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  1. looks very good though
  2. Ok thank you all .. Still a cool idea tho
  3. I heard there was a archetype called slayer coming ? And will a human be able to become one or is it race locked to another or undecided ?
  4. [Obsidian] Crowfall Stealth Operations

    Sounds like my type of guild <evil laugh> signing up now
  5. Not wanting divisions within the community

    So what estimate U guys think ? Late 2015? For beta or 2016 release ?
  6. 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview

    I really hope the customization is diverse , and we all not running around looking the same. It looks epic so far this cud change the genre if done correctly! Imagine dungeons with pvp and treasure and lore (game of thrones indeed)
  7. Sorry