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  1. Albion Online Inspiration

    I didnt mean fame as and skill leveling system but as benchmark for leaderboards, guild comparission or general pissing competitions what i mean by enjoying the fame systems is that it balances the yield in xp/fame/points for different activities such as crafitng, gathering pvp or pve. For example in some patches of EVE there was some lack balance between the benefit of mining versus exploring or ratting. In no way or form do I wish to compare AO to CF, the sheer depth of CF puts it on a whole different level. I just wanted to say that as a system to compare gatherers to gankers on a performance and achievment base it works quite well
  2. I have been medling with Albion Online over the last few weeks. It seems to be a good game with some interesting mechanics. I think some inspiration from its fame system could be a "nice to have". best regards
  3. Skill Tree Reset

    makes sense! thanks for the replies
  4. Skill Tree Reset

    Thanks! and these resets include skill points?
  5. Skill Tree Reset

    I apologise for asking this as I am sure that there has to be a previous post on the topic however i cannot find it. On go live of the game will the skill tree be reset? or Do we get to keep all the training we have done so far? Many thanks
  6. Eternal Kingdom Purchases

    @KrakkenSmacken thanks. sorry for the late reply
  7. Eternal Kingdom Purchases

    thanks! don't know how i missed that!
  8. Hello All, I have purchased a pledge pack a 6 months ago and now that EK is live i am keen to try out my items. However its not clear to me if EK are affected by wipes. This is if I place my fort now will i still have it after future wipes? Cheers everyone