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  1. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    Which is not surprising, given who likely makes decisions about what alpha and beta mean at ACE. Certainly the developers of any particular game may use the terminology however they want, but I find the above useful, personally.
  2. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    Useful definitions: Early development - barely playable, using game designs that do not resemble release vision (Crowfall in HD and SP) Pre-alpha - playable not systems complete (Crowfall now) Alpha - playable, systems complete, not optimized (Crowfall with full class/race release, win conditions in) Beta - playable, systems complete, near optimized, scaling-up bug squashing Released - released. All games likely blur these. Crowfall of course blurs these lines especially moving after the Alpha stage - they will likely still be releasing new win conditions and siege mechanics and such.
  3. Something I noticed over the weekend but forgot to document: when dragging and dropping skills onto trays, your mouse "holds" the icon to the upper left, but the "drop" of the icon occurs on the center of the mouse icon. This was a small, but annoying issue that I dealt with repeatedly until I figured out what was happening. I thought that the Passives bar was not registering what I was trying to drop, but it was thinking I was dropping the icon off the bar, into oblivion. This issue combined with passives showing up as possible to drop, but actually were not (for instance the poisoner passive on the ranged tray) - caused me early headaches.
  4. State of the Assassin 5.3.0

    Hey man, Stoneborn were in the pre-kickstarter promo videos... Take a number!
  5. HoA/UDL/LoD/TB vs. Sugoi

    I agree, Tinnis. I think they look okay playing solo, but as soon as there are even two people attacking each other or attacking a monster together, it gets pretty messy. Time to tune it wayyyy down - which should help on art demand, too!
  6. You can also hit the reset button on the top right, and it asks if you want to abort (you are not crafting anything), say yes, and you're back to the full list.
  7. Weird bug that may have something to do with FPS loss around campfires: Clerics LMB attack sometimes stops displaying visuals when my crosshair goes past the campfire.
  8. HoA/UDL/LoD/TB vs. Sugoi

