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  1. Mobile/Web Support for skill tree.

    yup thought it was 12 mil before the crow marathon... In that case ya... kinds of a guess to see if they can float with just that much income.
  2. Mobile/Web Support for skill tree.

    I mean... it's been little under a month and they made half a million dollars just through in shop purchases. This amount will only increase the more people hear about the game. And thats with like 70% of shop items not actually being in game. I honestly think with their small team they could survive to launch no problems with just the shop. And once they do launch they should get a solid chunk of change that should last them a year or two.
  3. Mobile/Web Support for skill tree.

    There will be a web app designed by ACE exclusively for VIP. That said you can set up a remote systems through your phone that allows you to control your computer. I have personally tested this by the way. And it currently is now possible to train skills from your phone using this method. The only downside is your computer must be powered up in order for you to remote into it. So long as ACE does not stop it. I could very much see someone developing a freeware version of a Skill Training App. Just like someone did with World of Warcraft Garrison missions.
  4. First Impressions and Player Feedback

    Just so ya know. It is pre-alpha. and most items and systems have yet to be added. The crafting and harvesting side of the game is and has always been on the backburner of development. Realistically only about 5% of the systems are actually in place in regards to harvesting and crafting. Systems like farming, factories, caravans, hunting, husbandry, and much more have yet to be touched yet. So the future holds drastically different crafting and harvesting :3
  5. Fun Keeps and Forts.

    Outside of moving a bubble at the top of your screen slightly in a direction... Forts really don't do that much to be brutally honest. Therefore I'd like to put in a suggestion to make forts a bit more... Fun. Spawned Items Each Keep and Fort will have a random spawned in item that is more for fun then actual practicality. Overcharged Speed boots - Increases movement speed by 100% for 15s. (70% they just set you on fire) Consumed on use. Ragged Glider - Allows the player to glide. Consumed on use. Firework - it is just a firework. All of these will have a 10min decay rate as well. So you have to use them within those 10 mins or they go poof. Vehicles Each Keep has a chance to spawn in a vehicle. That goes poof after 15 mins. These have no combat abilities what so ever. Just move at 30% faster then normal movement speed. I know that it is Pre-Alpha and you guys are working more on the core. But I just feel the game at the moment... Simply has no fun factors. Its harvest to create tools, to allow you to harvest at a more efficient rate. Just some food for thought for the future.
  6. I think a lack of purpose and objectives is really hampering balance in combat.
  7. 1) it was a snap test... so there was a 90% chance all gear would be lost unless banked the same night. 2) we got close to an hours worth of notifications :3 3) When I doubt. just bank the good stuff :3
  8. Some bugs happening with jumps on confessor. Random Fire splash effects, lightning effects, and duelist tunnel. All jump by jumping on my confessor. Also I don't suppose it would be possible to make mile high invisible walls around beach heads?
  9. faction choice bug is back. Chose balance for a faction. Got Chaos for a faction
  10. Looks good. Here's hoping you get good neighbors though.
  11. Tooltips on confessor are a bit inaccurate. For example 1-1 have a cost of like 5% each. But the tooltip says its a 50-70 Cost.
  12. I mean Beach heads are meant to be unable to get into. That way rookies don't get gang banged by like a 15 man raid But I do wish there was more of an award to keeping forts. As well as much shorter timers. To be brutally honest I would be very happy if timers were even as low as five minutes. Pretty much forcing factions to dedicate guards to it less a random hamster caps it. @jtoddcoleman I know you kind of made rumor to this being a change. I really hope you guys do go through with it. That way giant zergs of 30-40 people don't just overwhelm the map with superior numbers without worry of back caps due to the 30min timer. I also hope we'll soon see a reward to CWs and an actual CW soon. With most placeholders and systems Being implemented we might see a real CW by the end of the month .
  13. A cleaner UI

    Honestly I think the big 3 would be. Remove buff visibility... really not needed. Remove Friendly HP bars... give option to put them back up. Remove status effect text... The giant INVULNERABLE STUNNED or SUPPRESSED.
  14. A cleaner UI

    It would be nice if we could optionally clean the screen of text and other ui. The red boxes are UI + Buffs Its taking up a large portion of the screen. But add in text and large groups... And it quickly starts to take over. There are worse examples than this. You would never guess there is roughly 20 people in that 2nd picture. Thats how much the UI is covering up. So my suggestion would be the following Move up the Map radar to the edge of the screen and condense + move the campaign scale directly underneath it. Option to Remove the durability UI Option to remove the Bottom HP + Resource bars. Doing so will move the skill ui to it's place. Move the buffs to the bottom or top right corner of the screen. Option to hide chat while im combat. Option to remove Friendly Buffs Condense Party member UI Option to remove party buffs. Option to condense Personal buffs to Icons only Option to remove server information. All of which would turn into but significantly clearer and cleaner of course.