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  1. Actually, this play style sounds like a ton of fun. If I wasn't super busy I'd probably try it out. I imagine there will be no shortage of applicants, so successful merc groups will be able to pick the best, especially if they establish a good rep early on and keep it. In that way, staying small would actually be an advantage.
  2. Do you mean like outside of campaigns? I expect that a successful small mercenary group could definitely have assets. They're going to be making money as well as exporting stuff from campaigns just like anyone else. There will also be public marketplaces where they will be able to get anything they want made, I'm sure. So a group with a lot of coin wouldn't necessarily have to have the same level of logistics as a more all-for-one-and-one-for-all big guild would.
  3. I've been thinking about this ever since a small group came to us and wanted to run with Corvus Citadel without actually joining. I think there absolutely is a place in Crowfall for small guilds. Most obviously is the mechanic mentioned early on where a guild could pledge itself to another guild. I'm not sure how that'll actually work, but I look forward to further design discussion. But aside from that, small groups will thrive as sort of mercenaries, hiring their whole group out to help with Dregs or other campaign types. I imagine that if there's a small group that makes a good name for the
  4. Mysterious link in a post about Trojans with broken English. No thanks.
  5. Did you make this? You should win War Stories hands down. Just awesome.
  6. Alright, I feel like I have to step in here. When SmokinJoker mentions numbers, he's not talking about in one zone; obviously that would be silly because Chaos and Order combined were about 45 people, so the most Balance could have had in the last fight was 55, and it's likely to have been 10 or so less because of random gatherers and spies. Balance has shown regularly that they can field enough to put up a strong defense at two keeps. 100 may be an exaggeration, but I certainly don't think it's more than double the reality. The truth probably lies in between somewhere. That said, pr
  7. The best feature is Campaigns. This one feature sets Crowfall apart from other similar sandbox territory control games. However, the Crowfall community is the best thing overall about the game. Enemies even have respect for each other, several of our enemies post friendly messages on our Discord almost every day. The smack talking isn't really that toxic, especially compared with other games. Several times I've seen people on opposing factions compliment the guild I'm in, and I've seen lots of positive interactions between individuals as well. A few months ago, when we were finally gettin
  8. I actually love the game in the current state. I'm so excited for every patch to come, while at the same time enjoying the game for what it is until then. The patches are coming at a pretty good pace, too - about every 3-4 weeks. There are a couple of big changes coming that I think will dramatically improve things, like the character controller. Population, like srathor said, is usually a few hundred during peak times. It can drop down to only a few dozen at off peak times. During keep sieges, the zone cap of 100 is regularly hit in at least one zone and sometimes more than one, so there
  9. I love my Confessor, but I stopped playing it because of Elementalist. One siege I was in I swear I healed the enemy more than I hurt them. I'm playing a different class until something changes. Confessor just isn't viable right now.
  10. Well I've beaten you wearing greens, so not sure where the elitism comes from. But yeah, we have one piece of legendary, which counts for crafting legendary gear.
  11. Corvus Citadel had a great time last wipe. It was extremely exciting, and when the wipe hit we hit the ground running and had a ton of fun blitzing everything. We've been talking excitedly internally about a wipe for weeks now, we can't wait for it to happen. Like I said, we'd prefer a total skills wipe, and our theory is that it's coming - mainly because it's been long enough now that people are max on crafting. But we're even excited about just a gear wipe, even though we've crafted legendary gear. That journey has been exciting, and we look forward to the next. If you adopt the mindset that
  12. Actually it's announced wipes that drive players away. Unannounced wipes keep people playing until the wipe, then create a flurry of excitement just after the wipe. Just look at the last wipe and you'll see. I think we had like 3 hours notice or something, and it was fantastic. Announcing a wipe now would turn the game into a ghost town for the next week, which would cause any new players coming in to think the game is dead and just quit. I want a wipe to happen after this campaign, I even want it to be a full wipe including skills. But I also want to have fun playing the rest of this cam
  13. The obvious counter to that would be to put idle alts in your enemy faction and seed the zone with them hours before siege. It's already being done, but would be far more effective with a 50%/faction cap.
