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  1. If forum activity is any indication of how awesome we all are... your gonna kick some major butt in Crowfall. I'll make sure to steer clear of you.. you and protonix shall rule the world......
  2. I was the founder of Savage Alliance, and the first guild to leave it due to the very reason you mentioned... it was a massive skillless furry alliance.. I still own the website name if i remember right. Everyone makes mistakes.... but it was only for a short time. a minor blemish on an otherwise good record. After the first DF, we were only ever part of smaller, more focused alliances. I remember almost everyone who joined my guild.. Unless you joined in DF:UW.. I don't remember you. On a side note, I never once thought shield walls were a good idea in DF nor did anyone in ATS, and never once used that tactic outside of CRPG:) you are mistaken.
  3. ATS (Among The Shadows) is in too. Looking forward to all the lame nut cupping zerg politics we saw in darkfall..
  4. Nice to see all these pvp focused guilds rolling into yet another game together. We look forward to finding you guys on the battlefields. Lets hope Crowfall can bring back some of that old school gaming nostalgia we have been missing for so long. http://www.atsgamers.com
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