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  1. Same discussion over and over. I wonder if the devs actually give a rats S about it... We talk a lot about the problems on the system. But 90% of the problem is the community. Players don't wanna work for anything. They want the big guilds with the strongest people to help them level and farm. Yesterday 3 people joined my small guild. One left in a few minutes because he is against Discord. The other 2 left today. Don't know why since I was not online. Probably they were expecting help from others and got disappointed. Anyway, I'm done complaining about the system when players from this generation can't work for anything. It's always like 'hey guys, someone help me level', 'what class is the best', 'what skills should I level', etc. RIP RPG.
  2. Thanks, bro! Just logged to see this huge update... and took off in less than 10 minutes. Old Live used to be smooth. Old Test not so much. But this current version is worse than both. I don't understand what they're doing anymore. Like I was saying in game, they just don't fix the small things. The UI is still terrible. Inventory and character page should be separate and not take half the screen space. In the old Live at least just moving after looting would close those tabs, now we get stuck again. Anyway, won't keep going to keep your discussion on subject. I'll just wait for the next update to check it again.
  3. I haven't played for more than a month after the big load of disappointments Crowfall gifted me. Funny to see the exact same discussion going on. Makes me think if the game will ever be good enough. So many updates and yet the problems are still the same. And they talk about Beta. Oh, boy! Anyway, give a check on the post I wrote after a total disaster experience on Dregs. Check the fanboys comments, the 'I got here first so you shut up' ones. I think devs just care about those guys, not the incoming audience. I had a lot of hopes for this game, but now I don't even want to play. Gonna be coming back from time to time to see if miracles can happen though...
  4. Sent you an invite. Sorry about the delay, I was out for a while.
  5. Did you notice this is an unreleased game? Which is in Alpha Test? Live server is a more stable version, way better to play, but not in the same version of Test server. Go to Test and you'll see more people. We're testers. We're supposed to test the game, not play it like it was ready for launch
  6. 1. How it is? It's Alpha Test. All can change. That's why we discuss. As of now, nothing 'is how it is'. 2. Already talked about the 'multiple instances of the same guild' before. 3. Exactly what I'm doing. Same thing we talked already. First 'hey established guilds that have been in crowfall or previous games for years, you need to break up so I can compete' you talk like I started playing yesterday. Just because you or guild plays CF for more time it doesn't mean you have more experience or deserve more attention. Like I said before, my 1st guild was on Ultima Online in 1998. But that's not the point here. We already discussed the point. You said 'No way they all have 10-20 people on all the time' - wrong, maybe you got lucky, cause I got recked a few times and by about 20 players of the same guild. 'If you can't figure it out, that's on you. Work with what is available. I don't want to work with what is available and that's why I don't bother trying to "win" a hot mess alpha.' I will said AGAIN: I don't mind getting killed, losing, etc. If there's balance on the fight. And to wrap it up: I already figured it out, that's why I started this thread. You check the forum and you see all the small guilds with no interested on them and big ones with players lining up to join. There's no limit. A single guild can have 500 members. And it will happens some day. And I won't agree with that. Infected was active on Test for what, 2 days? And people could just switch faction how many times they want, which doesn't make any sense. Then they removed it and put Dregs back. So don't blame the players, please. It's just not right. Also, again, this is alpha test. We can demand changes and we will probably see a lot of them yet before release. Don't act like you're playing a finished game. Good for you. I didn't have that kind of luck. And I saw more people quitting dregs because of it. And that's why I came to the forums to talk about it.
  7. Exactly. I brought the issue here to talk about it and maybe find a solution. But there will always be people who won't bring anything useful to the table just because they like things the way they are. We're all testers. We all want a great game. We won't get there with personal offenses or pseudo-entitled opinions.
  8. Uh, it actually does. Depending on the reaction it can change everything. But this is off-topic. Even quite straight MMOs games have balanced PVP models. We can't forget the classic modes as in WoW, SWTOR, DCUO, GW2 where teams at the same size go to a battleground or arena and fight each other. But yeah, I know it's not the same thing as an open map GvG with domination aspects. I understand that. I used to play Ultima Online back in 1998 and loved the free PK thing. I had a guild and we put the hell on other players. It was awesome. But I grew up. Like I said a few times already it's not fun for me fighting someone who doesn't stand a chance. You guys are reacting as I was saying we should totally change the game and make everything different. When all I'm saying is to establish a more reasonable limit for players in a guild, and make possible to have more guilds with more fighting chance, and make the campaign more balanced and challenging for EVERYONE. It's that simple, bro. We were having fun just capturing posts and killing some mobs for the cards. But it came to a point we got so disgruntled of being killed by the same army all the time we just started to steal their outposts. That's was actually cool. But I want more for my guild. They deserve more. And to other guy who likes to keep his childish offenses, I have nothing to say. People like him don't get my time. Just a block.
  9. Thought you were the 'sarcasm' dude... I read everything everyone posts here. And I made my point. Just read my last comment again. Bye.
  10. My play style is battle in fair numbers, like a said a thousand times. Don't like to be on the weak side of a 100v10 and also don't like to be on the winning side of the same 100v10. I said that already, but anyway... As for the 'not the first newbie to come around here wanting to change the game to be more solo/small-guild friendly', not sure you know, but this is a game in its test phase. Many will come and many will say what they think about the game, like it or not, noob or pro. Get used to or don't play a TEST server. What eSport or arena competition put teams with different sizes? Haven't seen any. I made my point. You're obviously free to disagree. I won't keep repeating myself. Some old players are here saying they don't want it to be different towards being more competitive to new players? Shocker! But hey, maybe we should all quit our guilds and make only one really huge guild so we all could win all the time and no one else would stand a chance, eh? Since winning is all that matters... smh I'm done. My feedback will remain the same. Hopefully the devs will understand.
  11. Yeah, ignore all the points on a serious discussion to make a comment that brings nothing to the table. Right on!
  12. Well, I play MMOs for more than 2 decades and I always rather have a fair fight. I don't get fun squashing enemies that can't harm me. Those eSports you talk are based on that principle. All those teams are at least good enough. Or do you think a noob team would face a pro on a competition? They won't even get there. You're talking about different things. Gear grind, practice time, skill development has nothing to do with the subject here. Then why bothering creating a competition environment like Dregs? Just make a full PK open map and that's it. And leave the competition for the ones who actually value competition.
  13. Thanks. Yeah, but they should start caring about new players. They offer a refund option, so they're bringing people in and letting them go away extremely disappointed. Not the best strategy in my opinion. You can see a good amount of people talking about the game in a not so kind way. And I like to create my guilds, so I had to test it since is something I do in every game I play. Let's just hope they will work on this soon.
  14. It's amazing how you, old players, keep blaming the small guilds and new players of being too weak, or incapable of getting organized, or whatever else. You just ignore the very basic fact: old and big guilds have more people now because they had enough time to play and gather many allies, friends, or whatever else you may call. Now they are big. Now they will keep getting most players, because like said before, most players don't want to be in a new small guild. And that's the very reason they need to stop growing even more and becoming simply impossible to fight against. Limit guilds. Get all guilds strong. And we'll see who's actually strong. Sure, some guilds, even crowded, will be weak. But at least the numbers will be fair. Also, this is a TEST isn't it? We tested the way it is right now. So why not testing another system (which is not even a system, just changing max numbers) and after that decide which one is better, which one is more competitive and brings more action to the game? This is TEST, folks. Not an unchanging version of the game.
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