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  1. 1: YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SPEND 5 MINUTES IN CAMPAIGN AND BE CAMPAIGN READY 2: your quote is very wrong and probably from a chaos player, real power is very different 3: 112 dex is chump stats and not as powerful nor hard to get on a vessel, dropped weapons will give ap equal to 112 dex easily 4: leveling bonuses for higher vessels is like 10 more attribute points which is nothing 5: no risk of losing anything is more valuable to many players then faster farming
  2. you can reach the point in gear where most of balance is right now in GR aside from the bodies since theyre unfarmable in GR , its faster to do it in campaign but its doable in GR, which is fundamentally wrong, you should NEVER be able to reach the same level as someone who plays in a tougher campaign without going there yourself or buying from those who play it. You are right this is a testing phase, a testing phase of every system crowfall has, due to the amount of playtime and how players play this is beta level feedback theyre getting rn in pre alpha, we are simulating a live enviroment, which means we need to test every part of a live enviroment, that includes not having safe spaces like GR, as for what chaos is doing, thats a whole nother post and a 50 page report on the psychology and ideology of the 2 factions
  3. tbh the highest you should be able to farm in the entirety of the campaign is blues with white being GR cap, r9 and r10 should be dregs exclusives, play with the big boys if you want big boy gear
  4. performance actually seems better then usual on the toaster i use for a pc until the crash
  5. i think the biggest problem with stealth from survival tray is that swapping trays feels extremely clunky with even just 2 trays, 3 trays feels very bad i wish tray swapping was much smoother and faster like this video at 2:40, you can see he swaps his tray with no delay and immediately uses an ability, it just feels so much better to get an immediate response
  6. do clerical powers come from the all father or arkon, as gaea's husband it would make sense for the hamsters to worship him as the husband to their greatest god
  7. been in 4 fights this current camp, 1 kill, 0 deaths, 40 assists on a healer, it takes about an hour to beat oneplys last camp score
  8. just use discord, create your own private server and post whatever pic you wanna post on here in a channel in it then just copy the link and paste
  9. according to some chaos BAD apparently has 40 active members at primetime in blue vessels, idk if this is true but if it is theyve been hiding all campaign and are effectively the largest active guild in game with hax being the 2nd, rally these numbers and youll outnumber balance significantly
  10. a lot of people are gonna be real sad when they realize campaigns wont come down to strategy or battle skill and instead just a coin toss between the biggest alliances guilds on gets this win this campaign because only 1 guild can win, if you decide to go down this ridiculously stupid 1 guild wins route
  11. if lvl 20 is the requirement to be in the campaign then lvl 20s should count for kills on the leaderboards
  12. Over the course of the last 2 trials i have almost exclusively played stormcaller with my recent stints on balance during siege as a titan being the only exception and having been the only stormcaller i had ever seen before this campaign i consider myself the one with the most experience on the current iteration of stormcaller and the most experienced with it in sieges, fort fights, and open world small scale and large scale. After playing stormcaller for these 2 campaigns these are my thoughts on it and what can be done to fix things that either dont work the way they should or dont make sense. I dont know which dev is responsible for druid but if you know please tag them in the comments. SICKLE AND SHIELD The other 2 druids get a death tray with their staff, i believe on stormcaller we should have the option to replace the shield and sickle with a staff for extra damage in exchange for extra resistances if we chose too ABILITIES Gaeas wail: Its still dreadful to land and while it hits like a truck its channel is too long to effectively use outside of zergs, this power simply does not work with any form of druid at all and especially not with the leather wearing mobility dependent stormcaller, i would like to see this replaced with a 30m dot that grows stronger with every hit done from your basic sparks perhaps taking 20% of each basic hit and adding it to the dot damage for 5 hits and lasting until a 6 second delay between basics occur. Lightning burst: another ability unusable outside of zergvzerg situations, it has the same problems as wail, it roots you in place on the first ability, i simply wish to be able to move during every part of this power Basic hits: As it is now stormcaller is very basic hit heavy like titan is but we dont get an extra 50% basic hit damage to keep at it and unlike titan we dont have several useful damaging abilities, as it is now we have just 1 and thats call storm which in my opinion is perfect as it is. If we're going to remain so basic hit heavy i would like to see more power scale off of basic hits like my wail suggestion Sacrifice/Ritual Sacrifice: Sacrifice is actually a worthless power and forces us to throw away a passive point so we dont do more damage to ourselves then our enemies in battle, i want to see ritual sacrifice completely replace sacrifice in the talent tree and instead see the slot where ritual is now replaced with a power ill call stormcallers gambit for now which would mark a target, and every basic hit would add 1 mark on that target for 10 seconds, if you give the target 5 marks you get double the essence spent on those basic back but if you dont it takes double the essence away, id like to see more skillful play with stormcaller and i believe this would help raise the ceiling. Storm Avatar: Please lower the cooldown to 3 minutes that is all. PASSIVES Electric skin: This passive is essential to stormcaller survivability and is currently not working, without it stormcaller is crippled with its survability
  13. if youre the only skinner in a guild shouldnt you fund the entirety of the guild on their leather needs?
  14. is it though? i thought the point was gather during spring and summer and fight others for resources as they dwindle in winter and fall as the world dies
  15. necromancy is gated because a vessel is literally the only thing in the game that will not eventually break and ideally GR would never drop any mats above white, its current iteration defeats the need for a campaign as shown by chaos refusal to leave GR outside of siege and the rare chaos zerg, on another note dont ever buy a shovel from a player vendor, everyone single one is over priced, farm the mats for it yourself and pay a crafter in dust to craft it, youll get better stats on it that way too, btw no good guild does 70/30 90/10 or 60/40, all the good ones do 100/0
  16. if you hate the game so much why are you still here?
  17. harvesting without threat of being attacked is absolutely dreadful, especially since i do skinning, the possibility of pvp while gathering is literally the only thing i miss from being chaos
  18. in the battle bzra was pretty close and was the one who got melted too but shisky didnt take 6k+ damage, bzra died really quick though i couldnt imagine he spent more then maybe a second near my death orb
  19. my stormcaller was essence burned for the first time ever, people with me also said i killed someone else with my essence burn, it says i hit others in the pic but the damage definitely hit me
  20. we tried no timers and it was terrible, so far a lot of the best fights in the entire trials of the gods were at soldiers fort last campaign on a timer
  21. Its cool the campaign being r9 and r10 only but, we need some lower graves so we can make different color vessels, i dont want to level an epic, i dont want to level a legendary, dont force me to be good ACE
  22. what is with a certain guild and being pathetically combative on forums only, anyway, 250 graves worth of blue goods is a horde, you dont require legendary and epic vessels to be good, you dont even need green, a rolled white is more then enough, 250 graves probably netted him at least 1000 parts in spring
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