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  1. What was your favorite stealth moment (in any game)? Dark Ages of Camelot - stealthing along the edge of the world in Midgard on a dark stormy night to get into a hostile enemy realm - to sneak into enemy camps, stir the pot and then be chased by at least 2 dozen players. Yells and announcements - "A hostile rogue is in our homebase!! Find him!!" The excitement of invading enemy territory and places where other classes dare not venture - was certainly one of the most palpable stealthing experiences in DAOC What are you hopes for stealth and stealth-enabled archetypes in Crowfall? Hoping that Crowfall will preserve the same kind of excitement for stealth, not just an element of surprise, but a palpable, meaningful experience - where stealth can be used not just for combat but for world interaction - getting places where others cant go without stealth. Perhaps tactical reasons on a larger scale to tip the balance of an event. What are your concerns for stealth/assassins in Crowfall? Have not had a chance to explore the current possibilities yet - the current duelist mechanics seem to be very enticing however. The burrow ability is a unique way to present stealth. It seems like a concern here would be, again, the gank squads of a dozen Duelists roaming around... tsk... tsk.. tsk..
  2. Cooking some chicken.

  3. Hello peeps... just jumped on the bandwagon, waiting to hop in. Im looking forward to this one and can't wait to see how it's different from others. Playing MMORPGS for over 15 years: EQ1 Asheron's Call1 Shadowbane Dark Ages of Camelot ^^^ Are my favorites. Out of the new ages ones, nothing really grew on me as the old school ones. ESO seems interesting but it did not stick on me Most current ones are too much about the grind and $ grubing. Cheers
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