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  1. while skinning certainly qualifies as a human rights issue the chance that i could be in a fight at any moment is fun, when doing long farming runs i always hope i see someone to fight, the extra stuff in the inventory adds some fun risk
  2. i skimmed your post, and let me say this without addressing everything else, the point behind this FAKE war is ITS A GAME AND BEATING WHINY CHAOS BABIES INTO DUST IS FUN there does not need to be anymore reason for fighting then making sure someone else loses more. that is all
  3. this change seems like you dont want current chaos to ever get any resources...
  4. if you think thats wack wait until you see a titan drop his wombo combo with druid memebeam, much quicker to use and more damage then archer
  5. considering ACE doesnt enforce and actively allows some ToS breakage in game it would be good to get clarification if this part of the ToS is enforced in game or not
  6. i know what you said, but balance wasnt attacked by order so what other smaller faction is there
  7. smaller faction? we didnt get sieged by order though
  8. i still want a dark version, discord light sucks, google light sucks, and so does crowfall light #MakeItDark
  9. please make the vault screen dark like every other menu
  10. stormcaller only maintains the same dps as a ranger with storm avatar which can only be used once every 5 minutes while the inquis can also do good dps but playing inquis means using abilities too unlike ranger and stormcaller
  11. i want to showcase my ACE_JackalBark skull
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