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  1. good changes but many minors are bad, i would like to see many such as all thorns related ones receive a massive buff, along with the addition of several minors that DO require a passive slot but in exchange are extra powerful such as a minor that increased the power efficiency cap by 10% and gives you 30% efficiency as opposed to weapon finesses 20% or or a minor that healed you by 3% on every basic hit
  2. part of the armor problem is just that the main plate classes that are meta rn in zerg balls also have some form of mitigation/big healing along with lots of utility and damage, templars, knights, and champs are the big 3, the combination of those powers + 20% more resistances minimum over leather wearers just compounds into a tank meta, not all plate classes are good, like battlerager is complete garbage in any fight even though it wears plate. Im not sure what can be done to change the meta away from tanks without crippling the tank classes. I do feel as though crowfall is currently in the best state it ever has been for pvp and pvp balance
  3. had a blast tonight in the feral plains with both forts active at once, please make this the norm in the future so we can have back and forth fights for territory
  4. mid tier gear is blue which is 100% better then dropped gear, epic gear and legendary gear are miles above any dropped gear and it will always be that way, dropped gear will never surpass crafted gear
  5. dropped gear being better then crafted has 0 chance of happening, now a rare mob that drops some rare ingredient for an item that is above legendary tier would be in the realm of possibility, and if you want to farm for rare drops you can go farm a king or chief for treated steel hammers
  6. my hope is that we actually utilize the EK building system for something, prebuilt wont get me fired up a whole lot for defense but if i contributed to building long staff keep an original design ill be logging in 10 different stormcaller alts for each defense
  7. i would like the entire passive system to be deleted and have stats based completely on gear and vessel+advantages and disadvantages along with the crafting system being expanded for more stats
  8. if we got SB style weapon discs id like that, i feel so wimpy waving around my little sickle on stormcaller, i wanna use a staff
  9. i voted no because weapon discs were dumb and still are
  10. new players will still be behind no matter what you do, the very second passive training reaches the point to where greens can be made properly every single person in the dominating alliance rn will be in greens, same when blue becomes viable, youre shooting the problem in the foot instead of the head, the community needs to stop asking for wipes and passive training increases, JUST ASK FOR IT TO BE GONE
  11. why would they all name something? only 1 person wins crowns per story, same thing, and if theyre willing to sort through crappy names in twitch streams this is nothing
  12. No one really cares about war stories, its a big meme in the community, but i know how to fix that, get rid of war story of the week and add in story of the campaign with the winner being able to name something in game, everyone will care then, youre welcome, ill take donations via paypal. Edit: if this change was made you might see the first stormcaller compilation video from staff productions
  13. can we get clarification on why the trials have stopped short?
  14. im wondering why yumx put in 2 salt shakers
  15. your original post was about confessor lacking in dps vs ranger and added a video with 3 pixels showing you failing to do anything, it was never about damage randomizer, you posted incorrect info and people came to correct you and tell you how to get better, also im not a winterblade
  16. you want me to explain how good i am or you want me to stop explaining how good i am?
  17. i could give you my entire game history but that would be wasted on someone not from my server, ill simply say for all but 3 of the trials i fought against the dominant force
  18. OP seems to be having trouble understanding confessor, copying would be good to get him off the ground in this situation but copying for an entire playstyle is bad yes
  19. WHoA is currently undefeated in the trials of the gods on NA and has previously come to eu to take over your campaign since na was too easy at the time, i say copy us because our alliance is currently the greatest on all servers and our players are the most experienced in their classes, you may feign ignorance but the forum tears that were split over a small group crossing servers was glorious, so big worries about that gear and L2P part, thanks for your thoughts there come to na to play
  20. this also means nothing, i could craft a legendary weapon on my blacksmith with maxed passive training but if my guilds crafter crafted a blue weapon itd be miles above mine, we'd need pics of your gear or else we can only assume youre running in white tier colored gear
  21. theres actually not a bad dps focused ranged subclass, archer, inquis, and stormcaller are all very good at damage, seems like a gear and L2P issue, just take note of what WHoA players do in each class and copy it
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