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  1. humans- capes woodelf- flowers half elf- flower cape
  2. wait no i meant @Medicaid
  3. @Heartsteel this is our time to shine
  4. Staff

    DPS Templar build?

    idk but lets find out
  5. uncap druid balls and stormcallers aurora emitter pls
  6. wipe but x10 if new passives added
  7. i would prefer being able to put buffs in the consumable slots or adding 2 more slots for buffs, theyre going for forcing us to make choices and i dont think we'll fully budge them on that with a whole tray
  8. we start slightly ahead because weve put time into the game before them and have gone through the trouble of testing a buggy unfun mess. would you also consider the hat under my forum info also p2w and starting ahead?
  9. weve had boomer threads like that appear throughout the testing phase, but i cant recall them ever mentioning badges as part of why they hate game and why its not like the good ol days, badges arent a problem that will kill the game
  10. there are people right now without badges fighting people with badges, ive never seen a genuine complaint about it from anyone who actively plays crowfall
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