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  1. 20 hour review

    Forum PvP is my specialty, I'm new too and started alone as well, was anything I said wrong? When I said what bugs or glitch I actually don't know what OP is referring too
  2. Kills vs Caps

    give the kill to whoever does the most damage like rss nodes. while its true assassins and duelists would have a point advantage like this they are getting nerfed hard soon. looking at the chaos leaderboards, my faction, out of the "top" 10 players there is only 1 with over 10 kills, and only 2 with over 10 assists
  3. Kills vs Caps

    Kills are worth trash for points, its much more profitable to back cap forts and faraway outposts with 0 risk as opposed to fighting other players and capping forts with players in them, i suggest raising how many points kills give or lowering how many points capping an empty fort gives and perhaps raise the points on a fort cap depending on how many enemy players died inside during the capping to encourage players to seek out the tough fights
  4. Pay to win how? Cause you'll be buying them with gold from other players and there will certainly be players with alts dedicated to solely farming points to sell, it gives your build a uniqueness that isnt found in other games, someone else could have the exact same build as yours but it will operate differently based on your passive training
  5. no thanks, buy skill tomes if you wanna be equal to an older account
  6. Templar talk.

    1: I like divine light on the paladin spec its pretty good in team fights 2: make the other 2 specs of temp besides paladin be worth using cause currently theyre complete trash, and my biggest complaint it that TEMPLAR CANT USE SURGING SPIRIT OR DRYAD BUT CHAMP AND MYRM CAN
  7. Grave Spawns!

    what if its a campaign with no imports? no way to stock up, if the system remains the same with 100% random graves you will end up in long campaigns where hamsters are the only viable option because its the only grave type above r3
  8. Keep suggestion on new campaigns

    i like this, how about giving the scouts the option to make and sell maps
  9. Vessel solution

  10. Vessel solution

    Vessels have durability currently but they dont break and i think the devs are kinda wondering how to make vessels finite without angering players, i certainly dont wanna have my vessel break mid fight and get sent to the character creation screen, or part ways with Rudolph the Depressed after a week, but i also dont want the necro econ to eventually die when everyone is running around in legendary vessels. So how about a campaign limit on vessels, or a campaign point system with longer campaigns being worth more points and when the vessel hits its point cap that vessel breaks when the campaign is over. An example of this would be 1 month: 5 points 6 months: 20 points Legendary vessel: 20 points Common vessel: 5 points So a common vessel would last a month while a stronger vessel would last up to half a year, and while we're talking about necromancy its far too easy to get a legendary vessel at this point, about 3 campaigns into joining the game and i already have half the parts for a legendary vessel. It doesnt take nearly enough time to get epic and legendary vessels.
  11. Its 200 players because people don't wanna play a pre alpha that will eventually delete all progress, I have 9 friends that want to play the game when it releases and I'm sure people coming from other games have friends that will play when its done too, pre alphas arent for a lot of people, they don't like the bugs and the progression deletion
  12. I personally like the graphics but even if I didn't I'm in love with the combat, a good system will always be more important then graphics, its why games like oblivion and god help me for saying this wizard101 are still popular compared to some newer great looking games with terrible systems
  13. Armor, weapons , durability =bad 👎

    It would still cost mats and crafters to repair gear, itd be annoying and expensive to have to remake legendary armor every campaign