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  1. hello to from14th conq placed guild and 8th DF guild despite trying for neither DF or conquest. DF doesnt decide campaign winner, youre competing for a nonexistent trophy that you made up. its all well and good to go for df but saying youre 6th in a campaign despite not being conquest 6th is misleading since DF is entirely irrelevant
  2. in eso every class can heal themselves under fire of several players, that is not the case in CF since even healers really suck at healing themselves, melee in CF are generally significantly tankier while some also pack similar damage to ranged roles so a frontline is an essential part to any successful guild
  3. bud, even if you drop the guild cap from 500 to 100 no guild is going to be majorly affected, everyone can still run their full zerg, the problem is with zone caps and performance
  4. yeah actually, we talk to the CM everyday, been that way for a few months
  5. you believe the 2020 election happened? pfft fool, i bet you think the moon is real and airplanes can go around the earth, yeah right buddy, you think ill believe airplanes can just lift up in the sky and move?
  6. my group in the last couple days won 19 vs 57 and fought 19 vs 85+ with rezzes, we lost vs the 85 but not because we were outmatched or couldnt survive the aoes, it was because we were fighting right next to their keep, essentially an unwinnable fight and we still got a lot of kills from it myself getting 12, punching up is very possible and requires a good driver, a coordinated comp, and players who can make plays. This is a numbers game and was marketed as a numbers game, if you dont want to play a numbers game you need to make up for it in other ways besides forum post count. Now for friendly fire im on board with it between allied guilds but thats a different argument other than zergs op.
  7. Eso pvp experience doesnt translate in to cf experience
  8. guild cap is not needed, people who have never played until the 6th dont even know what this game is about, youre just starting to experience it, get some more pvp under your belt and maybe you can pull off 19 vs 57's like my guild
  9. but mandy i want a perfect launch from a small studio with no games and a notorious history of questionable dev choices
  10. First days over, many characters leveled, a few battles fought, and the rat race to legendary discs has begun. For a lot of us this isnt very fun, spending all our time farming gold or hitting rocks, this is a pvp game. The main attraction here for most people especially new players expecting a throne war is the pvp, but its simply not time effective to pvp, if someone contests your hotzone unless you can hold it with 5 its not worth your time, its better to go to another camp or gr to farm gold. The game disincentives pvp and in turn hurts pvp encounters. I've made many posts and spoken many times on pvp ranks previously, they were even mentioned by Jtodd himself in a previous Q&A. Its time for an update on those pvp ranks mentioned many months ago, ideally sooner rather than later so i can get some levels before we bleed population with no dregs.
  11. king freeloader here, didnt even log in for 2 years
  12. i like to just have my guildies do everything, but dont tell them im a freeloader
  13. Welcome to CF, i look forward to sieging your keep
  14. Where are the shadows. We havent seen it in over a year. Is it working? Is it still planned for launch? I would hate to keep throwing players post launch from baby time lose nothing gain nothing scoreboard reset infected, into dregs where youll have 20 rats on your wards and 154 grizzled vets with more time in game than you have with your children banging on your walls while youre alone in your keep because they zone capped your crafter 3 hours ago. The game will be DOA if there is no shadows. New players need a space between infected and dregs to form guilds and get experience playing this game vs other people of similar quality, I have seen so many players and guilds regardless of size and history fail to learn and leave in the last 2 years, primarily due to guilds like my own HoA, W, LoD, Dis, and other veteran guilds being forced into the same campaign as them. This isnt the guilds faults, its yours for not separating the endgame from the beginning despite those very guilds and players advocating for it. Using the excuse of theres not enough pop turning it into an endless cycle where theres no pop because players are leaving in droves but those players are leaving in droves because theres not enough pop for shadows and dregs. Those beta invites would have been a great chance to test out the new and improved(?) shadows with the building and scoring system. For the games sake i hope you've been silently preparing it for the last year.
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