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  1. Great to see this from the other side! I hadn't realized it was you who pulled me, that was a great pull! I was totally caught off guard. At the time, I was trying to say that we should form a defense on top of that rock outcropping to the right. But, alas, we just didn't have enough time before you guys hit us. Great job in the fight. We definitely outnumbered you guys, and you still won.
  2. The corridor was adorned with tapestries depicting past battles. Thimble always loved walking through the Hall of Battle. Busts of vessels wielded by heroes of the Citadel dotted the walls as well, each one placed carefully on a pedestal that Stoneborn had shaped and grown out of the walls themselves. Coming to a large set of doors, Thimble pushed them open and entered the chamber beyond. The War Room was large and circular, with several cylindrical tables that were designed to be moved around the room to mimic the configuration of one of the many worlds they visit before the Hunger destroys them. Praelian, Battle Commander of a group that called themselves the Fist of the Empire, was next to one of the tables talking to Vanboozled, one of the Sergeants of the Citadel. As Thimble entered, they turned toward him. “Our forces will stage at the Temple in the Trial of Illara shortly,” Praelian said in his gruff voice, which Thimble noted was both strong and confident. “How many will you be able to bring to support us, Van?” “I’m hoping we can commit two squads to tonight’s siege. Many of our warriors have been busy with other … projects.” If Praelian’s voice was gruff, Vanboozled’s was pure gravel, coarse and grizzled, both broken and strengthened from a tremendous amount of experience leading forces in battle. “Great. Now that Thimble’s here, I’ll tell you about the plan for tonight,” Praelian began. He went on to describe what the Fist’s strategists had come up with. A few minutes later, two squads of Corvus Citadel and 3-4 squads of Fist of the Empire gathered at the Temple in the Trial of Illara, ready to move out. Suddenly, eight warriors bearing black shield crests with green triangles on them appeared. Though Chaos, they had become infamous for their past actions, and both Praelian and Vanboozled knew well to avoid them. Once the order was given to go through the portal to Aerynth, the black shields followed. The Fist broke off and went one way while the warriors of the Citadel went another, and the black shields split up as well, in an attempt to follow. Vanboozled led his two squads in a circular path, twice dodging around outcroppings, and finally one of the scouts reported that there were no more black shields following. The report came in that the Fist had managed to shake their pursuers as well, so the two groups met up in the forest named Wolf’s Cry, just southeast of the Tetuoria Taubaet Keep. Mere moments later, all eight of the black shield warriors showed up; they must have had a scout who was following undetected. Almost immediately following that, a horde of Balance was reported leaving the keep and heading straight toward where the Fist and the Citadel forces were gathered inside the tree line and behind a cliff. The black shields had somehow reported the hidden position to the enemy. There was not even enough time to pivot before the enemy was upon them. A bloody battle ensued, and right at the start the vessel that Thimble was wielding was netted and pulled into the middle of the enemy forces before he even had time to build up enough pyrotechnic energy to immolate. He managed to struggle out of the net just in time for his Elken hooves to carry him to safety - or so he thought. With one final bleat, the vessel succumbed to its wounds, and Thimble found himself in crow form at the nearby portal. It seemed that much of the rest of the force had met a similar fate shortly thereafter, because the order came to return to the Temple and make haste toward the Brookhurst portal. Intelligence came in that the force that had attacked them was Hy'shen Avari and that they had won despite the combined force of Corvus Citadel and Fist of the Empire outnumbering them. Once in Brookhurst, the Sunset Keep was only a short run from the portal they entered through. Because the order was to make best speed, Thimble immediately took off with the few who had gathered around him. His Elken legs carried him faster even than the pack pigs that the other warriors were riding, so he made the objective and met up with the Fist with his brothers in arms trailing behind him. Immediately, the Fist summoned an enormous trebuchet and began firing it at the walls. Before the rest of Corvus Citadel could catch up, though, a huge force of Order came flowing over the walls and out of the gates of the keep like a tidal wave. Thimble and his brothers and sisters fought valiantly alongside their allies, but it was impossible to last long against such an onslaught. Where they outnumbered the enemy by a small margin in the previous battle and still lost, they were now sorely outnumbered and they simply had no chance at all. Praelian gave the order for a tactical disengage, but by that time all of the Corvus warriors who were there had perished. Afterward, back at the Citadel, those who had taken part in the battles gathered in the War Room to discuss and learn from the events that had transpired. The next phase of Thimble’s plans for the White Crow was nearly upon them, and when he reported that to the others they became excited. Changes were coming, and as always Corvus Citadel would continue to work with their allies to defend the Chaos faction. Later, in his chamber within the Citadel, Thimble touched a piece of parchment in his pocket. A note, left on his vessel as it lay on the ground after the second battle, with three words: “Friendship is coming.”
