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  1. theres a lot less people who care about building EK's then there are players who wanna use theirs mats for the campaigns, besides anything made in an EK is objectively worse then anything made in a keep
  2. Staff

    Zone Caps

    Order could take a keep if we wanted, we just dont wanna use more then 1% of our power
  3. Thanks man we're doing our best, last night me and my gang went out and capped valuable outposts for a total of 40k-50k points
  4. i think DoT +% should be way higher, im talking 200-300% DoT buffs on armor, make a dot build viable at the expense of health or armor or basic hit damage
  5. question, what is a myrmidon champion and how do i unlock that subclass
  6. it is less risky but it really only takes 1 crash to take us out of the fight if we're unlucky, particularly if we've suffered a neckbreaker or 2
  7. i ran around as drisst do'urden on eso cause drizzt was taken, i can assure you that our quota will be reached pretty easily once we go live
  8. myrmidons cant wear plate and constant CC makes it hard to stay in the front lines once we've popped our ult if we're using berserk, with vengeance and spin 2 win we can sustain longer but myrmidons arent tanky gods like champions, we have a guaranteed vulnerability period, champions are an entirely different matter
  9. organizing 19 inexperienced players is quite the feat
  10. wtb hoa standard gear, anyway with plague lord i have yet to find a pitfighter i couldnt delete, ttk is fine just play myrmidon
  11. even eso didnt have complete linear progression with its gear, yeah you wanted all orange gear but creating unique and effective builds is what kept you ahead and that theorycrafting omg i loved it, spent all 3 hours on my flight to Arizona planning different builds, and i do expect crowfall will be supply and logistics with the implementation of supply caravans
  12. this is not the game for you then. i would suggest wow, runescape, or eso
  13. aoe proximity buffs The Hammer of Todd- deals 100-200 +40% weapon damage in a 5m radius, can be upgraded to 200-300+200% weapon damage in a 5m radius if surrounded by 10+ enemies
  14. we're only 3rd because we're using 1% of our power
  15. my only question is if there's a minimum amount to be given to each faction, like order right now will only have 4 or 5 issued out
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