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  1. Any chance that's the same BWC that's involved in MWO?
  2. What is the "EK" folks keep referring to?
  3. Newb question....when you die, can equipped items and armor/weapons be looted as well? Also, in the wild there seem to be tents with camp fires in the center...do they serve some purpose? I saw one with a golden ring around the campfire (several paces outside of it). That mean anything?
  4. Ultimately I'm looking for a crew that's playing to crush. I played extensively in the pre-CN and later CN-eras under a variety of names and wasn't awesome at the game, but did some killing. I've come quite a way in gaming since those days. I've even tackled Magicbane/SMU but in neither case were my times and the teams I met with, playing at similar times. Just too dead of an environment to be enjoyable. I've fought with and against teams like Presidents, Scorn, KGB, Evil Bastages, Undaunted, HoA, Jellyfish etc and glad to see so many of them back in the hunt here. Hoping to find an established, PvP oriented, play to crush type team where I can learn this new game and contribute as a true asset to dominating opponents. RL of course exists, I'm 45, full time career in the military, married etc, so I cannot game 24/7 but figure once I learn the game, I can do enough damage when I'm on. Gaming is my primary hobby (like many of us here - and the wife doesn't mind, keeps me from barhopping or something similar) so I'll put in the hours if I'm with a team. Prefer "tryhard" much over casual. Just understand, I literally bought the backer package 15 minutes ago and know nothing about the game, mechanics, quality builds etc yet. I'm not a poor sport, win or lose, don't put any energy into trash-talk or forum-warrioring, I simply play to win. I don't feel like ya gotta be a unpleasant person about it if you don't (or if ya do). Guild criteria: Region: North America (EST) Atmosphere: Friendly but absolutely playing to CRUSH Casual/Hardcore?: Time permitting (RL comes first) Hardcore. I played and truly enjoyed SB back in the day and expect this to be even better. Size: Size isn't as material to me as strength of the playerbase. Small groups can work havoc if it's a tight team. Prefer a group that's organized, willing to take a CF newb under their wing a bit and help me grow into an asset in PvP. Play-Style: Combat over all other facets of the game; will do what resource gathering/crafting is required to keep us competitive. Commitment: Will likely be playing this game exclusive to all others once it goes live and in the meantime just want to learn the game. Miscellaneous: . Experience: UO Asheron's Call (Darktide full PvP server, and as a PvP on another server) EQ2 WoW, WHO, Rifts, SWOTOR, ESO, DDO and others (all decent enough games but the PvP aspect wasn't strong enough or immersive enough to keep me enthralled) Age of Conan (former member of Ascendant there as well as Legion of Flames, as well as Ranger Advocate for a significant amount of time) Various FPS and simulator style combat games (Mechwarrior Online is an ongoing favorite) Voice-Chat services: Prefer TS3, but will use Discord, Vent...whatever the team is using frankly.
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