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  1. 4, but if we added pvp ranks which we totally should that would be why i fight
  2. please nerf reverbs damage or cut how many ticks it has
  3. Please change the assassin ult into something useful in a fight, the ult does not remove any dots and no debuffs besides exposed, while also failing to stealth and blink you half the time in 1v1s and never in a group fight
  4. personally i think tools of the trade and shiv should be swapped while poison mastery is moved closer to the front, its the classes unique thing but you cant take it without gimping yourself
  5. give blackguards a shield power, 1 pip=100 barrier, vandals an aoe 5 pip blind
  6. Decimate says 24 sec cd on the tooltip while it actually has a 3 second cd, if the intention was 24 second cd please do not do this, leave it at 3, decimate is cutthroats only pip dump and main source of damage, cutthroat is in a really great spot right now where its a strong 1v1er but it isnt overwhelming to the point where it beats everyone and everything, and id like to see vandal get a pip dump like cutthroat did, perhaps a 5 pip dump aoe blind, call it smoke bomb or something
  7. would like more ultimates to be placed on discs, particularly minors, i should be able to take another ult on assassin from each domain, not just plague
  8. i have yet to lose on pit, not even close to losing, i can be at 100 hp and shoot up back to 7k in 1 second, pit is not balanced, it needs less survability. If you want pit to be a super tanky god in gvg while still remaining balanced in small scale make some of its heals and hp buffs scale off enemies around them
  9. no actually the whole point of the game is hard choices, templar not being a great open fielder is one of those choices, this is how its meant to be, and forced swapping to be best possible in all situations is bad design? i guess overwatch is a fail of a game right
  10. im protecting this progress, BECAUSE WE HAVENT TESTED THIS PROGRESS
  11. you've had your account since 2016, you could have tested at any of the wipes we've had, i've tested a wipe a lot since i joined a little under 2 years ago. this isnt an exclusivity problem this is a you didnt do your part before and now you feel left out and want to sabotage actual testing because you feel left out problem
  12. no, it doesnt, we've done this tons of times
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