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  1. this is a weird interactive roads post
  2. im not arguing if its annoying or not, im just saying theres a pretty big difference between unplayable and annoying
  3. its not hard, i do it with a much harder buff for stormcaller, its desynced with the hits or the hits are just weird with how soon theyre counted but its still not hard to know when my buffs up, just glance over
  4. swordsman is actually one of the strongest group specs in the game currently and what i would list as my #2 class in my top 5
  5. If the games like guild wars this games DOA the devs are going for a shadowbane darkfall style of throne war nation building, any deviation will kill the game, crafting and harvesting are part of nation building and leading, logistics itself will ideally be a game by itself, as for leveling no one wanted it, but its here now and its here to stay and its really painless
  6. i am not a member of staff i am just staff, but this isnt just a pvp game this is a nation building game, perhaps youd enjoy LoL more
  7. interesting, 2 people with 0 posts before agree with each other a mere hour apart
  8. just play stormcaller, most op class alive, and if you die you take 5 with you
  9. i will riot immediately to counter you
  10. your game must be bugged for some reason it showed a lot more red bars then normal, we only bring 7 to fights
  11. the rewards are appreciated for sure the ones we can see for now are pretty good and the badges in there will help remove any anti alpha tester sentiment from the trial badges in the future, but i do hope you dont think this has pacified us, we'll still let you know next week how well your dev diary sits
  12. the amount of damage guards put out isnt something to blow off nor is it op either, most places in the fort wont have you being hit by that many guards, fighting right there out in the open in the middle of the fort allows a lot of guards to attack at once putting out dps similar to 2-3 real players depending on the class, it was a bad tactical decision to stand in the middle there for so long but its also disingenuous to say it was only 9v9 and ignore the other deciding factors
  13. i just want some news i can show my friends that are looking at the game that wont turn them off, i want them to come to this game and i want people to be interested but i cant do it all on my own i need some dev support here
  14. really? this is all we get this week? aracoix knight announcement. please just dont do dev diaries if marketing is strangling so much info you have to try and hype up aracoix knight
  15. Staffs clip counter says! first clip- 10 order +guards vs 8 balance 2nd 9 order+ guards vs 9 balance 3rd 9 order + guards vs 9 balance(maybe 10 someone might have showed up in the middle) first 2 fights have the edge for order without a doubt, 3rd fight if theres a tenth its a little more even but the edge still goes to order with guards that wont be attacked, almost even fights with order in their best habitat vs balance attackers who werent wiped, gf to both sides but perhaps learn the game a little more before making insulting clips so i dont need to do a breakdown
  16. we used to be able to sac money and have it be a viable leveling method but they shot that in the knee caps because it was too fun for the players
  17. i am frequently worried about chaos perception skills
  18. Staff

    Kill Indicator

    sounds like ur healers need to L2P, hoa's healbot sanna is racking up kill this campaign, an unstoppable force of 4 legs and hammers
  19. im betting on frostweaver news this month
  20. Staff

    A thief class

    a thief disc could be possible, would require counter play tho, some sort of early anti thief nodes in the passive training along with the disc itself being somewhere late in the talent tree so we dont have thieves stealing with impunity at the start
  21. well we knew it wasnt on the 14th, its not a thursday at noon
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