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  1. This has been resolved. Please delete.
  2. Do we know if Crowfall will have a "limited action set" like Gw2, Wildstar, and ESO has?
  3. The only way to get materials is to join a campaign, which will easily get you killed and all of your inventory looted it if you are botting. bots be an issue here.
  4. How does that set off any red flags? Also "Severely discounted sub"?, lol. $1 a year is basically free. The reason why its like that is because kickstarter does not allow you to give out "lifetime" subs. It's a work around to that. What are the other weird things like that with CU? I backed Crowfall for the Early Amber, but I also backed CU for the Lifetime. 5 years + $1 a year after? That's like 8 cents a month. lol
  5. In ShadowBane, Centaurs ran the fastest in the game and had very high Stamina. The downside to them was that they couldn't wear boots or pants. Edit: I guess they could wear pants and boots. Minotaurs couldn't wear boots or helmets. Centaurs still ran incredibly fast though.
  6. We'll see, I just hope CF doesn't devolve into a zergy mess without much CC. In DAoC, a well formed 8 man group could take down a 50+ man zerg. I don't see that happening in CF. I have no doubt that CF will be fun though, which is why I upped my pledge to Amber. Just hope something can be done about zerging. CU has tab targeting, but it also has Physx on the backend. That will change the game up quite a bit.
  7. I backed both CF and CU. I will play both. The way I see CF for me is a game I can pick up and play for a week or so at a time with its seasons. CU will be my permanent home.
  8. CU has PvE, just not PvE progression. You will see creatures of all sorts in The Depths. I backed both games, and will play both. I see CF as a game I can pick up and play for a bit at a time, like an RTS. CU as a permanent home. With the ability to skill up my character while offline, I can do that while playing CU as well. Trolls? I haven't really seen anyone flaming one another. Both games are going to be great.
  9. I think he means in general, not necessarily on these boards. This thread was indeed not needed here. DAoC was bounds and leaps better than Warhammer, but that was because EA was breathing down Mythics back. They were basically forced to change it from what they wanted, to a WoW type clone that EA wanted. This is a major reason why Mark wanted to KS Camelot Unchained, so he didnt have someone like EA making the calls.
  10. I think both games will have something to offer. CU is more of the permanent RvR focused game with seemingly slower paced combat and "The holy grail" class types, and CF has the seasons that wipe every so often with faster paced action like combat. I backed CU during the kickstarter. I'll back CF as well.
  11. Well, to be fair. Camelot Unchained did everything they could to spread the word on the kickstarter. All kinds of interviews, articles on various mmorpg sites ect. I only heard about Crowfall from a friend. Didn't know anything about it until he said something. Both games are doing the same type of "Marketing"
  12. Huge difference between Crowfall and Camelot Unchained information is that Camelot Unchained Engine is being built from the ground up, from scratch. They aren't using any pre existing engines. This is why we aren't seeing a while lot of information in regards to Camelot Unchained right now. They are working on the foundation first.
  13. Aww! I live about 45 min from Pax East. I will definitely be there.
  14. Thanks, guess I missed that. This game will be very interesting. I really cannot wait. If two spell casters are casting at eachother, the spells should be able to explode upon impact on one another too.
  15. With the announcement of physics like this, does the size of the character matter in terms of using melee based knockbacks? Will larger characters be able to push smaller characters further? Will spells collide with each other?
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