  3. Actually, this play style sounds like a ton of fun. If I wasn't super busy I'd probably try it out. I imagine there will be no shortage of applicants, so successful merc groups will be able to pick the best, especially if they establish a good rep early on and keep it. In that way, staying small would actually be an advantage.
  4. Do you mean like outside of campaigns? I expect that a successful small mercenary group could definitely have assets. They're going to be making money as well as exporting stuff from campaigns just like anyone else. There will also be public marketplaces where they will be able to get anything they want made, I'm sure. So a group with a lot of coin wouldn't necessarily have to have the same level of logistics as a more all-for-one-and-one-for-all big guild would.
  5. I've been thinking about this ever since a small group came to us and wanted to run with Corvus Citadel without actually joining. I think there absolutely is a place in Crowfall for small guilds. Most obviously is the mechanic mentioned early on where a guild could pledge itself to another guild. I'm not sure how that'll actually work, but I look forward to further design discussion. But aside from that, small groups will thrive as sort of mercenaries, hiring their whole group out to help with Dregs or other campaign types. I imagine that if there's a small group that makes a good name for themselves they could probably charge a hefty price, especially if they're very active.
  6. Mysterious link in a post about Trojans with broken English. No thanks.
  7. Did you make this? You should win War Stories hands down. Just awesome.
  8. Alright, I feel like I have to step in here. When SmokinJoker mentions numbers, he's not talking about in one zone; obviously that would be silly because Chaos and Order combined were about 45 people, so the most Balance could have had in the last fight was 55, and it's likely to have been 10 or so less because of random gatherers and spies. Balance has shown regularly that they can field enough to put up a strong defense at two keeps. 100 may be an exaggeration, but I certainly don't think it's more than double the reality. The truth probably lies in between somewhere. That said, props to Balance for being able to do that. Zerging seems to imply lack of individual skill so the group has to rely on numbers; I can tell you from fighting Winterblades and HoA frequently that skill is not in question. No, claiming a side is zerging is just a way of expressing frustration over a numerical disadvantage. If you have more people, bring them. Why tell some of your own guys that they can't come to a siege? That's the only alternative and that's silly. I think the point SmokinJoker is making is that we've seen people jump to the faction that has the numbers. People want to win, and that's the path of least resistance in a lot of cases. But that only makes the winning side even stronger. Most of Order used to be Chaos and both factions have grown since the split so I think if we merged again we'd be equal to Balance, but then we'll just always be zone capped and people will be sitting out in a queue while the fighting is happening and that's just not fun. That leads to sitting in zone hours ahead of time, and honestly I'm glad that time is behind us. At this point, the most fun is when Chaos and Order fight each other and Balance stays out of it. I think many on Order and Chaos would agree with me on that. And that's unfortunate. But when you have a faction that's good because they're skilled and organized, and then you see other groups and individuals join that faction on top of that, it creates a cascade effect. That's, ultimately, the problem. That said, Corvus Citadel will always be Chaos and we've shown that we don't give up. So we'll see you on the battlefield.
