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  1. i actually would like to know the full 100,000 character story
  2. oh god marth has left the EK's its the end of the world
  3. He posted a pic the other day of a legendary neck with +17 reaping
  4. Staff

    Can i play plz

    keep it down, my gf wants to farm mats and im feelin real lazy rn
  5. no one on order was told, i guess whoever set it up didnt care, dunno why they thought we'd agree to one though, the only thing chaos is entitled to from me is a stern bottom beating, also scarlett is actually maeve in disguise, how else would someone single-handedly win the war
  6. Can i get into this order command discord please? Apparently the "Faction leader" role does not qualify me for such high security meetings
  7. Order and chaos have accounted for every known member in the zone, if youd like I'm sure we'd all be happy to screenshot our discords tonight, there really aren't many rogue players in siege zones especially ones that arent directly next to their own gate, most rogue players are in adventure zones struggling to get the bare minimum
  8. very well i will meet you in game, alone, in a corner, with 10 of my friends
  9. why are people mad about this, how does this hurt, ill give a full legendary set to the first person to give me reasonable arguments for why this is worse then what we have now
  10. huge difference between starting arrows and the buyable arrows, needs to be addressed
  11. I will, if now is any indication of the future im able to hold my own pretty well against more geared opponents and against the unwashed masses of chaos, all it takes is just 1 extreme reactional genocide of some stupid guild to make others think twice
  12. dedicated 4 hours to a good route of ore ML's a couple camps ago and we walked away with a lot more, really just shows how screwed leather is
  13. when the game goes live i fully intend to sell mine and my guilds services to larger guilds as mercenaries
  14. unfortunately i missed out on SB, i was but a wee lad learning my ABC's when SB was a thing
  15. bump, we are still recruiting on order NA, growing larger mostly looking for combat/harvesters
  16. indeed the political landscape will be much different, instead of 2-3 balance elites standing around in their keeps plotting domination it will be every leader of the pre alpha guilds huddled around a campfire in some far off corner planning on how to take down a 1000+ guild in dregs after all being evicted from their mud huts
  17. if you piss everyone off they'll attack you instead of your healer
  18. tell me all of hoa's strats for uh testing purposes, asking for a friend
  19. The Minotaur looked down into the ravine from above watching a small chaos hunting party killing and desecrating the undead for gold. They did not look well geared, like most chaos since the cataclysm which rendered all previously gathered resources and crafted gear cursed and unusable by a crow, they had elected to make quick land grabs during the bountiful spring season, and now they would pay. They had strutted around with their tales of domination against passive harvesters and unmanned forts, but it was time for vengeance, time to shut their little bards up through strength and skill. The Minotaur's faction had spent the spring gathering so far, preparing for winter and fall, and as such was well geared, and well prepared to make unprepared chaos beg for mercy. He would not grant it no matter how they cried, they had chosen to serve the worst of the gods and would have to beg for their forgiveness when he turned their vessels into food for the beasts of hunger that left their holes at night. He circled the ravine until the chaos hunters were busy with the undead and began his descent down the ravine, moving quickly along unsteady slopes until he slipped and fell a short distance, slightly bruising his legs, the chaos hunters had not heard him fall and so he quickly moved down the rest until he was hidden behind a small building, he rested until his innate crow magic had repaired his vessel, and started moving out from behind the house. The Minotaur pushed his vessels legs to their maximum almost tearing the neatly repaired muscles in them lunging at the lightly armored centaur gouging deep marks in his side and stunning him, it soon turned into a brawl with the minotaur relying on his berserk state to keep him alive against the attacks of a guinecean duelist and centaur pitfighter with a druid supporting them in the back. The minotaur could feel his power growing with every hit as he entered his titan state and kept growing it until his arms were at their physical limit hitting as hard as they could. He scored several powerful hits on the centaur and caused him to flee around a metal node but he could not escape. After bringing down the pitfighter he turned his attention to the little elf in the back. The elf blinked away but could not escape from the raging minotaurs axes and fell to him too. In the midst of the chase the guinecean has escaped presumably with any loot they had managed to gather. The minotaur had shown the chaos the error of their ways, the error of ignoring gear and resources until their enemies were prepared, and with this he was satisfied and went on his way, patrolling enemy territory more to spread the word of the holy cow to the ignorant servants of chaos and balance.
  20. Pls explain how a macro would work in this situation here or perhaps in tech talk
  21. How do you know macros work with the box code
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