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  1. Mobs could drop components, instead of finished gear (similar to necromancy additives), that could be given to a crafter and crafted. So, a nice loot drop would be a blue mace component to go with other mace components, and the crafter could assemble as usual. Over training time, the crafter would themselves be able to make blue mace components, with a much better rate of success. What I am hearing is that crafters want to feel useful. The easiest way to be useful is to be necessary. If players do not have access to player crafters, put an NPC crafter in who does the same thing, but with fewer experimentation points.
  2. Yes, passive training is still pretty frustrating in the current setup. I'd think that you want someone who picks harvesting to specialize within an hour. I don't see the point in gatekeeping any particular harvesting. IMO people should be able to make vessels on day 1, and the gating is simply how much better it'll get.
  3. Yeah, agreed. And I think that their historical response to this issue has been making things like hit-boxes and cones and rays be a lot wider, because the movement is imprecise, but that actually compounds the looseness of the combat. In other games, and other MMOs, I don't have nearly as much trouble getting my character to start moving in the direction I want and stop moving at the position I want. Been like that since Hunger Dome. In 2016, I thought "oh, this is because they are trying to do physics, that's kind of neat," but then they backed off that completely, yet the feeling persists in 2020, and it's troubling.
  4. remains super flighty and loose. Maybe it's just personal opinion, but there just has been something off about the weight of movements for so long. It feels identically as strange as it did five years ago. My champ is leaping around and smashing a hammer and elbow-dropping guineapigs to death, but it doesn't feel like my character actually interacts with anything. I elbow drop the ground and then the guineas just fall over. It's feels really bizarre to me, and I am posting to see what others think.
  5. maybe (and it's a big maybe) this will feel different when embedded into the first month rush to put all resources into guild cities. but probably, it will still feel bad.
  6. Do we know if disciplines are permanent choices in a vessel? Or can they be removed?
  7. IMO each race should have a racial that improves their necromancy for that race. Giving it to Nethari is fine, but also give every race a boost to their own form.
  8. I kinda wish you could pin this thread and only take it down when it's time to replace it with "today is the day"
  9. I think lore in MMOs is an untapped vein of awesome, though many see it as the third rail. I have yet to see anyone actually implement lore in an interesting way, in terms of game mechanics - though, many have written fun lore. Typically it relies on quests, treadmill or teeter-totter reputation grinds, and then the odd cut-scene boss. For me, true lore comes from the environment, mixed with actual meaningful decisions. Picking our god in CF should be meaningful to some CWs. That is a great place to start, IMO. I would love to play a server that is 12-way god teams. Kane, ftw. Allow me to sacrifice to the Rock-God! Why lore is great for PvP games is because it gives a more solid sense of group identity beyond simply kill reds. In Shadowbane, MWH had an alliance, but would still attack any Elves from the allied guilds. It made things interesting, to say the least.
  10. I got good vibes from this, as SB disc-hunting was one of my favorite things to do. But, I sense that the named thralls are RNG? Wasn't clear that we can expect say, the Poisoner Thrall, to spawn in the same place. Is that accurate?
  11. I disagree, and terrifying is a bizarre word to use in description of game development. Given the length of time it takes to design and create a game, combined with the vision of creating an independent company, their collective histories of creating multiple games in different genres, the half-life of games, and putting a lot of personal wealth into their own company, I'd be concerned if ACE was not starting up on more games. All eggs in one basket comes to mind.
  12. I'm kind of surprised, I checked out New World when it was first available and thought it was awful and did not hold too much promise.
  13. @APE There is no doubt that a group that wins one campaign is more likely to find success in future campaigns. As it is in sports, a team with better players is more likely to win, by definition. But, that scenario is not Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob would be: you won the Super Bowl last year, so you start every game this year already winning 7-0. That is what the OP is suggesting (though I think they could give winning guilds a unique Castle Design for their guild-EK or something - significant, but cosmetic).
  14. Really hoping that the Stoneborn racial is better than immune to poison. It sounded to me like what @thomasblair described for Half-elves (CC causes small HoT) should be Stoneborn, or something equally as good.
  15. I think it's an interesting idea, I just don't think people would be able to stomach getting the debuff applied to themselves. I think it will be viewed as a punishment and not a deterrent. As in the other thread, I just think it's a vastly superior idea to have a mechanic on the victory condition. So, in campaign, leaders and guilds need to make serious decisions about who they should ally with and if they should leave their alliance and join another, and so on. Not temporary, not combat related, but strategic. Can you imagine the politics of needing to argue between nation leaders and subguilds as to whether it makes more sense for a powerful, small subguild to leave and take a lower position but better proportions, as opposed to staying with a large nation that does not pull their weight equally? I can. And I think it could totally work. In my experience, political intrigue and frustration is going to have more longevity than direct game mechanic intervention. Let us have to be smart about how we play, who we score points for, and who we keep in our guilds and nations.
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