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  1. I respond to changes in information and constructive criticism, perhaps as a regular forum user the information from the ks remains ever fresh in your mind but frankly I backed this years ago in KS and havent exactly refreshed my memory on it often since as I waited for it to be more mature, and frankly im busy, the goal of my post was not disparage the game but ensure its success by exposing for considering an angle that those currently attached to it are likely to "close" to see, my initial suggestion was merely the most obvious solution to an issue I perceived, there are vast array of ways to approach such issues, given time finding one that both matches the principles of the game as you see it and broadly satisfies addressing the issue should be possible, the post stated the issue freshest on my mind having now put some hours into playing the game as a new player, ie the kind of thing a new player with no prior history with the game would most notice. Personally being a former student for longer then most and frankly a former computer bum due to coming out of college at a bad time for recruiting I have somewhere between 50,000-100,000 hours of gaming experience (not all in mmos, probably about 40% in mmos), and then I taught myself various fields of game design and now work as an independent game developer mostly contracting to other studios but hey, so I dont have nearly as much time to play in recent years but I still try to keep myself abreast of most major and the odd minor but more interesting titles, still you'd be hard pressed to find many individuals with my experience game wise, more heads do not always make for a better view, as most game developers simply havent played games enough to spot potential problems that arise long term, nor most enthuastic mmo gamers for that matter. Based on the replies on this post I see that some of the issues I've seen stem from the unique design, so adjusted my focus accordingly, dogedly sticking to the same viewpoint despite fresh evidence to the contrary is not my style so i freel free to adjust the general tone as appopriate, it doesnt mean theres not an issue of some kind awaiting the proper address, even if in the end the true issue is that the game fails to explain its unique approach adequately to new players as a matter of course, leading to misleading un-realised expectations, that's still an issue in and of itself, i only discovered the whole "vessels" thing from a random comment someone made in game afterall.
  2. The average player will not be interested in actually doing everything themselves, however I do not think it unreasonable to expect that's one purchase price for a MMORPG game should entitle one to experience the majority of that games content within reason (such as 1 char of each race(not both m and f you have to choose), at least 1 of each major class type)) without having to engage in extrodinary measures (as in sacrificing a viable character build you've invested time and effort in just to try another class) , the great grand-daddy for many such mmos, Ultima Online, also encouraged specialised crafting classes, but it provided a total of 7 possible major skills, allowing a wide variety of variation, and allowing ones "crafting character's" to cover a wider variety of content, it also allowed for more variations in combat, the problem I foresee is perhaps by classifying different skills into different "grades" you severely limit ones ability to choose playstyle, there is the old addage jack of all trades master of none, it seems its one or nothing in the current design, they at least get to dabble in the various experiences, atm, the purchase price of the game entitles one to what I consider to small a sliver of the content before it requires you to doll out more. Whatever the intended design this is the impression the game gives to a "new player", and as new players are vital to the longevity of mmos and the enjoyment of existing users from a healthy playerbase as well, I humbly suggest more be done to address such concerns, or risk affecting the future viability when its become to late to change it, whilst the title of the post aside im not suggesting that is the only solution to the problem, but if I a backer who plumped hundreds of USD (i got a large keep to) as a new player spot this as an obvious issue I doubt random player x will be awfully enthused about the game once they work it out also, and that's a problem in and of itself worth of at least trying to address.
  3. It wasn't intended in the sense of calling the dev's "douches" merely in the affectation of the more general sense that the system is likely to elicit some expletives from new players now and in the distant future, and no decent design plan makes it to release without adjustments, theorycrafted systems often require adjustment to real world conditions, its easy to sit there and theorycraft a design in isolation that seems to work well in theory, but much like no battleplan survives 1st contact with the enemy, few if any game design documents escape unscathed from actual gameplay testing, nor is a system detailed in kickstarter sacrosanct and unassailable to improvement, perhaps in reply you'd like to address the issues outlined with regards to the crafting system and economy in the long run, and how you think this system could lead to something otherwise it seems your only counter argument is that's what was intended, this does not absolve it from the possibility of improvement before obvious problems develop, i doubt the majority of backers most of which wont touch the game or the forums for that matter till after release care much for the original design of intended systems but rather more the overall engagement, entertainment and longevity of the game post-release, indeed the whole point of testing is to identify and address issues.
  4. Ok so i played enough now to get a handle on how it works, and yeah got a bit of a concern, your limiting folks to 6 character slots, and atm your making us choose between a char good at combat or good at crafting, well that sucks comes to mind, each char should have 2 combat major discipline slots and 2 crafting major discipline slots, not just 2 slots to share between both, it means those chars I spent my time lvling and turning into crafters are now nothing but pretty lawn ornaments if I ever want to use them for anything but crafting, thanks.... yeah bad design, if you had unlimited char slots then sure make people split em if you want frankly even then you shouldnt but hey its bypassable, but limited char slots dont be douches, you shouldnt have to sacrifice multiple char slots to crafting and make the characters have a disadvantage vs those who became combat only, this seriously discourages the average player from engaging in the crafting system, which is a bad thing, a tiny number of crafters and few gatherers will end up with a horrid economy of high priced crud that only a few big guilds will be able to afford as a matter of course forcing everyone else to be equipped with lousy gear all the time, and no one likes dying cos their gear sucks cos they cant do crafting cos the game itself doesn't allow you to do so alongside combat in the 1st place. Frankly your whole system is in need of changing, neither minor explore or major combat disciplines should overlap with crafting, and visa versa, you shouldnt have to sacrifice your ability to craft to fight or visa versa or frankly gather to craft etc also, given your extremely limited char slots , if this stays as is its heading for a bad road come release.
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