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  1. yup thought it was 12 mil before the crow marathon... In that case ya... kinds of a guess to see if they can float with just that much income.
  2. I mean... it's been little under a month and they made half a million dollars just through in shop purchases. This amount will only increase the more people hear about the game. And thats with like 70% of shop items not actually being in game. I honestly think with their small team they could survive to launch no problems with just the shop. And once they do launch they should get a solid chunk of change that should last them a year or two.
  3. There will be a web app designed by ACE exclusively for VIP. That said you can set up a remote systems through your phone that allows you to control your computer. I have personally tested this by the way. And it currently is now possible to train skills from your phone using this method. The only downside is your computer must be powered up in order for you to remote into it. So long as ACE does not stop it. I could very much see someone developing a freeware version of a Skill Training App. Just like someone did with World of Warcraft Garrison missions.
  4. Just so ya know. It is pre-alpha. and most items and systems have yet to be added. The crafting and harvesting side of the game is and has always been on the backburner of development. Realistically only about 5% of the systems are actually in place in regards to harvesting and crafting. Systems like farming, factories, caravans, hunting, husbandry, and much more have yet to be touched yet. So the future holds drastically different crafting and harvesting :3
  5. Outside of moving a bubble at the top of your screen slightly in a direction... Forts really don't do that much to be brutally honest. Therefore I'd like to put in a suggestion to make forts a bit more... Fun. Spawned Items Each Keep and Fort will have a random spawned in item that is more for fun then actual practicality. Overcharged Speed boots - Increases movement speed by 100% for 15s. (70% they just set you on fire) Consumed on use. Ragged Glider - Allows the player to glide. Consumed on use. Firework - it is just a firework. All of these will have a 10min decay rate as well. So you have to use them within those 10 mins or they go poof. Vehicles Each Keep has a chance to spawn in a vehicle. That goes poof after 15 mins. These have no combat abilities what so ever. Just move at 30% faster then normal movement speed. I know that it is Pre-Alpha and you guys are working more on the core. But I just feel the game at the moment... Simply has no fun factors. Its harvest to create tools, to allow you to harvest at a more efficient rate. Just some food for thought for the future.
  6. Looks good. Here's hoping you get good neighbors though.
  7. Honestly I think the big 3 would be. Remove buff visibility... really not needed. Remove Friendly HP bars... give option to put them back up. Remove status effect text... The giant INVULNERABLE STUNNED or SUPPRESSED.
  8. It would be nice if we could optionally clean the screen of text and other ui. The red boxes are UI + Buffs Its taking up a large portion of the screen. But add in text and large groups... And it quickly starts to take over. There are worse examples than this. You would never guess there is roughly 20 people in that 2nd picture. Thats how much the UI is covering up. So my suggestion would be the following Move up the Map radar to the edge of the screen and condense + move the campaign scale directly underneath it. Option to Remove the durability UI Option to remove the Bottom HP + Resource bars. Doing so will move the skill ui to it's place. Move the buffs to the bottom or top right corner of the screen. Option to hide chat while im combat. Option to remove Friendly Buffs Condense Party member UI Option to remove party buffs. Option to condense Personal buffs to Icons only Option to remove server information. All of which would turn into but significantly clearer and cleaner of course.
  9. oh no? Your opponents with "P2W" now have 10 more ap then you do... which means instead of hitting you for 150 dmg... they now deal... 153 OH MY GOD pay to win. I mean we got people who are practically a year behind people in terms of skill training, and they are still competitive. I mean put 2 fresh accounts with good players against an trained account with a good player... And the 2 will always beat the 1. heck its very reasonable and possible for a fresh to beat a maxed out account, especially if the maxed out account is in the hands of a potato.
  10. FPS got blocked out but it floated around 20-25 for the first fight and 15-25 the 2nd. Also root bug at 17:00 only happens if your rooted mid dodge
  11. With 5.3 coming around the corner and the live and test servers now having to different skill systems for players. Would it be possible to just turn all training from multiple days to just single days. That way we can train to final nodes By no means make this a permanent thing. Just until 5.3 hits and exclusively on the test servers. Feel it would give you a large amount of the player base to encounter skill training bugs that would of gone unnoticed due to long training times. Won't be upset either way. Will still play and test. But just think dramatically lower skill training time for a limited time on a limited server would prove to be beneficial to the testing environment.
  12. I mean... not to be that guy. But it's just pixels? I mean I killed anhrez and couple others took entire inventories of mats and deleted it all. And you don't see him or anyone else really complaining about it in forums.
  13. Ya. If they had the models and animations they could easily add in mounts. And with existing models and animations they could easily add in taming too. Pretty much they would need an ability that swaps out the friendly list from other animals to yourself and teammates. I mean we know a friendly list already exist otherwise animals would kill each other. Then when its friendly with you just have it always move towards you or a position next to you. And finally when a button is pushed it then moves toward your enemy and attacks. That said both systems and the current AI state... The system would be clunky, buggy, just overall a trainwreck of a mess. So it'll probably sit on the backburner until they can dedicate some time into making it look and feel nice.
