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  1. I think it was probably designed around the Sunrise and Sunset appearing nicely in the widget, but it then misses on the mid-day/mid-night. I guess in some sense, the split between sun and moon could be dusk/dawn, though it also feels a bit odd, because then the sunrises when the sun widget has been showing for a bit. I'm not sure a rotating widget will work here. A possible change might be to make the "visible" time be smaller than a half-circle, instead making it maybe a 1/8 wedge or a 1/16 wedge, so that sunrise and sunset can happen, in some sense, during that amount of time. Additionally, the day/night is rotating, but the visible wedge is fully day for a while, and fully night for a while (as opposed to only for an instant).
  2. Yep. R8 Iron (both nodes), R8 boars, R8 birch, R8 silver, R8 tin. All broken.
  3. Obviously. The concept behind the discipline, however, tends to make it very powerful for the class it is designed around. It will make for interesting economic competition, when a class nearly depends on certain disciplines to be viable.
  4. I made this argument forever ago arguing that having Major Disciplines that feel like must-takes (Champion Destroyer, for instance) totally negates the potential of the discipline system. I argued that the powers that make those Disciplines must-takes should be put into the base kit, where Power bar limitations will apply. I think more disciplines should have simple animations, to lower costs of creating them, but lots of variety and lots of applicability - including most disciplines having internal variety (like Banner of Storms in Standard Bearer being able to be different damage types) and as many disciplines as possible being applicable to all Race/Classes. More of a multi-class system than a class specialization system. Unfortunately, unless there is an unknown swath of 200 disciplines being created that we don't know about, it seems that ship has sailed.
  5. Performance issue when looking toward hunger-ified geography, drop in FPS. Looted a Human Arm doober, nothing showed up in inventory Spider Eggs can be equipped by all... The Eastermost Stoneborn Gravestone by Jingle has an unusually high likelihood of dropping nothing. Not sure why. Sometimes it drops things, but it must be over 50% drop nothing rate.
  6. Stoneborn Feedback

    "Someone has to be last" is incorrect. You are simply pointing at other bad examples of passive training design, which should be about specialization, not gating. And, if you are truly thinking that this is a "so what," you are not thinking through the consequences of a Dwarf-based guild not being able to create advanced vessels until over a month after humans. You think that will not impact us negatively and arbitrarily? Regardless, I'm more interested in feedback on other parts of Stoneborn, since I am more certain that this way of organizing passive training will be changed.
  7. The Good: Model looks pretty solid. I'd personally still like a bit shorter, but I'll take it. RMB roll is fun. The beard has grown on me. CON and STR are nice, could have a little bit higher base HP, IMO, to feel more Dwarfy. I’m still wondering about the advantages/disadvantages system on Vessel Crafting, I really hope this comes in sometime soon. The Bad: Will of the Stoneborn needs a better power efficiency buff, and should improve more than just crushing - maybe some elemental resistance Stoneskin should not have a heal debuff - it's completely punitive. I'm not sure on this, but do any other Races have negative impacts on their racials? The Ugly: Lack of range. This was totally predictable, but we really need a ton of disciplines that allow Races to become casters. Tried Troubadour and Plague Lord, INT too low. Stoneborn are so bad with bows, really need a STR-based Crossbow. Although we recognize it is foolhardy to expect one particular race (Except for Elves, with their tree separate “races”) to be good at everything, pigeonholing a race into melee and cleric is pretty brutal. Where is our Prelate or Crusader @jtoddcoleman? I am absolutely certain these problems should be remedied by Disciplines. Let us take a base Cleric, pump INT, and apply some DD and AOE caster disciplines. Lack of Damage Types. Besides discs that let us make different damage types our base attacks (some fire, some ice, maybe some Earthen), I highly suggest taking Standard Bearer and making replicates with different powers under Banner of Storms - let us craft ones that do lightning, cold, fire, acid, etc. Low Heal Amount. INT as a Race is way too low to make a reasonable Cleric. How much this can be mitigated by advantages/disadvantages is unknown. At least the Max (not sure I see the point in having maxes, but okay) is fairly high. Improved by Vessel levels, but all Races can do that. I would love to see crafters be able to specialize in making INT gear, and getting a Stoneborn cleric somewhere reasonable. The current heals are very low. Spirit helps, but not as much as healing modifier. (As an aside, the healing modifier percentage displayed in the details is incorrect - healing modifier 1.1 is 110% but shows as 1.10%) Run speed. I have long, long been against run buff passives. Freely given different movement speeds really suck in PvP games. But, since that battle is long lost, all races should get the option to apply the passive. Let it be a choice to be slow, instead of a guarantee as a Stoneborn or other slow race. And sweet, sweet lord do not make Bard a class, if we couldn’t take Bard, I shudder to think about how difficult it will be to kill anyone with passive run buffs. Come to think of it, once we don’t get Bard for essentially free…Running along with a bunch of Elken Rangers and Fae Assassins on my Dwarf Champ requires me to constantly go into combat, use my leaps, and then leave - and even that doesn't keep me on pace. Stats-based crafting. Why is Runecrafting, or really any crafting, based on particular stats? This is a particularly nasty way of handicapping us, since we make garbage tools. Gated Stoneborn vessel crafting. Ouchie. Please make all Races the first node, and let us specialize in a particular Race Vessel (mirror the Racial training tree maybe, but if you train vessel-making you can make all race vessels)
  8. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    There should not be any gating on Passive Training. No orders to tools, weapons, armors, vessels, etc. It should be specializing, a la Albion Online. The idea of making human vessels first or bows first or shovels last or Dwarves last is not good.
