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  1. Important update ExR has merged with STC and technically no longer exists, you can join the "new" guild over here at
  2. can i get a free legendary wood elf with a free bundle of 125k xp of sac items
  3. youre never gonna let this centerpiece thing go are you
  4. why does leveling keep getting harder and harder? stop nerfing our sac items, we keep telling you every update DONT MAKE US LEVEL MORE, STOP NERFING and all you do is nerf, can we please see who is putting these ideas forth at the company meetings and who is implementing them making this supposed pvp game a pve grind because you should be working on wow, not this niche pvp mmo
  5. pretty sure anyone advocating for this much pve missed the part where its supposed to be a pvp game, i think we can all agree on that much
  6. i think if the devs would stop making a game they think is cool and instead start making a game we think is cool would be a good change
  7. please sir, may i have some slag
  8. didnt they give us an additional 2 points to make up for this
  9. the average age for this game is not gen z, im pretty sure the only demographic lower then gen z on that poll was the 65+, its you boomers that make up the majority of the game
  10. druid boss is a pain too, didnt have any trouble until he got to about 1/3 health then started healing after every other attack with some self heal that druids dont have
  11. if i wanted to roll the dice for loot id play destiny, and i did for awhile, and when i had a 100% to get a god tier weapon i got lunas howl, and everyone who got it loved it, people who didnt have it had a goal to grind for, it made ranked pvp something to actually care about, random rewards for pvp doesnt work, and when you market your game as being completely focused on pvp you need to have clear goals, not kill 100 bosses and pray you get a demons pact, you need a boss that you can work toward that will drop what you want 100% of the time because that drives players, not rng loot, thats part of why the games dead, no one wants to grind pve in this game, there are other games that have a pve grind, that are supposed to have the grind, and do it way better
  12. hope you increase storage space with this, i really do enjoy losing 1/5th of my bank space just to have 1 of every copper
  13. just reduce pve time and more people will play, right now if i wanna pve ill play riders of icarus, which i am, and as hilarious as it is, i get more pvp on pirate101 then i do on crowfall with a much smaller pvp community
  14. can just delete frostweaver already and instead implement an unarmed brawler monk class that has all 3 trees actually be viable
  15. i believe they are under the impression they will eventually kill the "zerg" and get all that loot
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