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  1. I was thinking this earlier. Some of these songs are downright terrible. Just like in Karaoke, I'm not going to sing something I don't like. Might want to change up the format and do away with having to sing the garbage people leave behind.
  2. Big Trouble in Little China is the best movie of all time so it's difficult to follow up on. These are a few on my short list of need to watch eventually movies. The Last Dragon Blazing Saddles The Princess Bride Labyrinth
  3. Is the song still on Garth Brooks? Looks as though that halted everything. Someone change it up.
  4. I could care less about the individual incidents which precipitated these events. I don't care about one guy who did something to one guy. A couple more of those stories and we can develop a stereotype and we all know how true those can be... Look at the expressions of pure joy and excitement as they pilfer convenient stores for toilet paper and black and milds. These people need a better education. I doubt a number of them even know what's going on besides free shoes. Is there something they are trying to accomplish by acting a fool; other than proving some racists' point of view?
  5. I don't need to know what happened.. All I care about... is learning... why he would always type... like this... making it so difficult to understand any point he was trying to make...
  6. I just came here to say that I am going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I won't be checking the forums during this time. When I return to my office, I will then check the forums. Thought you all should know.
  7. I'd say to wait until they're out of Alpha and in Beta, at least. This way 85% of their answers isn't "We have an idea but we don't want to announce it officially yet because when and if we do change it, you won't cry about your now abandoned possibilities."
  8. Maybe they talk to each other after they read it before slamming the lock button? But it's probably a conspiracy. We should riot.
  9. The world would be a better place without Twitter. It's too easy for people to have opinions these days.
  10. If you have post personal opinion, you're wrong and the plebian mass will prompty enlighten as to why.
  11. I'll switch to a female avatar when I need free loot. Teehee. Kawaii. Cat picture. <3
  12. Just open up the console and enter "cl_righthand 0".
  13. It's like when your crafting and you hold a tool in your hand. With Gaes, you can hold two tools; sometimes as many as can fit.
  14. I'm sure they'll do a roll call and the first one to claim the name wins it. I'm hoping to claim a few of them suckers.
  15. I'm of the understanding that people do what they want, even if it's wrong. When enough people are doing the wrong thing, it becomes an accepted practice. Doesn't make it right to me. I know the 5-7-5 isn't perfect for English as it is in Japanese because English has many more syllables. It's still fun.
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