. I'm all for "faster" leveling, but I don't think we should all have every type of char in a few months.
  8. I'm always in vent, as are most players. I even stated that in my original post. I must have missed the part where vent enabled the feature to chat with any random character I come across in any random mmo. If you guys prefer only talking to your buddies in the same vent server as you, both could easily be arranged. The thought of needing to moderate what is being said kinda infuriates me. If someone annoys you, mute em. They have to be near you for you to hear em anyway... If it would cost a ton of money and resources, (which i doubt) it would make sense not to consider. If you are worried about yelling kids and cussing trolls, that's silly and a non issue. If xbox and playstation can get away with voip with their giant playerbase, I'm pretty sure a simple "I agree" click could solve any need for moderation.
  9. It sucked because what one person saw on their screen, wasn't what their opponent was seeing on theirs. The server couldn't keep up with the insane amount of info trying to travel from someones computer across multiple states through multiple routers, getting processed by the server and traveling through multiple routers on the way to another persons computer, in real time. Unless we want to seriously sacrifice graphics, it's simply not feasible.
  10. Vent and TS don't allow you to talk to people outside of your server. It's not even doing what I'm asking for, yet alone better.
  11. For many years now, guilds have used VoiP to coordinate their game play. Many of us rarely even look at chat bars as a result and miss out on a good deal of random conversation and interaction w/ non guild members. Having to stop everything I'm doing in order to type/talk to a player I've just met, just destroys the immersion of the world and often makes me choose to kill first and ask questions later. While I admit ignorance to how much stress this could put on the server, would it be impossible to have a push to talk option built into your character? Have it to where only those within a certain radius can hear you to avoid a mesh of jumbled noises. Maybe add in a shout option for sieges and other needed scenarios. Clearly ignore would need to be a feature to filter out the obnoxious kiddies who abuse the system. Disable shout in crowded areas like starting towns and I could see it being a pretty awesome feature. With advancement in AI, I could even see a reality in where we don't have to type or click while interacting with npcs. I know, it's probably not feasible, but it's fun to dream.
  12. Aim, reaction, prediction, timing, speed, consistency All of these things you mention that define skill are more defined by ping and computer performance as many have already stated. You claim you ideas aren't just clones of mortal and Darkfall. Plz give even 1 example of how it's different?
  13. Why not just severely reduce the radius of aoe's? This way it still punishes people for standing in a clump or allows persistent dmg in a small corridor. An aoe should never "auto target" the nearest person to your original target, but if there is a little splash dmg in a small circle around that guy, I don't see that hurting too much.
  14. As far as the classless idea goes, I think Faxion did a great job with their approach. You would choose a class, but every skill from every class was available to you through separate trees. It would cost twice as many skill points for skills outside of your class, making it wise to focus on your classes skills first, but gave infinite build options by not fully restricting other classes skills.
  15. This. Being "lost" in the jungle in mortal was one of the most immersive feelings I've had in an mmo. After a few trips down there, I learned the landmarks and could easily navigate. I think it's simple, mini maps hurt immersion and in a sandbox, immersion is key.
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