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  1. I love the role the Balance faction takes in this ruleset; keeping the other two faction in check.
  2. Spirit Bank

    Nevermind, I see in the patch notes from snap test that they were wiped. People be trolling me.
  3. People are saying that Spirit Banks weren't reset, but mine seems to be. Of course I haven't played in maybe a month. Can anyone tell me when the last time Spirit Banks were wiped?
  4. Low FPS FIX

    What are your specs? I'm getting 30fps, but you may be running a more powerful system than my Core i7 6700M with GTX 960M and 16GB RAM.
  5. Shade

    That would almost be the same as a shade mage assassin. Which has me thinking about promotion classes and the possibility (if they're still in the plan) of a promotion class being viable for more than on base class.
  6. Shade

    This seems like an obvious choice for a new race post launch. Shades and nephilim were my favorite of the Shadowbane races. I don't think we'll ever see a nephilim or aracoix equivalent with the devs indicating that don't want to do true flight. I do hope we get to see a doomsayer like class at some point though.
  7. How does the change from archetypes to race and class combinations effect promotion classes?
  8. A specific location I would be fine with. Everything else I'm going to strongly disagree. That would be like other MMO's preventing you from logging into too many characters per day, and having to pay in game gold to log in. In Shadowbane we could swap out characters at any point and it was a non-issue. Swapping vessels is the equivalent. Even the location requirement I don't feel is needed. I'm running around in a human templar vessel, but then want to switch to a mino ranger. I'll need to go to a bank or other storage to get the vessel out, and then switch to it and put the first one in. If I want to change on the fly that requires I have the other vessel in my inventory which puts it at risk of being looted (or stolen if they add that to the game). They could also make vessels take up a large chunk of your inventory space when carried.
  9. I feel like the only reason you need to not swap on the fly is if you're carrying a vessel with you, the extra is lootable.
  10. Nethari and Fae (as close as we're getting to aracroix).
  11. If this announcement isn't something that excites you, that's cool it still won't be long before 24/7 test server which sounds like something you will be excited for. But just because it's not exciting to you doesn't somehow make this not a big change. The scale of the work done to unlink race and class is a huge effort work wise; to the point that they previously said it wasn't possible. On the graphics update. Refining graphics is standard practice, but this is well beyond that. This is a complete overhaul that takes the look in a different direction. Again if it's not a big deal to you, that's cool but the effort in doing that is huge which makes it a big announcement.
  12. You don't think unbinding class and race, which was something they said wasn't in their scope, and a complete graphics overhaul is big?
  13. And here I was thinking people were going to be disappointed. My first question is how does this affect promotion classes, or does it at all? Also those trebuchets look awesome!
  14. Massive reveal.. revealed

    It's there.
  15. Massive reveal.. revealed

    Eeeeeeep eeeep eeep those trebuchets!!