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  1. You remain an absolute treasure, Tinnis.
  2. You have substituted the concept of restriction for the concept of choice. We have far more restrictions in 6.2, and far fewer choices. Example of Things I love: pursuit on non-knights Example of Things I hate: kinetic boost on only druids Filling the major slot is the sacrifice. That is where all the choice happens. But only if we feel torn about the majors we are not slotting. Now, I do not feel torn, I feel angry, because the other disciplines I want to consider are red, cannot use.
  3. If you increase the number of choices we have, it'll be much better than it is now.
  4. One of the potential places where this discipline overhaul could have worked is opening up weapon types for abilities. For example, I cannot use dazzling blades with a hammer. This is another swing-and-miss when it comes to variety. So I "have" disciplines open, but they are essentially useless to me.
  5. As it sits, there seem to be a lot of options at first, but there really are not. It's not as robust a system as I thought it was after this afternoon's stream. You almost leaned into a good combinatorics system, but then you seemed to have veered away and said no, no, only a few discipline choices for any promo. A simple suggestion to improve: every class has a domain that is available to all three promotions (e.g. Light for Cleric). That domain should be given for free at the class selection level (all Clerics have Light unlocked by default). Do that across all classes, then add a
  6. Having two mutually exclusive powers on a discipline is not especially fun (Transcendent Warrior Auras). You can technically have both up, but that is a near full time job. They would be better split apart into two separate disciplines.
  7. Divine Order Cleric Ult does fire damage when first activated, instead of holy Exorcist Soul Steal does not do weapon damage, procs as nature with mystical throwing hammer active Transcendent Warrior Guiding Light Aura seems to drop the fire damage bonus +5% for a second everytime the buff resets. The same does not appear to happen to the holy buff At slightly over 74% combat basics passive training, the Weapon tree and Armor tree lightup as if I can start accumulating points, but I cannot. When I click select, it reads 424 - Locked It appears that all three cleric LMB
  8. Absolutely fantastic livestream, discipline system looks top notch. You just improved your game significantly, kudos.
  9. I would not disagree it was boring, for many reasons. I am always thankful to see you and Dis and anyone out on the field. But that does not seem especially relevant to OP's points here. What is relevant is your point about splitting up and doing more things in smaller groups being risky. The fact seems to be that there was lack of motivation and lack of risk-taking, and now there is disappointment that rolling people in outnumbered fights did not translate into a victory. The fact that rolling people in outnumbered fights, but only doing that, didn't translate into a victory is, in
  10. This is everything you need to know about the score system, ironically. There are people who are upset that they are ignoring how you score in favor of only one type of event, and there are people who understand that there needs to be an ecosystem of players doing different things, or PvP MMOs break-down. You got a lot of kills. Did you split up and cap all the forts you possibly could? Did you stretch your forces to gain points? Did you raid the Aracoix camp that CC was farming? DId you camp their keep to stop them from doing what they wanted to do? Did you fight the players who wer
  11. Yeah, I agree. If I were ACE I would shut down LIVE service when 6.2 is on TEST, we are all going to be on TEST anyway. And when they have 6.2 TEST at a high quality level, ready for major beta invites, then push it to LIVE and announce it to new testers.
  12. Three import campaigns in a row. Do you all have any kind of metric for mob spawn death rate? Some mobs in this campaign must have a 0 death rate, no reason to kill anything other than charging ults and powers. I don't think it would matter right now, since 6.1 bugs crushed newcomers and 6.2 wait has pushed many of the remaining players to do other things in the meantime, but import campaigns are completely broken, IMO. Empty world, empty game. Sign on for some mandatory no-show keeps. At this point, I don't think you realize how close your game is to having a completely non-viable t
  13. Interesting changes. No 500 soul power divine order for radical really hurts it a lot though.
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