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  1. I want to know if Khoth graduated from college with a degree in Game Design
  2. BURDEN OF GUILT “Chains suit you.” That voice. What a horrible dream. I struggled to awaken. Then felt cold iron on my wrists. As my eyes cleared, I saw Stilicho before me. I was seated on the floor in a nondescript room with a barred door. A man-sized box stood in the corner with a black cloth draped over it. My arms were bound to rings on the wall. Seeing Stilicho again reminded me of the strangeness of Crow life. Stilicho had been slain. Yet here he was, renewed. But then he’d had a statue to return to. At any rate, I was once more a prisoner. How did I
  3. Thanks for reminding me, and also I should have known since it was in the history! I never had dealings with King Stephen, but everyone knew him by reputation. Once, our Shadowclan guild did a RP event at his castle where we were digging for a mythical "dragon scale" which just happened to be his last name. It was a lot of fun. I hope we see guild leaders like him in Crowfall.
  4. I think after release you may see some interesting dynamics. In Shadowbane, there was a guild leader whose avatar was named "King (Something)" something-or-other similar. I believe it was Treachery server, but could have been Mourning. Anyway, he actually ran his guild as: a) a medieval kingdom simulation; b) as a place for any new players to join, belong, train up and equip. I wish I could remember his name, he was really unique. His in-game wedding was actually attacked and the bride-to-be slain, which gives you a sense of how he wasn't excluded from the general mayhem. There came
  5. DAUGHTER OF FATE Ransom shielded his eyes against the sun. “There - flying fast and high.” Kitaara nodded. “A fae. Traveling away from town. That means Cembrye is alone.” “Or worse. Let’s move.” Signaling to Two-Ton and Egil, Ransom led them towards Medria. He took a winding route, careful to avoid mortals. While he and Kitaara, as humans, could pass as locals, a minotaur and half-giant were another matter. Mortal reaction to the appearance of Crows could be unpredictable. Once they were closer to the orphanage, Egil and Two-Ton would conceal themselves whi
  6. TOUCHED Leya gripped her pistol. It had been a while since the Bride of Valkyn went through the orphanage doors. What was taking so long? The crowd was getting restive again. She didn’t want to hurt these mortals. Aside from moral scruples, it was not something Crows did. You earned favor and wealth slaying Hunger beasts and other Crows. Killing mortals was like killing puppies. That’s why Stilicho’s reputation had taken such a hit. He should never have dueled a mortal like Cembrye in the first place. And to lose? That whole situation felt wrong. Like some kind of set
  7. MEDRIA “No sightseeing!” Leya adjusted her hooded cloak. The baggy garment helped hide her folded wings and pinned-back ears. But the disguise wouldn’t last long in day-light. “I don’t know how you made it this far. Doing whatever pops into your head.” Cembrye peered through the wooden slats of the fence. Above could be glimpsed the crumbling eaves of a decrepit-looking house. Bare oak branches rustled in the cold breeze. “I used to live here.” The fae peered over her shoulder. “Really? Kind of slummy. Sorry, did I say that out loud?” “It wasn’t a
  8. COMMON CAUSE “Can we trust Yuki?” Itani joined the Magna Mater at the open window. They gazed out across Old Highmount Market. At noontide, it was crowded with traders and customers. Carts trundled the cramped lanes between stalls. Tiny eyes peered from within wicker cages hung on poles by the vendors of pets. Baskets were piled with vegetables and fruits, the bounty of the harvest. “Much happened while you were away, my Second,” sighed Calliope. “The future darkens. It is no longer a matter of trust, but of making the best of what we know.” She turned to hi
  9. It is water under the bridge, I suppose, but I always felt an alternative approach to the "Uncle Bob" concern (everyone joining a single mega guild - a legitimate issue) as well as players leaving the game once their laboriously acquired assets are destroyed (also a legitimate issue) was there. This would operate under a single server world and the following constraints: - the world would be very large, everything on it would be player-built/owned and destructible (a la Shadowbane) - travel and trade would not be instantaneous - losers of home keeps would be able to salvage a p
  10. COLD TRAIL Anaxis picked up a handful of dust. He ground the particles in his fist, then cast them to the wind. “An entire army does not just disappear.” “This one has,” snorted Bedlam. The Elken pawed the ground. Anaxis scowled. Bedlam had clamored to serve as his second in command. A chance to burnish the reputation of the Chaos rebels. But there was no glory to be had here. The Lord Archon climbed the hill, followed by his retinue. From its crest, he could survey the entire host. Armored warriors, rank upon rank, the sun glittering from the tips of the
  11. GIRL TALK “It’s hard to believe.” “Which part?” “All of it.” Shivering in the cold, Cembrye pulled the blanket up to her chin. She watched Leya prod their campfire. The red tongues licked higher in the night. “Since Taveris, I’d felt guided by the All-Father. But to think it may have been some kind of spirit.” The fae put down her stick. “Not just any spirit, sweetie. Valkyn’s daughter. The spirit that wandered around until Clem – your Father Genesius – helped create the first Bride. When she died, Clem tried again and got you.” “Even if its true,
  12. HARD CHOICES “Something doesn’t make sense.” Ransom knelt again to examine the tracks in the forest clearing. “Cembrye was running but stopped. A new set of footprints appears a dozen paces away…as if someone had dropped down from the trees.” “Or the sky,” offered Kitaara. The ranger and assassin looked at each other. “Fae. But who?” Ransom glanced at Egil and Two-Ton. The half-giant shrugged his shoulders. The minotaur gave no sign, keeping the same sullen expression he’d worn since the girl fled. The ranger shook his head. It was just the
  13. UO player volunteer? Now we get to find out who REALLY assassinated Lord British!
  14. Just to note, I'm not advocating the developers do anything or asking anyone to police human behavior. I am just curious as to whether the economic mechanics of Crowfall make this bigger threat than usual.
  15. I saw this story in Massively OP and it prompted me to post. https://massivelyop.com/2020/09/10/albion-online-player-steals-an-in-game-billions-worth-of-assets-from-a-guild-in-a-self-described-long-con/ I am just curious whether people think protecting against insider con artists will be a significant factor in guild management in Crowfall. It seems to me that anytime you have an MMO that works on the basis of limited and valuable resources, the temptation to pull off an "inside job" will be there. I am not making any moral judgement, since I know that there is debate on whether th
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