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  1. I'd tack on a question about what happens with all the necromancy additive choices
  2. Isn't it relevant to understand the landscape of gaming genres in light of this problem? I go play MOBAs with my more casual friends. They spend zero money on games, outside of the occasional shooter. They'd never buy an MMO, let alone sub to one. I have also experienced this separation by time commitment issue in my MMOs. And I am thankful for it, because it is proof positive that I am playing a game in my favorite genre. The more you all push for swap skins MOBA hunger-dome, show up at forts and keeps, the less likely I think this game is to succeed. Not because you all won't like it mo
  3. Crafted vessels should have to level, and they should have to level in dregs. Anything that pulls even more people out of the world is a hard no for me. We've been around this ring-around-the-rosey many times though, and I recognize myself as the black sheep. I just think you're all arguing for these types of things while also complaining there is nothing to do and nobody to kill. If the devs find other, more interesting, ways for people to populate the world, fine. But, until that day, if it ever comes, make us level crafted vessels in dregs. I do strongly agree that leveling crafte
  4. Yes, they are essential and very good. This is an MMO. Cities should be the huge gold sink. It's an outview like yours that has us in this predicament of no player retention because there is nothing for players to do. There is no Throne War PvP if there is not a world that people care about as the foundation. Every camp should be valued, every outpost, every mob, every drop. That only happens if gold has immense value, which comes from sinks underlying things we need and want. I don't really care for the domination dust sink, the gold sinks need to be at the guild level, and scale ex
  5. But we have to realize that without the right density and build-up of cities, there is practically no difference between infected, dregs, or shadow to a new player. They will live out of the temple, they will be ganked relentlessly by the same five people, they will quit. The game is the key before worrying about retention, tbh there is no game going on.
  6. The way shadowbane did city building and ownership, with gold investment, upkeep, NPC crafting, trainers, banks, binding, and ranking for protection was very coherent and their best system, by far - better than the character building and much, much more important to having a semblance of population. Just think about the fact that people still loved that game despite all its insane bugs. We need that system in Crowfall to make the game loops MMO viable, IMO.
  7. jfc. make forts vulnerable every hour. make the forts have a distribution of resources based on off-time, prime-time. so big forces with only 1-2 hours to play go during prime-time, zerg the custard out of everyone, grab the top ROI, but smaller guilds who can manage smaller fights at off hours go then. the forts problem is simply a red herring for the fact that 99% of the game is not a coherent loop. worry about that 99% first, then worry about forts again.
  8. This is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, IMO. Some convoluted planning of having the right numbers of people and the right gap between killing guards and them respawning, it just feels like a way of making the hour-long siege window into an hour and fifteen minutes long window, and it's not a reason not to have vulnerable guards.
  9. I think it'd be better if everyone was full invuln all the time and orange loot just flooded into our inventory as we stood still...or while we were logged out, even better.
  10. I don't want full loot because I like the side that dies to be able to go back out immediately (I'd be fine with lesser durability numbers). I hate trashing of items because it makes dying way more punishing for literally no reason - games that have trashing items typically don't have durability loss, so I think we're good on this front anyway. Your point of attackers being at risk also in those situations is well taken. Inventory only loot skews the risk very heavily. But, if you make it full loot drop you just get roving squads of people in whites looking for that prized kill who is we
  11. Why is this a negative? I'm having difficulty seeing the downside.
  12. The act of deleting what you have just further empties the value of PKing and pushes it towards gankfest. Your position devolves into people who couldn't give two poorly made dergss about acquiring what the enemy has (point of the game) and instead only care about empty kills and would do it nonstop in no loot scenarios. Get rid of dropping/deleting in combat. And while you're at it, get rid of important material in God's Reach and Infected, probably including gold. Your economy and game loops will thank you, ACE.
  13. There should be grind in a PvP MMO but it should be at the guild level to establish, build, protect, and expand their territory control. It should not be to acquire one item used by one player's alt crafter. That poorly made dergs breaks guilds up. We should be collectively working to get the next section of wall up in our city, not the next quality discipline for our leatherworker.
  14. You are saying this as if there are 50/50 splits on those opinions. There most definitely are not.
  15. Yeah, think Settlers of Catan for a simple reference point. There is a ton of trading with enemies in there, because you settle different resources. Crowfall needs this.
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