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  1. In a pick that has only 2 sets of rolls there's not much accomplishment. I've already rolled a perfect pick up to blue. Purple was to be next for rune-crafting. But i was really trying for perfect armors. Not only that but how many tries to make the first, the 2nd, 3rd and so forth. All while documenting. Why does me having a fun useless goal bother you so much? Games can be fun even when testing right? Last i knew i wasn't breaking any rules trying to enjoy myself. I know the armor isn't that important, but every little extra point increase felt like improvement. The illusion of progress in w
  2. Ah but it's easier for me to make 30 bars over and over trying to make a perfect item then to just craft and document for me. It's rather hard for me to document unless i have a specific goal. A goal i can progress towards. I need something to drive me besides research. i am a guild-less after all. So most of my data is to just help myself. i admit i lost a bit of interest with the lack of leather the last few weeks before they returned it. i was just making and recorded white bars over and over. But now that data is likely inaccurate so I'll restart it now to at least see what the last 10-20
  3. Whose to say Pots won't be a permanent part of the system. There's an alchemy tree for a reason. Maybe they'll make the current pots into basic weaker pots that don't boost you pass a specific skill level in a stat. I.e Basic harvesting and crafting potions that do 1/4 or 1/5 of the current boost. Enough to let people craft whites at an average level. Would it suck in the beginning. Yes of course. But I've played games where it takes awhile to craft and work your way up to building a castle before. The beginning always sucks. But after soft launch a month later? We'll start to have all the cra
  4. I'm not particularly worried about how i compare to others atm. There will be a time when there's no possibilities of a wipe, Then and only then will i be competing against others. For now i wanted to get a feel of the skill progress and how i feel it improves over time. Does the skill difference make a noticeable improvement to where i feel i can reliably craft an item at a certain level? Do i get one step closer to making a perfect green, perfect blue, or a perfect purple? it's more about how i feel I'm progressing as my main focus is to craft and gather in the game. Will i end up fighting c
  5. Potions may be cheap now but imagine the quality equalling what you put in and rolling experiments like any other craft. You'll end up using blue plants (i think that's where plant harvesting is gonna go) to make the good potions. I imagine the alchemy skill working like any other and being self buffing in the way blacksmith can. The difference being that alchemy will have bigger boosts for a shorter duration. Crafting armor can be forever if someone only used it on an ek to craft. There's still alot unknown though but I hope they can pull this off properly.
  6. I can't help but feel that come soft launch we'll probably have alchemy potions for crafting and harvesting. Sure there will be Combat related ones but I can see alchemy being able to affect everything. It'd fit well with everything working together. I just hope that potions durability can be affected when alchemy does come around. 20+ potions sound fantastic.
  7. What bothers me was that the change to the experimentation potion was unannounced in the patch notes.I believe that the increase from 10 to 12 minutes was noted so why not this. That's all. Besides getting a little conversation going about it. I dislike having stronger items that are significantly harder to craft to the same quality, I'm too practical to throw away something that is my top gear. I've been using increases in stats on crafts as progress as a crafter, with my skills lowered progress will feel nonexistent for a bit. Though hopefully this weekend i can test a big batch to see the c
  8. I've been trying to see if the experiment multipliers line up consistently. If I get a 36% it should increase my stat by 36% right. Otherwise I see no reason for it to show me such and such percent if that's not my actual experimentation increase. I want to be able to theory craft items and figure out how using this material instead of this will change the final craft. I know the numbers are subject to change but for now they should be consistent in how they are applied.
  9. The only way a good green will surpass a blue is if you're not trained enough to roll properly. Every successful craft of a rarity type seems to get a little modifier to it. White = 5%, green =10%, blue = 15% and so on. So every successful layer to an item will strengthen it. Could an amazing with the 50% green beat a success blue. Probably. But if you can only pump out success and moderates you probably should stick to lower quality anyways. As for my other point if you can roll amazing at one pip 50% of the time and the rest great but are making an item where you need to roll 8-10 pips at on
  10. Also i think the 1 pip will be way more useful for trying to get a blueprint with good or great stats using bootstrapping. Imagine someone successfully using white + blue or white |+ purple mats and getting the highest quality. With something like that I'd want more consistency since the chance of even rolling a purple or blue with white mats is quite low. So you'd obviously go point by point and hope they all go amazing. Yeah you won't have the best result but you could have cheap blue or purple bars to use and risk on a 50% risk final craft. That alone could be significant savings on resourc
  11. You're wrong about 100% risk meaning 100% failure. All it means is that you're risking 100% with a chance at failure. Definition of risk 1 : possibility of loss First point on Merriam Webster. In this case The risk is you losing all your materials on a failure to craft or losing out on stat increases with experimentation failure.
  12. I wasn't able to do any huge crafting data sets this weekend. Next weekend I'll have all Saturday to harvest and craft a bunch to see the changes. Though some of my crafts this weekend were slightly higher stat wise than previous weekends at the same level. I'll have to craft and compare to old data sets though. All in all I'm taking a wait and see approach to whether this change is bad or good. The lower initial success chance does suck though.
  13. It's the case. I don't think we actually had any posts about the +50% when you use 50% risk. We've just mentioned it here or there in various posts. The latest was in Narsille's "Has anyone made dedicated crafting Armor?" I recommend reading that to get the explanations provided in more detail. As for quality bootstrapping i prefer to only do that on the very base components like a bar or stone rune stone. Using 3 green metal sheets and then using all Blue iron, copper, and hides will likely boost an armor piece up marginally. You get a minor difference for crafting a higher quality item. I
  14. That could be or it's significantly harder to roll 5 vs 3 pips. Idk i was hoping other people could notice and increase or decrease in results they normally do. Rolling white bars is what i do when I'm lazy but want to craft. . But i feel the results were better this weekend for the bars than normal. That said the higher components had pretty bad rolls. the ones at 25 or 50 difficulty.
  15. Anyone else notice an increase in positive rolls? I don't know if the the roll results were tweaked but out of 15 white metal bars crafted, i had quite the decent result. This is with 52 experimentation from blacksmithing. Rolling 3 pips at once. 5 amazing 3 great 4 good 3 moderate. When i did the 50 blue sigils, i had far more moderates and goods. Though that was at 82 rolling 5 pips at once. I'd make a bigger data sample but I'm nearly out of mats. Also last week i was rolling roughly the same amount at the same pips and got nowhere near as many amazings.
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