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  1. Well.. as a developer I can say it depends how generic the game engine is build. For example:  

    Not generic -> Programmers make a piece of code for mounts... To implement Pack Mule they code a pack mule

    Generic -> Programmers make a piece of code for 4 legged player pets .. The mount is derived from that code with something extra.. same for the pack mule


    Basicly generic coding speeds up development. We don't know how their backend looks like, but based on the experience of Crowfall team and their comment in a YT video that the comming months development will speed up drastic as the basis is almost done, that they are doing things the smart way :)

    This is what I'm betting on 

  2. I don't know about you but I find it difficult to get involved in guilds that already have a large number of members. Everyone already knows everyone and has a long history playing together. That or there are just so many people you feel like a cog in a machine. I've always found the most enjoyable part of guilds is building one up. Planning how you'll be organized, discovering a new game together, and working out all the problems that pop up.  When I started playing my first MMO long ago (Runescape) the most enjoyable thing about it for me was starting up and running a guild. 


    If you're interested in the idea of starting up a guild feel free to message me on here and/or join the Discord (https://discord.gg/zHaNhCF)




    A little bit about me:

    I'm 23 years old, live in the US, and work full time (lots of overtime lately) but some how still find too much time to sink into games. When not playing them, I make them as a hobby. Nothing like sitting down on a Saturday and wasting hours trying too work out bugs in code or get the shape and values right in some concept art. I play pretty much all kinds of games but enjoy most the games that revolve around their multiplayer interactions. Working against/with other people is infinitely more enjoyable to me than some snazzy mechanics or a deep story. 

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