    I would also like to see some friendly fire options played out. I hope there is at least group-only immunity input somewhat soon. The fight itself looked fun, fairly chaotic, heh.
  9. As we start to dive deep into combining disciplines, I think one thing that has started emerging is that people gravitate toward particular disciplines. The first instinct might be to nerf those disciplines down as "OP", but I would urge that the alternative option of buffing the lesser or unused disciplines happens. In our voice comms we already are discovering particular disciplines that are near useless, but they hold promise, and I'd personally advocate for them getting buffed to be useful. Buffing unused disciplines will result in massive proliferation of builds. Please try to make it so that 5-10 builds of each class are reasonable, and different, that would be awesome. Just a 2c.
  10. General: Training on combat basics started displaying 5% trained (though 0% was trained). Training skills is overall really buggy (the visuals and mechanics, not the actual skill-up – untested by me), and just slightly unintuitive. The confirm button may be why it feels that way to me, I dunno. I do not appear to regen health out of combat. Cannot find a way to exit combat (survival tray?) – if so, still no ooc health regen. (Update: sparingly, I'll get OOC health regen in survival). Crashed near Reaper Ridge. When re-entered, no equipment visuals, but powers still work. Could see my groupmates' weapons and armor visuals, however. Audio is weird for me, I have adjusted it every-which-way and I just do not hear some of the things others do. Unsure why. Combat: Second Wind seems not to register what 50% of max HP is accurately, maybe it is looking at what the base Champ HP is and just fixed 50% of that? Mine stops at 1713/4329 (in fact all regen stops then), which would imply some relationship to 3426 overall HP. (Mino Champ). 3-E skill, Rend still is super weird. It seems like a holdover from root motion combat, and it was one of the worst root motion combats back then! I hope it gets a smoothing pass. Leaping is pretty challenging. The game seems to really struggle with the second or so right after a leap lands. It's stuttery and unsure of where I should be, and stops me from leaping again sometimes. Leaping off a ledge and losing HP breaks the secondary leap, which is fine I suppose, though I'd prefer it did not. Harvesting: Skinning Weak Points are not visually located appropriately. In 3d space, they tend to be above the beast, and untargetable for skinning. Boar down to no skinning health left, does not disappear, can continue to attempt to skin. Slag nodes against giant rock, doobers go into rock, unlootable Crafting: When using experimentation points, if you go fast enough, the rise and fall of your "quality" (e.g. success) will change into the new "quality" during the fall. Why is there a crafting duration bar? Like, you've put everything together, is it really necessary to give us another 25 seconds per everything we craft of just sittin there? Or a minute for the weapons? Seems like overkill to me. Why do mail and plate now require specific ores? I thought the whole purpose of the small Crafting book (which is not very small), is to have Plate Chest: you pick what to put in. I really hope there is a move back toward Plate chest: Ore X 9, we pick the ore based on what stats we want. Critical failure is just ouchie. Just ouchie. Can't we obtain the same power curves without critical failures? And then those who train crafting skills are more likely to be on the upper end of the power curve than those who do not - but nobody should critically fail and lose everything, IMO. This mechanic is going to get changed eventually, it's just too harsh without purpose, so why not do it now? People will rage quit over this so fast. Heck, it can happen to a new player literally crafting their first weapon. Not a great idea, if you want that new player to keep playing.
  11. Honestly, is there really a reason to make roots maintain through any damage? Much more strategic and interesting if they work like that.
  12. General: Odd hitch every time I switch between harvesting tools - loading a new model? Paperdoll visual error. Armor going into wrong slots. No helmet slot, double boots slot. Helmet and chest stacking visually on paperdoll Unable to unequip helmet. Disconnect through PING - lost connection to server, PING 3500. Could not reconnect until full client exit. Upon relog, crafting menu limited to only the thing I crafted just before crashing. Had to abort crafting (wasn't crafting anything) to reset menu. Visual armor not displaying. Tried logging off, tried exiting client, tried unequip, re-equip many times. Could be related to stacking visuals on paperdoll. Note: Weapon visuals work. According to my numbers chart, armor working on unequip re-equip, despite visuals not updating. Exiting Client and re-entering makes the skill training a bit wonky. Harvesting: Cobblestone physics different than other harvestables, afaict Some odd physics of sliding down very slim hills, to a collection area Approximately 1/20 weak points spawns off the harvestable (especially on ore and stone) - the resulting weak spot is not interactable, because it does not register that I am trying to hit something Crafting: Is it true that experimenting with more points at once can result in a better result than doing one at a time? If not, this is a total frustration mechanic. No reason to not just do one at a time other than laziness. Amazing success came up in red text, then swapped to green. Note: a failure had just occurred before. Centaur Champion: Hurlbat does not display hurlbat visually Stuttering client/server on leaps, server seems unsure where I should land After using Arcane Archer, ranged tray not available until swapped between combat and survival. Then R - ranged tray, appeared Requires Bow error display, when equipped bow, no arrows Arrow projectile does not work After destroying arcane archer discipline, still bow equipped, range tray showing (but cannot toggle to it and use) - cannot unequip bow or arrows. On relog, still there. Cannot apply new discipline. Trying to relog - fixed. Changes in disciplines is overall pretty wonky. Takes a while to unequip a destroyed discipline. Unable to apply passive from Burning Hatred. Passives in general pretty annoying to load out. Opinion-based feedback: Durability of basic harvesting items is too low. Having to replace a basic harvesting item is goofy, I'd rather just be encouraged to get to advanced harvesting items because they are a leap in power. Tried to build a poisoner/arcane archer, but poisoner passive would not enter ranged tray passives. Disappointed! Ranged combat is excessively easy and melee combat is still slow. I really do not know why someone would play a Champion in this environment, unless they went bow.
  13. Pretty close to letting ol’ Jack die a few times there! Looks fun, I’ll definitely try to make a full Dps stoneborn when that time comes.
  14. With most of the big patches/changes, they do a roll-out based on backer standing. As an Amber, you were able to play, but a very recent, major patch has reset how they are rolling-out. I am sure you will be able to play soon (as will I)! Welcome.
  15. The problem of focus/effort/intensity

    I'm not indifferent to your brother's and your points, but I hesitate to say that casuals are who make servers lively. Ultimately, the niche vision of CF would likely succeed (relative to the niche audience), but for me, attempts to move casual break away from the niche, but do not acquire casual players. Those players would likely go play other games, right? Games that specifically cater to casual play. I can appreciate mindless harvesting as much as others do. I can see an argument that people enjoy just playin' around after work, or whatever, by harvesting and contributing to the team for twenty minutes. I am not personally sold on the idea that CF harvesting is not mindless. Yes, you can make it more efficient by actively doing weak points and such, but you can still harvest mindlessly, right? Just less efficient. I will say that passive training is fairly casual. Which seems good, to me. When I am in the game, I'd like to not only be able to seek out challenges, but have those challenges find me when I don't want them to.