  9. Honestly, it feels like nothing should be gated behind passive training, simply passive training improves things. The gating is the biggest flaw and annoyance, as it is preventing me from playing how I want (Bad), as opposed to improving how well my character is aligned with my playstyle (Good).
  10. QFT. In hypotheticals Harvester/Crafter/Combatant can be different playstyles, but in reality, there are a ton of players who want to do combat who are forced into those roles. And it will cause them to quit. And the pure harvesters get ganked, so they will quit, too. The whole concept of interdependency in a PvP game belies its more natural organization around competition. Maybe mines and blueprints will help this. But, if CF was done over, I'd rather mines and blueprints in the game and toon-based harvesting and crafting out. And this is from someone who typically plays harvesters and crafters as well as combat.
  11. General Someone commented that the Guards fighting NPC creatures was silly and free ways to get loot. I totally disagree, I love it, it feels real and it is not free, you have to defend the point. It'd be really cool if in those guards picked up the loot from the animals, cooked meat that we could grab, and also helped pay their own maintenance costs That said, the pathing on some of the creatures seemed broken. I always see a Ghost Elk R2 approach the grounded guard post and then stop. It seems to be attacking from that distance, but with melee attacks? Gate entrance and exit still really buggy. Harvesting Whoever came up with the audio step-up as you gather doobers within a certain time nailed Pavlovian excitement. Also a very nice change so that weak points can be activated on contact at the end of a swing, instead of only at the beginning of a swing. Feels much, much better. The timing of Pips and Weak spots both feel really good. If you are not paying enough attention, both can be missed. But that is appropriate, because sometimes I miss weak points when I'm solo because my eyes are up. Harder to see Weak points on Marble and Aurielium. Combat Champion Leap still bugs out a ton. Most notably, it does not actually leap but puts on cooldown. Additionally, I rarely get the second dominance pip from the second leap. Sometimes I do, but rarely. It is also really annoying that damage from the leap (fall damage) disallows the second leap. Okay, fine, we take damage (too much and too easily, IMO), but even when we do, we should be able to leap again. I had a fight where I escaped two enemies by retreating to an outpost I had captured. The escape felt earned and kudos to introducing these outposts. Really helps small groups/soloers. Dominator minor discipline does not work (Tested and Confirmed) Crafting Why are Stoneborn and Fae gated by all the other vessel crafting? Please change. Should be a 12-way race breakout immediately in training and then all the quality improvements behind each of the races. Stoneborn: The healing resistance modifier on Stone Skin. Brutal. Please change to 10 or 15%. Having some race/class with base run speed buffs is such a gut shot in PvP games. Stoneborn are ridiculously slow, and champs require entering combat stance, leaping, and exiting. This is something that will literally annoy the begeezus out of me. Mitigation caps. Ouch!
  12. For example, it will take months of training before we can make our first Stoneborn Vessel. I suspect this will make most my guild leave the game, as it puts us at a massive disadvantage to every guild expect all-Fae (which probably won't exist). I expect the vessel-making tree to get completely revamped and have specialized branches for each of the 12 races, immediately branched off the beginner node (or have just the 12 races as initial nodes), then each of those branches has vessel quality training choices (so, we could have a Dwarf Vessel-maker specialize in making INT-Dwarves for Clerics and another in STR-Dwarves for Champs). Although I expect this particular example (Stoneborn and Fae vessel-making) to be addressed, the overall problem needs serious remedy.
  13. I hope this would be temporary, I really like that some towers are in visual distance of each other. Is fun when they belong to different factions.
  14. General Log in issue: entering world back to title screen twice, third time worked, did nothing different If you Sacrifice something that xp takes you over the level-needed xp, it does not roll to the next level Loss of temporary hitpoints (Insanity, Toughness, Holy Aura) flashes as red hit point loss. Is it possible that the order in the code is to lower the actual hit points, then the maximum? Dig In!: says "cit" not "crit" or "critical" Harvesting Some serious hitching on switches between tools - does this have something to do with visual change or verified objects for interactions (trees go no and ore goes yes, when switching axe to pick)? Visual bug on first skinning attempt after switching trays. Character model just sort of hitches without doing the animation for skinning. Skinning itself seems to occur. Still significant issues with the 3d visualization of skinning weak spots, some appear in the air above the boar, and cannot be struck. With lumberjacking especially, my first swing on a new tree often does not connect, despite my second swing, with the same aim from the same place does connect.
  15. 3rd major Discipline slot ?

    I agree, I turned around on the limited power bar, I think it's a nice way to force some choices. In SB, I used only a handful of powers anyway, on most classes. A third major makes some great combinatorial sense.