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  1. Any chance that's the same BWC that's involved in MWO?
  2. Newb question....when you die, can equipped items and armor/weapons be looted as well? Also, in the wild there seem to be tents with camp fires in the center...do they serve some purpose? I saw one with a golden ring around the campfire (several paces outside of it). That mean anything?
  3. Ultimately I'm looking for a crew that's playing to crush. I played extensively in the pre-CN and later CN-eras under a variety of names and wasn't awesome at the game, but did some killing. I've come quite a way in gaming since those days. I've even tackled Magicbane/SMU but in neither case were my times and the teams I met with, playing at similar times. Just too dead of an environment to be enjoyable. I've fought with and against teams like Presidents, Scorn, KGB, Evil Bastages, Undaunted, HoA, Jellyfish etc and glad to see so many of them back in the hunt here. Hoping to find a
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