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  1. please replace runecaster, the other disc is fine but runecaster makes no sense on a damage dealer
  2. you can very clearly tell which teams were rocking legos before, kinda nice to see how big of a crutch they were
  3. Titan berserk is not healing based on damage done and is instead using battlerager mechanics and healing all damage taken, the tooltip states it also has a crash but does not state in anyway how it prevents damage that comes back later, i assume titan is meant to have the battlerager tooltip but then that doesnt make any sense since who is supposed to have the titan tooltip? currently this bug or very wrong tooltip is making titan a difficult choice for the tournament seeing as it is an archetype, please let us know how its supposed to work soon.
  4. stat bundles are fine, if something else is lackluster bring that up to par instead
  5. cognitive dissonance is unfortunately a real problem in the cf community, albion players coming here have consistently been the most toxic players in the game. the established guilds in the game have worked very hard to help fledgling guilds get off the ground yet fotm upstarts like you guys never cease to arrive, cause trouble, and fade away in a month, i suggest you guys work on yourselves before trying to get the people who actually have been pillars of the community to change for the worse.
  6. i cant believe youre using the l word so much, be careful cause some folks around here dont enjoy it when you say like
  7. the only real hardcore elf only player in hoa was soulein the elf lord himself, mwh seems a lot more strict with race
  8. no actually im here because you stated that youd leave people in the dust with a wipe implying the only reason your getting dumpstered is cause they have some crafted advantage, maybe you forgot what you said 1 page ago since it sounded stupid, id change topic too if i realized i was trying to talk about a game im new too without any actual experience. Where are you even leveling btw to get jumped by people, you can level to max in GR safely
  9. you seem to be new, youll learn that classes are the most important thing in a fight, until then get clapped
  10. stats themselves arent very powerful, what would decide a 2v1 is more about what classes everyone is rather than the gear they are wearing
  11. no ranger is going to nuke a pit fighter in 3-4 seconds, can i get a realistic scenario
  12. i think you overestimate how powerful a vessel is
  13. already covered this in my thread, you can find it here
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