  9. A cold wind stirred above the white snow. It swirled and eddied before finding its way to the precipice, coalescing into an invisible wave as it tumbled over the edge. Down it went, leaving the peak in its wake, flowing around trees as it descended. When it reached the bottom, it sped out from the base of the mountain, heading south, losing intensity as it ran into obstacle after obstacle. Finally, nearly depleted in strength, the last tendrils reached out before dying and managed to barely move a banner on the walls of the Sunset Keep. Dark eyes surrounded by fur took notice of the movement, as they took notice of everything in sight. This vessel had revealed to Thimble even the most skilled assassins with its eyes, once thought to be a curse by Gaea, the Earth Mother. Now prized for their eyes above all else, Elken had become the vessel of choice for Thimble when seeking to expose the sin of his enemies to the Flame of Truth. He had wrestled with the White Crow for what seemed an eternity. Finally it had begun to struggle less, tiring from the constant fight against the magical energies harnessed deep within the Corvus Citadel. Soon the Citadel would control its powers completely, strengthening their forces, further solidifying their victory on the battlefield. Already Thimble had been able to siphon some of the power of the White Crow, giving the Sergeants of the Citadel the real time combat intelligence they needed to command successfully. Soon, he would be able to infuse the Citadel’s Artificers, greatly increasing the efficiency of their operations. The present suddenly rushed back to him as Duffy gave the order to move northwest, skirting the mountain on the way to the portal to Calinor. Without hesitation, Thimble leapt from the walls of the Sunset Keep, landing with the agility only an Elken could achieve, immediately transitioning into a sprint. The order was unexpected; the baneful trees hadn’t even spawned. Duffy was taking a risk with this move, but being bold was often necessary when fighting Balance. And, truthfully, Order had in recent weeks shown itself to be quite formidable as well. The Death Alliance leaving the freedom of Chaos for the rigidity of Order made no sense to Thimble, but as adversaries they had earned the respect of the Citadel, and it felt like that respect had been returned in kind. Bounding up the rocks below the portal to Calinor, Thimble caught a brief glimpse of Grimmel as the scout stepped through. Immediately the report reached them that the Free City was clear of enemies, and the order was given to proceed. They waited only seconds on the other side; the army of Corvus Citadel, for that was what it was becoming, had practiced squad movements and had become efficient at force projection. Grimmel had already reported the all clear on the other side of the portal, so when Duffy began giving the order the entire force was through the portal before he could finish. Swiftly they raced as one cohesive unit along the road through Thracia toward Storm Haven Keep. Stilling their breaths while positioned behind a hill near the keep, the forces of Corvus Citadel managed to remain hidden only a hundred yards from the walls. While looking for the flat ground necessary to perform the summoning ritual for the mighty siege engines, Duffy noticed a breach in the wall and quickly consulted the Sergeants to devise an attack plan. Mighty Vanboozled, grizzled veteran of the Citadel, suggested an immediate attack without waiting, to try to take advantage of the boon presented to them. The order was given, and five full squads of warriors streamed into the breach, pivoted left and flowed into the corridor inside the exterior fortifications. Emerging from the ramp at the top into a hail of arrows and seeing their desired avenue cut off by a ruined bridge, Thimble and Duffy, brothers in arms, ran along the top of the wall toward their secondary objective: a bridge, still in tact, to the left of the inner keep. The order was given for a small group to break off at the back to distract the Order defenders as the main force cut down guards left and right. Unfortunately, the enemy was not so easily fooled. When Thimble and Duffy reached the end of the bridge, with their brothers and sisters streaming across behind them, they ran headlong into the bulk of the enemy force. Worse still, Order had the high ground, and with great defensive positioning. Thimble could only assume that Chroma, who had shown his tactical cunning, was leading the defense. In an attempt to avoid total annihilation, a hasty retreat was called. Their numbers cut in half, Thimble and the remaining warriors of Corvus Citadel maintained discipline as they retreated down another ramp, taking shelter inside the fortified walls. That allowed Chroma, or whoever was leading, to order the defenders to advance across the bridge and attack from the top of the ramp, while splitting their force and attacking simultaneously through the courtyard into the chamber below. Performing the incantations and required movements as fast as he could, Thimble summoned tornadoes to toss the enemy left and right, granting a momentary reprieve to the now very small attacking force. That reprieve lasted only a moment, though, for the heavy hitters of the enemy were within their ranks. With a mighty bleat, Thimble charged, using his antlers to knock three of the enemy away. Instinct took over, his movements faster than his mind could even comprehend. He summoned a blast wave, blowing several of the enemy away and lighting them on fire. He then leapt into the enemy, pivoted on his hooves, and immolated an entire group as he teleported back into the chamber. It was a last ditch effort, however, and ultimately proved to be futile. Despite valiant efforts by Thimble and his brothers and