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  1. Crebain


    Please consider the redundancy on the way we view an opponent's health bars, currently while targeting a Player/Creature there are 3. When viewing large battles almost half the screen is health bars and name plates is this intentional? I recommend reimagining the way health bars, and names work and are displayed on our screen. I Imagine a good way to simplify all this is to have the only health indicator be the one on the targeting reticule. If you like having everyone's life bar showing on screen then I recommend removing the blocky bars to do this and just drain the name plate of color or the Guild/God shield crest above player, the shield crest could drain from top to bottom, rather than side to side. Creatures don't have Shield crests above their name but they could function to symbolize what God/Clan they represent and to display their name and tier, giving a tidier way to represent these functions maybe.
  2. It usually takes a couple tries to get into the world I get hung up at feeding crows. After another try I may get about 15 seconds or at least until the INVULNERABLE buff reaches exactly 0 at this point I get connection lost. Now other buffs upon reaching 0 are causing connection loss. this is on both 4.5 test and 4.4 live.
  3. I still have no General chat tab 90% of my logins, and when I do I eventually loose connection for some reason then back to logging in without it working again. Running repairs does not help, this has been an issue for a very long time. I have been having and seeing others report the same issue through 5.7 and 5.8 Please fix this before running an official campaign, I cant chat.
  4. I still have a problem with missing lowercase L all over the game client, in chat sending and receiving, in tool tips and if I hold the key down it looks like bar code when I type.
  5. BUG: I seem to be missing the letter L from the word General (the General next to chat not the GENERAL tab) in the chat window it says Genera:. In screenshots this is not an issue for other players it looks like. Also when I hold down the L key I get something like this ll llll llll lllllllllllllll llll llll lllllllllllll and so on. I capitalized L so you would not confuse it with a lowercase I.
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