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  1. Hi all, I have found another solution which may assist others, as I was not affected by low RAM solution previously posted. As with any forum/website guide or advice on settings, please take all reasonable care. This has been relayed to ACE TECH and they have acknowledged that I post this and are reviewing my Client Logs for changes, since I made these settings changes. (couple of hours ago) Background: I was suffering 1m 45 sec to 2 minute Preparing Terrain load screens every time I logged in/gated/died. 32GB RAM NVIDIA 1080 Ti card. Australian Location (so didn't expect 5 sec loads ) Solution: (Uses Nvidia Control Panel - Hope the principle will be transferable to other card Control Panels) 1. Changed to resolution display setting to 2560x1440 (from native 3840x2160) 2. Changed…Scaling to be on display, NOT GPU. 3. Increased Hz from 30 to 60 (selectable now that scaling is on display, not GPU) 4. Matched settings in game, as close as possible to my Nvidia Control Panel Settings. 5. These changes have also increased my FPS from a 30FPS to 80+FPS Result: Game loading/Gating/ Death .... Preparing Terrain Load screens are now a stable 20-30 seconds (best 19 secs, worst 31secs)
  2. Not to worry. In a few short days you will all be the proud owners of a new addition to your stables. 🏥
  3. Agree... But they could have rolling estimations?. I.e Attempts to launch test will occur at 14:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays. (or put in every second day-what ever...or once a week even) If its isn't ready at each prescribed time, then the next target date plays out. - Not ready Tuesday arvo but on Thursday they think they have a GOGOGO, then it would roll out Friday at 14:00 by default. (and allow a days notice and trumpet blowing announcements to go out) Just an idea, an opinion...but it is was it is and no amount of refreshing, loading server will make it move any quicker, But this will allow some normality to return to those that do looking at you @PaleOne Thanks to @Pannfor the teasers.🌻🌻🌻 (sorry, best i could do for a bunch of flowers ) Thank to the whole team for your work and handling the current world issues and turbulence it's causing, and all in your strides.
  4. Would selling 100 more accounts make this issue miraculously disappear 😜 (The Gordon Effect) PS. Thx for the support help earlier this week...as always Perfect and super fast.
  5. At the time of writing, I note the OP has a total of 34 captures. Doesn't seem like a person qualified to call such a silly petition, nor to judge this aspect of the game. 1. May I ask, how many of these points were from capturing camps and towers? 2. How many were from Forts? 3. How many were from Solo actions? Myself, on the other hand having nearly 500 captures thinks the motivation for this is clouded manipulation...yet again.
  6. - 1,000,000 Another self-serving "contribution" (the OP), conveniently timed when the swing is against the "control trend". IMO, the original post does not contemplate a game improvement, merely an admission that now they have to do what everyone else has to do, instead of pack-roaming and wanting not to have to WORK for a win. What's really the problem? You run in packs of 2 groups (minimum) most of the time...how long does it take to flip a camp with 12 people? - LOL Lots of up voters...wonder which guild they are in mostly (already a biased petition with results nothing more than utterly useless) ..., must have lifted the "forum code of silence" from within. This is more like...We aren't really winning this capping war...lets start a petition to change the rules to ones which suit us. We can see right through this and I hope ACE does to. There is movement at the station! PS. Has anyone published the siege videos of the last couple of days? Must have missed seeing them
  7. Your really not that good at this are you. I can see by the date stamps on the quotes you quoted, that at least one was posted after your blatant lies that you fought 63 at the fight. You don't even need to look back to check, because the quote actually refers to it :). I can't be bothered in checking the others, as you lie about 1, your capable of lying about anything and on top of that you fail to also reference whether each of these quotes is represented in the context you imply or was a response to you or your guilds arrogance. Its like presenting a photo in court of a situation on a particular day to show something...only to find out the photo was taken the day before/after, and the person presenting the 'lying' photo has something to hide or something to gain from altering the facts. You have perjured yourself to the community. (You said you'd be honest and transparent!) @Jah Shame on you Jah. Now please answer my questions listed in my previous posts asking for answers! - You know them, so don't ask
  8. I am very sure Mr Coleman can see right through your smoke and mirrors....just need a little wind and all is clear to see. Excuse me /leans over to fart...ahh, clear already, didn't need as much wind as I thought.
  9. @Jah Still waiting...for a reply to this please. Oh my.../sigh More misleading dribble. 1. Out number = Possibly Yes. 2. Outnumber at the fight. Actually at the fight as you seem to continually wish to mislead people to thinking = 100% NO. Question for you: Lets put some perspective into your misleading comments, which you are purely clutching as the basis for your argument and only have that to hold onto which is numbers, pure numbers, and which also remains unsubstantiated even after repeated requests for it: How many LVL 1-10 players, inexperienced, in Intermediate Gear and Welfare Weapons (vendor), no jewelery, and no idea of a good discipline set-up.. would it take to take down a fully Geared (Blue/Purple or Gold), experienced, correctly specked, correctly disciplined, coloured jewelry wearing opposition faction combatant, just one of them. This really makes a joke out of your continued "NUMBERS" argument - consider only the FACTS, that you want to consider, and use those as your only defense. Sir, You have been found wanting! - Time for your Leaders to face the community and stop hiding. Let them post something with some maturity and less bombastic arrogance. Note to self: Must stop calling this misleading, must call it what it as now...lying!
  10. "I know I could probably step in and ask the main guilds right now to stop holding hands" ROFLMAO Just what we think too....Ride in the coat tails, holding hands and frolicking in the meadows of Crowfall. Enjoy your Gold Shiny ...It will be a Badge of Dishonour. I note @Jah You've reduced your numbers in the commentary to 60 now, but didn't edit the video title to reflect your misleading. And I further note, we are waiting for your to confirm that there were 63 ooppps 60 now, ACTUALLY AT THE FIGHT. I cant believe you tagged jtodd with your lies (lying via deception) and claim everyone else is misleading ACE. This just shows total disrespect to him. Steal $1 or steal $100, not a lot in it some would say....others would say, if you have the precedence to steal $1, then you'd steal $100. Dishonesty is dishonesty...the value matters little, its in your DNA.
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