sisters, they fell to the overwhelming forces of Order. At Duffy’s command, they flew back as crow spirits, recovered control of their vessels, and formed up on the other side of another hill close to the keep. Once all forces had been accounted for, they began an ordered retreat. Then, suddenly, Duffy received intelligence that the powerful forces of the Winterblades had been spotted near the keep, on the other side. Immediately the Corvus Citadel forces turned and advanced hastily on the nearest baneful tree. Arriving in moments, they found a squad of Order hacking at it with all the effort they could muster, clearly hoping to destroy it before anyone could interrupt them. It didn’t work. Five full squads under the banner of the Citadel quickly overwhelmed the squad attacking the tree, and then the healers began immediately healing it. Before they could bring the tree back to full health, word reached them that the Winterblades had done the same thing at another tree, and that the Death Alliance had retreated back into the inner keep for a last stand. Grimmel, who was able to use the shadows to stay hidden, relayed information as the Winterblades streamed into the keep, killed off any remaining guards that got in their way, and ran straight to the inner keep. He described a quick battle in which the defenders of the lower room were overrun almost immediately, then gave the recommendation Duffy was waiting for: if Corvus Citadel were to attack again, it would be at that moment or never. With a mighty roar, minotaurs and half-giants running in front, Corvus Citadel’s attacking force charged through the breach and straight into the inner keep, behind Balance. They ascended the ramps swiftly and saw an unbelievable sight at the top: the Death Alliance had repelled the Winterblades assault. Hesitating only a moment, Thimble began firing tornadoes at the small groups of Order left in the room with the Tree of Life. He charged with his antlers, blew up the enemy with blast waves, and summoned more tornadoes. Over and over, his pyrotechnics and antler antics forces the enemy off the edge and into the courtyard below. It looked like Corvus Citadel was going to be victorious in the pitched three way battle. Until, of course, the Winterblades streamed in, having regrouped from their earlier defeat. Corvus Citadel was able to hold them off for awhile, but in the end the Winterblades and their vassals were able to destroy the Tree of Life and plant their own Golden Apple. Corvus Citadel’s attack had failed. The Death Alliance, and the rest of Order, had lost their keep, but not to the forces of Chaos. For the first time in the Trial of Illara, the Winterblades controlled two of the three keeps. Still, even though Duffy’s plan was bold, Thimble knew that it was better to have tried and failed than to have not shown up at all. After all, Corvus Citadel had earned a reputation for not backing down from a fight without good reason, and they had proven that again today.
  10. The best feature is Campaigns. This one feature sets Crowfall apart from other similar sandbox territory control games. However, the Crowfall community is the best thing overall about the game. Enemies even have respect for each other, several of our enemies post friendly messages on our Discord almost every day. The smack talking isn't really that toxic, especially compared with other games. Several times I've seen people on opposing factions compliment the guild I'm in, and I've seen lots of positive interactions between individuals as well. A few months ago, when we were finally getting into gear as a group, it was an enemy group that helped us with info and even mats. You almost never see that in other games. Then, later, individual friends we've made on each faction continued to help us. So, while campaigns set Crowfall apart from other games, it's the community that really makes me love it.
  11. News from the front had reached Thimble mere moments ago. He had been busy helping run things at the Citadel and had been unable to help the war effort aside from the occasional flight into the Trial of Kane to quickly craft armor before he had to return. Raising the White Crow had proven to be a more difficult affair than anticipated, but the results would be worth it. As for the news from the front lines, it had been good, to say the least. In the face of overwhelming odds, three small groups of Corvus Citadel forces had managed to secure two keeps from the Winterblades and their vassals through the use of cunning tactics and swift decision making. The Balance faction began the night with three keeps, so their defenders were spread thin. Duffy Swiftshadow, Commander of the forces of Corvus Citadel, gave the order to the small group to assault Umbressa Keep, which was particularly light on defenders. Within minutes, the warriors of the Citadel overran the token defense and were able to destroy the Tree of Life and plant their own. Immediately, the band pivoted and marched at best speed to Rose Knights Grove Keep. The first to arrive were the scouts, and they reported back that the forces of Balance and Order were fighting over one of the Bane Trees outside the keep. Quig, Sergeant of Corvus Citadel, and Dirty, one of several Crowguard involved in the operation, quickly devised a plan while Duffy was commanding from the rear, helping the several recruits in attendance to catch up to the main force. It was a bold plan, and a risky one. Once Duffy and the recruits caught up, the small group of warriors began creeping along the wall of the keep, careful not to draw attention. Twice Grimmel, Corax Councilmember and forward scout, motioned for the force to stop all movement and cover their armor with their cloaks as they waited for a distant enemy scout to pass, hoping beyond hope that the