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  1. You can harvest well in spring without any training. Skill training doesn't affect the acquisition of gold or the prices of goods.
  2. There's a lot to be accomplished in the game besides skill training. The skill training only improves what you can do, it doesn't limit what you can do.
  3. Supposedly connoisseur is fixed on TEST. Will have to see.
  4. Point #6 above seems to contradict that: 6. No new resources are being created, harvesters and gold farmers are just getting 25% less, but are being more protected as the pvp pushes away from ganking and more toward outpost fighting. So, 25% of the stuff that would have dropped for me is now going into that chest, where only the owner of the outpost can get it. And I don't see where you've addressed how the resources from the chest get distributed. If I'm a fully trained and geared harvester, I'm not going to be happy splitting 25% of my resources with someone who has zero training or gear, assuming I can even get a share of those resources if I'm not the owner of the outpost.
  5. Sorry, I should have been more clear. The harvesting I did on TEST was in version 5.8.4, not 5.8.5.
  6. I didn't read the whole thing, but what I read seemed bad. I don't see how this promotes small scale fighting. Someone owns the outpost, the person who was lucky enough to get the last hit on the guard, and then 25% of whatever I harvest automatically goes to a chest that only that person can access? Yeah, not happening. What's my incentive to harvest there if I'm going to lose 25% of my stuff? The owner of the outpost may be the same faction, but that doesn't mean we are working together, or that I can trust him to give me my 25%. You say the chest is locked while the guard is damage, but the owner can take stuff out at any other time. If people are harvesting there and the outpost doesn't get attacked, the owner can just take everything out of the chest and recall.
  7. When I was harvesting shards on the TEST server, my luck was abysmal. I've had much better luck on the LIVE server. Sacrifice shards are still worthless and there needs to be more hunger crystals spawning, especially in winter, to accommodate increasing competition for them, but I'm doing pretty well on shards:
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