  14. Balance changes can't be to dynamic of a change. Number values and lists are super easy to change when balancing but changing the mechanics is a bit time consuming which usually won't happen. NP being a rarity. We also have to account for multiple people using it at once. Sure we can limit it to friendlies only.. which would be a solid stop to its insane 1v1 power. But in group play that just means 2 people have to pick up SB. which people were already doing to mitigate the downtime window. A feature I think would be awesome would be for SB to be like champs second wind, where you have to not get hit for 4 second before the heal is applied and if you do get hit while healing the effect wears off. But again that's a mechanical fix and not likely to happen. I think the easiest band-aid would them to change the % amount healed. instead of 5% every second. maybe 2% to balance out the 75% hp boost. Visibility would be nice. But don't think it would help where pulls are not really working :P.
  15. Its not so much that Standard Bearer is crazy strong... which with the hp boost it is a bit abnormally strong. Its that it's extremely powerful when combo'd with a bunch of damage mitigations from Rune casters + passives. Another problem is very few people actually want to run execute builds anymore because it makes them super squishy. A buffed up Ranger, Fessor, and Templar with execute builds can actually burst out low hp targets if people are have defensive buffs down. I mean Templars with slag weapons can hit back to back 2k executes... and nothing really survives that... Until it gets block by 70% by defensive buffs. Then that 2k hit turns into 600 dmg which up against the 250-500 hp per second(depends on class) banner gives. Makes it very hard to bring targets down especially if you add in healers. That said once hp pools revert that 250-500 hp heal is gonna be 100-150 which wont really be that super stronk.
  16. Eventually there will be systems that involve burning stuff for benefits. Plus come real CWs I doubt I'll be the only one throwing gear to the void. I mean If banking was a easy to do thing then it would be fine. But in some CWs there won't really be banking outside of imports / exports. So some people might stumble upon and kill a resource pig, (hamster running supply to teammates) and if its not possible to bring it back home, would very likely just burn it. Better nobody has it then enemies have it kind of thing.
  17. Is that a random jack on your team... No fair I wants a dev team mate too lol That said no bear? Thought it got buffed.
  18. Neat. I know alot of people are going to say "PEH! you only did that because of broken builds, bugs, and better gear" I mean. I don't get of pointing out if people have good builds or good gear. Not like they can't do the same really. And you can't really control bugs. That said I think you played a solid game. Played around your cooldowns, when things got hairy you moved to a new position. I mean they realistically could of annihilated you if they had the proper gear and build. I mean... get you low, then have the templar in a execute build, blow you up with NA being put on them. I mean you can mitigate like crazy but a templar hitting back to back 2k executes will burst you down
  19. had more stuff i deleted but just wanted to make a quick vid answer
  20. Its a news update guys jk Love ya doggett.
  21. So Hopefully I don't come off as a jerk. But I'll try to respond honestly. First, your background. That said nothing bad you've been doing video game journalism for roughly 5 years. That said, it seems you're completely ignoring some of the nuances of journalism. Feel this could of very easily of been sent in directly to Ace itself. But instead your making it a public spectacle. I don't know seems more of like you just wanted to promote yourself then actually get answers to your questions. That said I'll try to answer your questions from what knowledge I have. I do not speak for ACE in any way what so ever other then being a player. That said I have been working with the video game industry since 2008. 1) I would assume they will provide a stable but new gaming environment that both sets of players can play. Casual players will no doubt enjoy the Economic side of the game, while hardcore players will likely enjoy the highly competitive side of Point of interest on maps and controlling premium but limited resources. That said the game is more geared to competitive players. 2) As is, yes. They can all be easily overseen as they are all tiny improvements. But it is funny how these tiny improvements add up into major advantages. Such as reducing the time you are stunned by 2s, to being able to obtain higher quality materials from resource that are out of reach for those who neglect training for it. All skill training is specialized therefore putting a large reliance of working with other players in the game. 3 + 4) Maybe. As is they are more invested in getting the game on stable legs. But if they follow their previous examples they might hire on multiple teams dedicated to keeping the game interesting. For example a Dynamic Event team: in charge of creating and running new and interesting events that engage the players. Cosmetic teams: In charge of creating interesting cosmetic items. And other teams for other things. As for Rewards for Campaigns, those that win will be rewarded in being able to bringing treasured items they obtained in that campaign out of it with them while losers lose possibly everything. These range from Large buildings, to Legendary crafted items, to even map pieces. 5) Were-creatures have been talked about. But likely will not be added until after the launch the game. 6) This is really up to them... But personally if I were them Nothing. There is a great deal of tools that people can use to mitigate problems in regards to stream snipers. While this is obviously poor sportsmanship on the part of the one viewing the stream, it is not a violation of any current policies. In fact, they really cannot enforce any 'fair play' policies if a user chooses to provide their opponent an advantage. It is not the developers fault in any way that you as a player are broadcasting that information to the world. Its the equivalent of playing poker and every time you get dealt a hand you show the table. I mean even if it was considered a violation, it'd be near impossible to micro-manage every stream to ensure that no players were both watching it and using it to their advantage. I mean it will be the full intent of the ACE team to ensure a fair and fun experience with their policies. But the act of providing a window into your game for your opponent to see is not considered a violation should they choose to use it to their advantage. Again, it would be like you were playing poker, bet a hundred dollars and told your opponent "I'm bluffing, I have no hand at all... Hear look" and showed them your hand. I mean why is it their fault if they crush you because your telling them that information?
  22. Heard through the vine that Claim cooldowns might be tuned down a bit. From 30mins to maybe 15mins. Don't suppose this is going to happen soonish?
  23. Human one is outdated. https://clips.twitch.tv/CooperativeHilariousChickpeaMcaT
  24. But the real question is did you give todd a ride home. After all He trusts you
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