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  1. Staff


    can confirm the community crowfall discord is where i do 90% of my arguing and propaganda spewing
  2. ur forgetting 1 stormcaller for when i decide to be bad and not listen to what class we need
  3. order was last but they are #1 in my heart
  4. because while i am rude and crude and always in a mood, i have never lied or cheated to anyone over this game : )
  5. you understand what you said is still in the quotes by me, right?
  6. i wouldnt address my comment either if i were in your guinecean sized crocs
  7. With another alliance shift coming in the next camp perhaps an order decapathon victory is possible with a little balance deepstate assistance
  8. As always a wonderful campaign, its a shame it will end in a 1-1 tie GG chaos i hope you guys have a great turn out at the next campaign/decapathon
  9. a smoother transition as well, feels real clunky rn like im digging in my pockets for another tray
  10. a reasonable and logical assessment, you have jumped up 134 spaces on the dregs target list accordingly
  11. suddenly i feel an urge to eliminate all forms of owl life on earth
  12. who were the community members who took part?
  13. i believe dregs should have imports, a limited amount of imports but 0 imports turns dregs into a long term moba, i always imagined dregs being where guilds fight to be #1 dog with preparation spanning back possibly several campaigns, guilds preparing for months making legendary gear and tons of top tier food buffs so they can topple the top guild in the next campaign
  14. people who cant win need to care about something to justify their existence
  15. perhaps cosmetic shards, x amount of shards=some high tier cosmetic reward, shards only obtainable from completing campaigns/being active enough
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