scouts' attentions were always directed outward rather than inward toward the keep. Their luck held, as they were able to enter the keep through the breach without being discovered. Immediately they broke into a run, Quig leading the attackers in a glorious charge, straight to the objective: the Tree of Life. The brave warriors knew that they would only get one chance. Within seconds, Grimmel reported that the Winterblades were on to them. They must have had their own scouts watching the Tree of Life because their entire force turned on a gold piece as one and began streaming back toward the keep. The order was given to the warriors of the Corvus Citadel to throw everything they had at the Tree of Life in an attempt to take it down before they were overwhelmed. They grouped up, packing themselves tightly together, to maximize the effect of the beneficial magics of their clerics and other casters. The Tree of Life was nearly dead when the vanguard of the Winterblades slammed into the small force, but the phalanx held, though not without heavy loss. Zerst called out that he would begin the Resurrection Ritual, to try to save as many Corvus Citadel vessels as he could, to allow them to continue to fight. He was able to bring four of them back to life before he was knocked out of the ritual, more than anyone could have expected. Quig gave the order to blow novas, and one after another of the brave warriors gathered their energy and released it explosively, knocking the Winterblades off of the building. Finally the Tree of Life succumbed to its wounds. Quig and Grimmel, each with one hand on the same golden apple, dropped to their knees simultaneously, smashing the apple into the ground, causing a new Tree of Life to sprout, this one attuned to Chaos. The small band of warriors, half of which were green recruits wearing bits and pieces of hastily made armor, had done the impossible. Corvus Citadel had taken two keeps from the overwhelming forces of the Winterblades and their vassals. Thimble leaned back in his chair, taking two puffs on his pipe, the sun streaming in through a window illuminating the smile on his face.
  12. I actually love the game in the current state. I'm so excited for every patch to come, while at the same time enjoying the game for what it is until then. The patches are coming at a pretty good pace, too - about every 3-4 weeks. There are a couple of big changes coming that I think will dramatically improve things, like the character controller. Population, like srathor said, is usually a few hundred during peak times. It can drop down to only a few dozen at off peak times. During keep sieges, the zone cap of 100 is regularly hit in at least one zone and sometimes more than one, so there are big battles to take part in.
  13. I love my Confessor, but I stopped playing it because of Elementalist. One siege I was in I swear I healed the enemy more than I hurt them. I'm playing a different class until something changes. Confessor just isn't viable right now.
  14. Well I've beaten you wearing greens, so not sure where the elitism comes from. But yeah, we have one piece of legendary, which counts for crafting legendary gear.
  15. Corvus Citadel had a great time last wipe. It was extremely exciting, and when the wipe hit we hit the ground running and had a ton of fun blitzing everything. We've been talking excitedly internally about a wipe for weeks now, we can't wait for it to happen. Like I said, we'd prefer a total skills wipe, and our theory is that it's coming - mainly because it's been long enough now that people are max on crafting. But we're even excited about just a gear wipe, even though we've crafted legendary gear. That journey has been exciting, and we look forward to the next. If you adopt the mindset that a wipe ruins your hard work, then I can't stop you, but I can disagree with you heavily.
  16. Actually it's announced wipes that drive players away. Unannounced wipes keep people playing until the wipe, then create a flurry of excitement just after the wipe. Just look at the last wipe and you'll see. I think we had like 3 hours notice or something, and it was fantastic. Announcing a wipe now would turn the game into a ghost town for the next week, which would cause any new players coming in to think the game is dead and just quit. I want a wipe to happen after this campaign, I even want it to be a full wipe including skills. But I also want to have fun playing the rest of this campaign.
  17. Thimble

    Zone Caps

    The obvious counter to that would be to put idle alts in your enemy faction and seed the zone with them hours before siege. It's already being done, but would be far more effective with a 50%/faction cap.
  18. Thimble

    Zone Caps

    As long as server performance doesn't take a hit, I'm for raising zone caps. I definitely don't want it to go back to the slide show it used to be at the beginning of the year though. I'm curious about your crickets statement. The last few sieges I've been to, Corvus Citadel, at least, has jumped into other zones specifically looking for a fight, not avoiding it. We've even assaulted a keep outnumbered and lost, and @Dirty and I charged 20-30 HoA just to see how long we'd last (and also to delay their force, but let's not focus on that). No, Chaos isn't avoiding fights to avoid fighting, or at least Corvus Citadel isn't. If we ever appear to be avoiding a fight it's because there is tactical value along another path. But back to zone caps - yes, higher caps would be much better, or a reservation system, but any such system would have to be well thought out. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a reservation system that would be fair and not easily abused. Also higher population would help, and would be better for more reasons than just sieges.
