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  1. Epic open world events

    Think of all the great events WoW and other MMOs could have had if they allowed PvP encounters that truly shaped the worlds. That is what Crowfall should focus on.
  2. Late Game Crowfall

    Late game Crowfall is not an individual game. It's a guild game. What other MMO has late game where you can win a server? Further, the next CW may go through seasons where you are not into late-game gear and disciplines, certainly not towns and cities, so late game is not a permanent state. That said, fully trained and geared balance is important, but so is balancing at other times during the game setup.
  3. It's a crazy world out there.
  4. They could do decay without full destruction. And proportion the quality of the vessel with its durability %. Then make the repair costs based on necromancy-created materials.
  5. I am saying they can set a better timer for how long druid orbs stay up or how many orbs you can have, tweak that, but not the mechanic of invis orbs and blowy-upy.
  6. I personally really like the mechanic, but agree it should not really be capable of a one-shot, especially as an AoE power. For me, an appropriate internal Druid Orb timer would mitigate this.
  7. WTB real crowd control class

    In my opinion the CC debate cannot be separated from a conversation about mobility and ease of hit. In fact, I’d argue that the CC we see is actually a symptom of the game being too easy to fully mitigate damage by dodging. This is very salient on melee characters. We almost always need something to be CCd in order to land any significant amount of damage. For me, this is a design problem that is compounded through CC. Everybody has dodges so everyone needs CC anti-dodge. Otherwise everyone runs in circles not dying and not really getting hit. This was evident in early Hunger Dome and persists to now. For me, a major tune down on both mobility and CC (make specific classes like Champion mobile and specific classes like frostweaver CCers). I could honestly do without the RMB dodges, but I’m likely in a minority there. I’d love to see them tuned to 5meters with long cool down. Combat still feels flighty and unsatisfying, especially as melee. Ease of hit, mobility, and CC are all culpable. Most of the time I am not being hit (except for by ranged) and I am also not hitting anyone. Then, I will get CCd or land CC, and die or kill. It feels...unsatisfying.
  8. Jj Builds Builds - Ep. 1

    Cool idea. Knowing you a little (particularly the other vids you've made), I'd suggest ending with you playing the build actively. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it.
  9. Optimization

    The game is not fully optimized yet. The game is not even systems complete yet. Have fun & welcome!
  10. Recall to fix stuck players

    I think what disappoints me is I heard literally nobody asking for a Recall mechanic. It wasn't a problem, so why this solution? If it was to address being stuck it would be incredibly harsh like a 2 minute noisy cast.
  11. So a probability distribution type thing, where 4 epic 1 orange vs 3 epic 2 orange vs 1 reg 3 epic 1 orange each gets a particular probability distribution?
  12. WTB real crowd control class

    This type of class would only become close-to-reasonable in CF, if all other classes had CC effects removed from their damage powers.
  13. Indeed. I'll believe pack animals when I see them. I would not be surprised if they are post-launch.
  14. Which is why we need all the hypothetical ways to detect and break to be functioning, at the least. For me, one of the biggest design weaknesses in Shadowbane was that only Scouts got to detect Grandmaster stealthers. So you had to run a scout, and if you didn't (or couldn't as an all Dwarf guild), it was incredibly frustrating. I don't anticipate the same level of frustration in CF, but it definitely annoys me that essentially all harvesters will run stealthers (I predict).
  15. What’s more bannable?

    What looks like griefing on faction rulesets is good play on FFA. One of the reasons factions are annoying in a (PvP) game. Neither should be punished.