  14. As long as server performance doesn't take a hit, I'm for raising zone caps. I definitely don't want it to go back to the slide show it used to be at the beginning of the year though. I'm curious about your crickets statement. The last few sieges I've been to, Corvus Citadel, at least, has jumped into other zones specifically looking for a fight, not avoiding it. We've even assaulted a keep outnumbered and lost, and @Dirty and I charged 20-30 HoA just to see how long we'd last (and also to delay their force, but let's not focus on that). No, Chaos isn't avoiding fights to avoid fight
  15. It would also be nice if there weren't disciplines which single handedly nullified entire classes. I've stopped playing my confessor, which is the class I normally find most fun, because a couple sieges ago more than half the people I targeted were invulnerable, and many others were actually being healed by my attacks.
  16. Good fight last night, Winterblades! You guys are geared to the teeth, and tough to take down. I thought we did pretty well considering we're casual compared to the other big guilds. In the video I was pleased to see our guys pretty much always (with the exception of stealthers, of course) fighting in groups. It's awesome to see things from the other perspective. I, and the rest of Corvus Citadel, look forward to meeting you on the battlefield again!
  17. I love the seasons cycle. It's true that winter used to be low pop, but after the changes to points there's been a lot more pvp during winter, even in the middle of the night. The campaigns we're playing are just for bragging rights at the moment, imagine how much more important winning a campaign will be once there are real rewards, and how many more people will put in the effort during winter. I imagine that, in the end, the population will start and end high and will slump a little bit during summer and fall, but not a huge amount. The seasons cycle is also a way of preventing stagnati
  18. Hey GuruTheFallen, welcome to Crowfall! Advanced gear has to be crafted at tables that don't exist in the temple area, you'll have to go to a fort or keep out in the wild or connect to an Eternal Kingdom. Forts and keeps are vulnerable to PvP, so many Crafters prefer to go to Eternal Kingdoms. Corvus Citadel does their best to keep theirs up at all times, and it's open to the public as a safe place for anyone to craft, so you're welcome to connect any time. I always recommend that people have a specific character dedicated to EKs so that you don't accidentally jump into a campaign with an
  19. We had a lot of fun building up from nothing after the wipe. It's pre-alpha so there will be more wipes, or at least one more anyway. What got me down, I have to be honest, was the rollback. Wipes happen, but the rollback left a bad taste. I'd suggest they manually backup before every patch, but I'm sure they've already come to that conclusion themselves.
  20. Thimble


    My guild comes from a game where the concept was very similar, except that spies were even more of an issue because guilds were character bound instead of account bound like they are here. There is at least one other guild in Crowfall that came over from that game. They spied on us, we spied on them. We had measures in place for intelligence and counterintelligence, and we even had multiple information dump sandboxes set up. What we learned from the whole experience is that you can't stop spies, no matter how much effort you put toward it. You can very easily, however, cause yourself prob
  21. Champions are still tough, but much less than before. Instead of being invincible, now it just takes a lot of damage to overwhelm their damage shields. Also, consider that people are still getting geared up and you may have fought one that has a full advanced set, maybe even uncommon, already.
  22. Soy en los Estados Unidos, pero mi familia están en Cataluña. Buenas!
  23. Thimble


    Can you elaborate on this?
  24. Thanks, Angelmar! We had a ton of fun and we were glad that our contribution to the battle helped. Order was super fast on replanting that tree though, so in the end I don't think we could claim a victory, but we learned a lot and look forward to future fights!
  25. Love all the changes, especially the ones allowing underdogs to catch up in later seasons, or for guilds to focus on gearing up in spring and not being too far behind because of it. As for the question of wiping, don't wipe anything but don't allow the importing of vessels. Vessels are the biggest power gap right now. I'm even for wiping passive skills, but I can see valid reasons not to until soft launch (or at least 6.0). But being able to import vessels immediately means that you can't compete if you aren't in one of the few major guilds. My guild is just starting to get into vessel up
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