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  1. Agree, this is the snowball effect I was talking about earlier. We were 15 strong and realised we wouldn’t be able to do anything if we are not double the size because any 15v15 fights in the first 6 days in the campaign turned to 15v15v15 for us. Issue has been that the fight were 15v30 (or more) as the last 2 guilds were allied. fighting fire with fire isn’t going to solve anything obviously. I has been a response and adaptation of the situation for us basically.
  2. 100% is yes I was trying to make a different point on the fact that one couldn't take a keep (theoratically) if you had the massive Winterblades alliance that would come take a keep as it is rarely a guild that does so, but a group of guilds. Arguably, if Vanguards would have been alone, they would have won the keep anyway I think. Which then would have probably given a sense of fairness and competition, rather than "oh well nothing we could have done anyway" (Not sure I'm making sense )
  3. I quite like that, there are some good ideas here! Of course would need to see in practice what it does, but something well worth trying.
  4. Thank you guys for the replies and I'm glad we are able to discuss this and what wraps it up around other potential issues. My earlier feedback comes from a scenario that I've seen Scenario 1: We have 12 keeps in the campaign. 2 of them were owned by Winterblades from the start (fair enough, there is a rush that happens, people knows the game better, this is part of the fun and experience of a new campaign). 1 keep was owned by CaC, which was in turn sieged by Winterblades The keep was won by Winterblades but was claimed by Nomadic Marauders (Am I righ
  5. Following my feedback on fights (link below), I wanted to share a bit more about alliances in the Dregs campaign. Bear in mind that, I'm quite new to the game (1st campaign). So far, I assumed Dregs was a GvG type of game where we all compete for forts and keeps. The reality of things is in it basically giga alliances, organising themselves to "game the system" and ensuring sub-guilds are given points to make it to the top but not to compete with the main guild. Which turns a GvG concept into basically a faction versus faction. (in the current campaign the 3 factions would king of
  6. I might echo what has been said a few times to far, here my feedback broken down in 3 sections based on the size of the fight in campaign. Please assume these fights to be potentially unbalanced such as +/- 25% in numbers). I only experience groups of 20 people max which is hard to give a proper feedback on the large fights. Small fights (1v1 up to 5v5) This is fun, feels right to me, everybody in the fight has a purpose There are ways to run away if someone has some stuff You can get another group in the fight from a 3rd guild and enjoy still If you win
  7. Thank you for the great guide and read @Fantastikon ! Shame you haven't mention potions ! From my own experience: yes Edit: Oh apparently not, that's good news !
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