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  1. updated my post containing potential balances for frostweaver after more testing
  2. will there be larger worlds than what we've currently seen because i do not believe current campaigns can sustain 1000 concurrent players especially when those players are divided in 50+ factions
  3. how are you planning on balancing frostweaver without crippling its fun new mechanics or changing how it works? also when is infected gonna come up we all wanna do some pvp
  4. the game needs a few more passes on classes and especially discs but frostweavers strength right now also comes from bugs as well as op mechanics, once we can test FW in pvp without fw healer being able to use armory and its aoes no longer double hitting we'll be able to judge just how far above other classes it is
  5. its combat, in 5.110, exactly like i said
  6. i enjoy the combat system, and the words of detractors who have never been to a siege or participated in pvp at all in this game dont mean much to me and i certainly hope not much to the devs
  7. Lets not forget these beauties created over the last year
  8. bloodpact does not change the cost of ice weave from mana to health
  9. ive posted a lot of frostweavers posts here so im just gonna compile them into 1 easy reading and edit as needed after more testing FROSTWEAVER Limit ice on the ground to 5 for arch-mage and frostguard for each type with an 8 cap for icecallers cool ice and rereshing ice Turn the bug with ice weave where it places right in front of you into a feature and make the initial free weave the only way to send long range ice Regen 1 ice on every 3rd basic hit or even 6th basic hit would be fine Convert frost armor and frost armory into a 35% incoming damage reduction buff instead of mitigation's to keep the core power of frostguard competitive in the mid to late game where mitigation's are maxed
  10. to fix the free weave spam i really think the initial free weave should be the only ranged ice placement they can do and make regular ice weave always place the ice 3 meters in front of you, its a bug right now with the crappy targeting but its more balanced that way
  11. 32 things isnt really a lot, only the mine sticks around for more then a second visually anyway for others, vfx in this need improvement yes but this is about class balance not visual clutter
  12. perhaps only the final zone in GR should have pvp, only those under 25 allowed in, over 25s have 1 day to get out before being locked out
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