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    The Malazan Book of The Fallen, metal, videogames, computers.
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  1. Hello! I am AnoobiDC, from Italy. Following Crowfall since its announcement, but bought the 50$ pack only yesterday and I tried the test for a couple of hours. I love mmo's but I hate all the grinding toward the endgame. I love moba's (more than 2k hours in Dota2 only) but I hate that the matches last less than 1 hour and everytime you start from scratch, without an overarching strategy that joins various matches . I love sandbox/survival games (played a lot of Ark) but I hate that experienced players cut out new players from resources and the fact that servers host less than 100 people. The concept of realms that last only some months is intriguing, it resolves the problem of harcore players creating an oligarchy. I was among the testers of a similar game, The Exiled (I was a translator for italian), which was a moba/mmo with servers self destructing every some months, but it sadly failed :-( I really hope this will turn out to be good AND succesful. I also hope to meet people that really like to cooperate, since I feel recent mmo's play like single player games with strangers running around in the same instance, especially all those theme park mmo's with story and voice acting (ESO, I am looking at you) where you can do everything by yourself and it's honestly depressing to see people "playing alone" in multiplayer games. Cheers to ya'll.
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