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  1. Block still needs a buff, IMO. I would just remove this whole strange black big hits stam cost mechanic. It feels bad to be punished for having good timing. CC was dialed in so nicely in 6.4. You've butchered balance on CC with the retaliate stamina shutoff. Just let r be hit at any time, at the normal stamina cost.
  2. Question in title. For me, now that Hunger Dome is a thing, I'd like to encourage ACE to figure out how to integrate. Having a separate lobby game just adds to the awkwardness of navigating existing as a player in CF. Let's get some more complete integration, so queuing for HD happens in game. Moving from GR, to infected, to dregs should happen in game, too. There is the tried and true method of having Arena currencies that you can win, which offer a different NPC loot table. I also like the idea of allowing this to be a kind of "wolves" style additive farm. So, winning offers r
  3. This problem was also solved by accident, in Shadowbane. The world needs to be big, but zones need to be small. Right now, zones and gates create this problem: I can sweep a zone in a short period of time (understandable), and also go zone-to-zone-to-zone super fast (problem). The way zones are linked is big problem, we need more empty space between them (aka travel cost and time). It plays out in forts like this too. In shadowbane probably 75% of the map was just barren wasteland. It worked to separate people by time. Much more local disputes and regional kingdoms.
  4. Your point is not without merit, and I certainly know the point of God's Reach. But, the changes they made to The Infected mean that they could simply make it a single world, IMO. It would cut down on the ridiculousness of logging in and out. at bizarre intervals. Just put the God's Reach zones at the beginning of the chain. Could keep leveling and still do this
  5. they could still do the vessel levels for applying white, green, etc. that actually feels pretty solid. if they rip out leveling they could rip out god's reach, which I would consider a victory. There is enough of a time and material investment to ranking a vessel, that the pve loop is just as strong
  6. I cannot comment on their legal obligations, I strongly disagree with the claim "this can only help the combat development," and I will not hush about a poorly thought-out idea with rushed implementation. Good input though!
  7. No to repeatable quests, yes to hourly or daily divine favor cards
  8. No radical...I don't know what this is supposed to be, honestly.
  9. Spiritual Presence is the ability discussed in the OP, Divine Presence does other things. This Arbiter build has both.
  10. Retribution from Redirected Strikes has been broken for several months. Will it be fixed before HD?
  11. Fixed race/class choices? This truly is 2015 over again!
  12. It really feels like it's passed time to set down class balance for an extended period and all-hands gameloops and logistics. Import/Export next patch, combined with better server logistics, revert back to better player vendor setups, clearer signposting for what is where, and we absolutely have to have recruiting within game for guilds. Maybe a way within faction/god to list your guild so people can peruse the browser info for guilds and apply in-game. Then guild leaders need to see that stuff in-game and be able to read applications and accept/reject in-game. https://crowfall
  13. The pattern is clear: the way the worlds are linked together is disrupting new players. People upset by lack of infected PvP almost universally don't know about Dregs, or when to go there, or why. And if they do, they are guildless. We need infected zones and dregs zones on the same campaign world, IMO. Not separate servers. Make it so guilds can belong to alliances and alliances follow their god (and join that faction). It's not like the coding isn't there, even in dregs we are labelled by guild to god to temple. Make a portal that involves import/export rules to dregs campaigns, fr
  14. PDM is the base problem. It should be removed from all ults, and only given back by specific decision. The idea that Neckbreaker needs to be changed is shortsighted, IMO. Sure, tone down the damage a bit. Maybe take a look at dominance generation. But ACE continually reads feedback about powers being too strong, and immediately nuke it without any space for counterclaims. My claim is that there are many, many groups that counter alpha spam. Tinker a little, but do NOT nuke them into the ground with some massive change only to Champions. Yoink's CD on ults sounds fine to me, since it is a
  15. Is it your opinion that there are no tactical or group build counters to the alpha warrior? That is not my opinion, I believe there are several very good options. The track record of over the top nerfs (see: radical) makes me concerned that they will listen to people who haven't tried yet to counter a new group spec on the field. We need alphas and radicals to make people question clumping. We need them both very strong IMO. If you keep watering down punishing dps builds, you'll wind up with numbers literally always, always winning.
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