  19. The drums of war were beating a steady rhythm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G24_1FbBrbg). Corvus Citadel's warriors had joined forces with several other guilds pledged to defend the freedom of the Chaos faction. The forces of Balance had gained control of all three keeps, forcing all Chaos and Order crafting to be done in the safety of the Eternal Kingdoms. Now it was time to take back what was ours, and more. Thimble had been part of an advanced force into the area, days before the siege. They had set up camp near the magical gate leading to their temple, felling trees and busting slag to prepare for their reinforcements to arrive. Now those allies were appearing, banging hammers and swords on shields, the occasional roar of a champion drowning out all sound around them as they prepared their minds for battle. Finally the order was given. The massive force set out for Drachenfels Keep, the sound of dozens of porcine hooves creating a cacophonous roar. Most of the attacking force immediately began the assault, but Duffy, a member of the Corax Council of the Citadel, had other plans. He ordered the warriors of the Corvus Citadel and their allies Infernal to ride with all haste toward the portal to Hurijot. Once there, they leapt through the portal and made haste toward Storm Haven Keep, in the heart of territory controlled by the Balance faction. As they approached the keep, Duffy gave the order to Infernal to summon the great siege engines crafted in the weeks leading up to the attack. Immediately the towering wooden trebuchets began to coalesce into existence, followed shortly by giant balls of fire being launched at the keep's walls. Over and over the walls were struck, and though they weakened, they stood strong. The defenders manning the walls of the keep summoned their own engines of war in response; ballistae mounted on the walls, and their own trebuchets firing from inside their courtyard. Balls of fire the size of centaurs hurled back and forth, smoke trailing behind them, creating a lattice of streaking shadows on the ground. Thimble saw several of the defenders gathering on top of one of the corner towers of the keep. He used the wings of his vessel to propel him forward, and then began summoning the natural power that permeates all living things and focused that energy into orbs among the defenders. Having mastered the forces of Nature, he was able to see the orbs he summoned while the defenders were ignorant of their imminent demise. Once he was satisfied with the number of orbs, his focus strayed from Life energy to Death. With a smile on his lips, he summoned a Blight field, causing the Life orbs to become corrupted and explode, tearing the defenders' bodies apart. His attention suddenly shifted to the wall. It had seen so much punishment that it was beginning to crumble, bricks slipping off as the ones below them shifted. Another meteor-like fireball slammed into what by then amounted to little more than a pile of broken stones and blew a hole wide open. The wall was breached! The order was given to rush into the breach, no matter the cost. The forces of Corvus Citadel and their allies streamed in, instantly annihilating two of the Ranger guards who were trying desperately to stem the tide that was pouring in. Thimble threw orbs of Life energy in front of him as he ran, healing himself as he stepped through them, and laughed at the remaining guards who were targeting him. Duffy gave the call to charge directly into the room where the ultimate objective lay: the Tree of Life. More and more attackers piled in, and here is where the defenders were making their desperate last stand. Attackers fell, the crow spirits inhabiting them forced to fly back from the portal the better part of a league away. But for every attacking vessel that perished, two or three defenders met their end. Though the crows flying back were weighed down by the shroud of Death, far too many Chaos forces remained for the defenders to handle. The very life force of the Tree of Life was quickly extinguished, and Duffy himself was able to plant a new sapling using a golden apple harvested from the knotwood forest outside of Corvus Citadel. Word reached them of triumph at Drachenfels Keep. The forces of Chaos had done the impossible - they had taken two keeps from the vast and powerful Balance armies, led by the feared forces of the Winterblades. The Corax Council was under no illusion, however; the Winterblades were not a part of the fight at either keep. If they had been, the outcome would likely have been very different. Not for the first time, Thimble silently thanked the sacrifices of the spies who were able to relay the positions of the enemy forces.
  20. It would also be nice if there weren't disciplines which single handedly nullified entire classes. I've stopped playing my confessor, which is the class I normally find most fun, because a couple sieges ago more than half the people I targeted were invulnerable, and many others were actually being healed by my attacks.
