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  1. Good fight last night, Winterblades! You guys are geared to the teeth, and tough to take down. I thought we did pretty well considering we're casual compared to the other big guilds. In the video I was pleased to see our guys pretty much always (with the exception of stealthers, of course) fighting in groups. It's awesome to see things from the other perspective. I, and the rest of Corvus Citadel, look forward to meeting you on the battlefield again!
  2. I love the seasons cycle. It's true that winter used to be low pop, but after the changes to points there's been a lot more pvp during winter, even in the middle of the night. The campaigns we're playing are just for bragging rights at the moment, imagine how much more important winning a campaign will be once there are real rewards, and how many more people will put in the effort during winter. I imagine that, in the end, the population will start and end high and will slump a little bit during summer and fall, but not a huge amount. The seasons cycle is also a way of preventing stagnation. In other sandbox MMOs, you gather hard all the time because that's what you have to do to compete. In Crowfall, because of the seasons more than anything else, gathering is heavier at one point than others, PvP is heavier at one point than others, and crafting activity also goes up and down. Things are always changing as part of the cycle and that prevents burnout.
  3. Hey GuruTheFallen, welcome to Crowfall! Advanced gear has to be crafted at tables that don't exist in the temple area, you'll have to go to a fort or keep out in the wild or connect to an Eternal Kingdom. Forts and keeps are vulnerable to PvP, so many Crafters prefer to go to Eternal Kingdoms. Corvus Citadel does their best to keep theirs up at all times, and it's open to the public as a safe place for anyone to craft, so you're welcome to connect any time. I always recommend that people have a specific character dedicated to EKs so that you don't accidentally jump into a campaign with an inventory full of resources because going into and out of campaigns wipes your inventory. EK searches are case sensitive, so make sure you use a capital C when searching for our EK. In your temple there will be three portals that lead to different areas out in the wild. Higher resources can be found there, but beware that you'll be vulnerable to PvP at all times when out there. Once you get to the mid-20s it gets tough to find mobs that still give you experience; you'll have to find rank 8+. You can always sacrifice gold or manufactured items for the last few levels, which is what most people end up doing, unless they have a specific leveling group set up. To sacrifice items for exp, go to the fire pit in the middle of the temple or in any EK and activate it. Both kills and captures factor into guild and personal points, but the points at the top of the screen that you see are 100% capture points. Every so often, I think it's 15 minutes but the timer will be visible at the top, every faction gets points for everything they currently hold. Bonus points build up on everything as well, and when captured the victor gets those bonus points, so there is frequent action. Keeps are the ultimate in points, but I don't think a keep has changed hands in the last couple campaigns despite heavy fighting over them. Also, each season the points accrue faster than the last, so winter is when the points come in fastest. Corvus Citadel is one of the fastest growing Chaos guilds. We're casual friendly, but we participate in every aspect of the game and are consistently one of the highest scoring guilds in our faction. We're the type of gamers who would rather win the objective than worry about K/D ratios, and we're very active. Our Discord server is https://discord.gg/XHpxvT4, feel free to connect any time and hang out - we usually try to hang out in the public channels unless in a siege or something. Thimble Corvus Citadel
  4. We had a lot of fun building up from nothing after the wipe. It's pre-alpha so there will be more wipes, or at least one more anyway. What got me down, I have to be honest, was the rollback. Wipes happen, but the rollback left a bad taste. I'd suggest they manually backup before every patch, but I'm sure they've already come to that conclusion themselves.
  5. My guild comes from a game where the concept was very similar, except that spies were even more of an issue because guilds were character bound instead of account bound like they are here. There is at least one other guild in Crowfall that came over from that game. They spied on us, we spied on them. We had measures in place for intelligence and counterintelligence, and we even had multiple information dump sandboxes set up. What we learned from the whole experience is that you can't stop spies, no matter how much effort you put toward it. You can very easily, however, cause yourself problems by going overboard, some of which have already been mentioned in this thread. Instead, it makes more sense to just embrace that there will be spies and operate under the assumption that there are spies in your guild, in your voice comms, and even in your group in the field. Take comfort in that last one being the most difficult for a spy to do effectively without being caught.
  6. Champions are still tough, but much less than before. Instead of being invincible, now it just takes a lot of damage to overwhelm their damage shields. Also, consider that people are still getting geared up and you may have fought one that has a full advanced set, maybe even uncommon, already.
  7. Soy en los Estados Unidos, pero mi familia están en Cataluña. Buenas!
  8. Can you elaborate on this?
  9. Thanks, Angelmar! We had a ton of fun and we were glad that our contribution to the battle helped. Order was super fast on replanting that tree though, so in the end I don't think we could claim a victory, but we learned a lot and look forward to future fights!
  10. Love all the changes, especially the ones allowing underdogs to catch up in later seasons, or for guilds to focus on gearing up in spring and not being too far behind because of it. As for the question of wiping, don't wipe anything but don't allow the importing of vessels. Vessels are the biggest power gap right now. I'm even for wiping passive skills, but I can see valid reasons not to until soft launch (or at least 6.0). But being able to import vessels immediately means that you can't compete if you aren't in one of the few major guilds. My guild is just starting to get into vessel upgrades and I can already see the huge power gap it creates. Smaller guilds need more than a few weeks to get into the vessel game, and solo players need until the economy supports buying vessels.
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