  21. The forges within the Corvus Citadel had been a bustle of activity since the Trials had begun. Though Thimble was but a crow, he had mastered the use of hammer and anvil while inhabiting the reanimated corpse of a long dead knight. Long had he toiled in that vessel, sweating from the heat of the flames, his arms covered in soot. The body had required food and drink while working, but the Citadel had provided. Zerst, Master Chef of the Citadel, had been hard at work himself, creating endless amounts of his signature dishes: gerbil cream pies and gerbil juice. He claimed that there was a secret ingredient, but that he would never tell what it was. No matter; the products of his genius had helped Thimble and the other Crafters of the Citadel outfit nearly all of their combatants in armor made from rare ores gathered near the contested Goldenhorn ore fields. All of that was about to change. The Trial of Valkyn, the All-Father, had begun. The forge still needed tending from time to time, but Thimble had several very eager apprentices who were now skilled enough to take on most of the work. Now Thimble would be able to spend more time in the Trial, to compete to earn tribute with He Who Sits Upon The Dragon Throne, Valkyn the Ancient. He would burn, tear apart, and shred the reanimated bodies inhabited by the crows of Balance, and he would help lead the forces of Corvus Citadel and the rest of Chaos to victory. That was his promise, to himself and to his Brothers and Sisters of the Citadel.
  22. Good fight last night, Winterblades! You guys are geared to the teeth, and tough to take down. I thought we did pretty well considering we're casual compared to the other big guilds. In the video I was pleased to see our guys pretty much always (with the exception of stealthers, of course) fighting in groups. It's awesome to see things from the other perspective. I, and the rest of Corvus Citadel, look forward to meeting you on the battlefield again!
  23. I love the seasons cycle. It's true that winter used to be low pop, but after the changes to points there's been a lot more pvp during winter, even in the middle of the night. The campaigns we're playing are just for bragging rights at the moment, imagine how much more important winning a campaign will be once there are real rewards, and how many more people will put in the effort during winter. I imagine that, in the end, the population will start and end high and will slump a little bit during summer and fall, but not a huge amount. The seasons cycle is also a way of preventing stagnation. In other sandbox MMOs, you gather hard all the time because that's what you have to do to compete. In Crowfall, because of the seasons more than anything else, gathering is heavier at one point than others, PvP is heavier at one point than others, and crafting activity also goes up and down. Things are always changing as part of the cycle and that prevents burnout.
  24. Hey GuruTheFallen, welcome to Crowfall! Advanced gear has to be crafted at tables that don't exist in the temple area, you'll have to go to a fort or keep out in the wild or connect to an Eternal Kingdom. Forts and keeps are vulnerable to PvP, so many Crafters prefer to go to Eternal Kingdoms. Corvus Citadel does their best to keep theirs up at all times, and it's open to the public as a safe place for anyone to craft, so you're welcome to connect any time. I always recommend that people have a specific character dedicated to EKs so that you don't accidentally jump into a campaign with an inventory full of resources because going into and out of campaigns wipes your inventory. EK searches are case sensitive, so make sure you use a capital C when searching for our EK. In your temple there will be three portals that lead to different areas out in the wild. Higher resources can be found there, but beware that you'll be vulnerable to PvP at all times when out there. Once you get to the mid-20s it gets tough to find mobs that still give you experience; you'll have to find rank 8+. You can always sacrifice gold or manufactured items for the last few levels, which is what most people end up doing, unless they have a specific leveling group set up. To sacrifice items for exp, go to the fire pit in the middle of the temple or in any EK and activate it. Both kills and captures factor into guild and personal points, but the points at the top of the screen that you see are 100% capture points. Every so often, I think it's 15 minutes but the timer will be visible at the top, every faction gets points for everything they currently hold. Bonus points build up on everything as well, and when captured the victor gets those bonus points, so there is frequent action. Keeps are the ultimate in points, but I don't think a keep has changed hands in the last couple campaigns despite heavy fighting over them. Also, each season the points accrue faster than the last, so winter is when the points come in fastest. Corvus Citadel is one of the fastest growing Chaos guilds. We're casual friendly, but we participate in every aspect of the game and are consistently one of the highest scoring guilds in our faction. We're the type of gamers who would rather win the objective than worry about K/D ratios, and we're very active. Our Discord server is https://discord.gg/XHpxvT4, feel free to connect any time and hang out - we usually try to hang out in the public channels unless in a siege or something. Thimble Corvus Citadel
  25. We had a lot of fun building up from nothing after the wipe. It's pre-alpha so there will be more wipes, or at least one more anyway. What got me down, I have to be honest, was the rollback. Wipes happen, but the rollback left a bad taste. I'd suggest they manually backup before every patch, but I'm sure they've already come to that conclusion themselves.
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