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  1. GIRL TALK “It’s hard to believe.” “Which part?” “All of it.” Shivering in the cold, Cembrye pulled the blanket up to her chin. She watched Leya prod their campfire. The red tongues licked higher in the night. “Since Taveris, I’d felt guided by the All-Father. But to think it may have been some kind of spirit.” The fae put down her stick. “Not just any spirit, sweetie. Valkyn’s daughter. The spirit that wandered around until Clem – your Father Genesius – helped create the first Bride. When she died, Clem tried again and got you.” “Even if its true,
  2. HARD CHOICES “Something doesn’t make sense.” Ransom knelt again to examine the tracks in the forest clearing. “Cembrye was running but stopped. A new set of footprints appears a dozen paces away…as if someone had dropped down from the trees.” “Or the sky,” offered Kitaara. The ranger and assassin looked at each other. “Fae. But who?” Ransom glanced at Egil and Two-Ton. The half-giant shrugged his shoulders. The minotaur gave no sign, keeping the same sullen expression he’d worn since the girl fled. The ranger shook his head. It was just the
  3. UO player volunteer? Now we get to find out who REALLY assassinated Lord British!
  4. Just to note, I'm not advocating the developers do anything or asking anyone to police human behavior. I am just curious as to whether the economic mechanics of Crowfall make this bigger threat than usual.
  5. I saw this story in Massively OP and it prompted me to post. https://massivelyop.com/2020/09/10/albion-online-player-steals-an-in-game-billions-worth-of-assets-from-a-guild-in-a-self-described-long-con/ I am just curious whether people think protecting against insider con artists will be a significant factor in guild management in Crowfall. It seems to me that anytime you have an MMO that works on the basis of limited and valuable resources, the temptation to pull off an "inside job" will be there. I am not making any moral judgement, since I know that there is debate on whether th
  6. PINNACLE OF DESIRE No one was coming. Clem rattled his chains, more out of frustration than any expectation it would matter. The clattering reminded him he was alive. He’d expected a visit by Anaxis. A chance to speak to his old friend, perhaps even sway him. But nothing. As for the fae, once she’d returned with the book, he’d planned to bargain it for his freedom. But the wretched sprite had betrayed him. He must accept the truth. No one was coming. When it happened, the boom shook the very walls of his prison. Then a ripping and a howling, far off but
  7. Yes, Shadowclan on Treachery and Mourning. 😈
  8. Hi everyone...hope all are safe and healthy in these times. Just wanted to note this tale continues...
  9. THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE So, it begins. Calliope pulled her robes about her. Daybreak was chilly, even in these impressive surroundings. Highmount was not much of mountain. Really more a hill. Even so, crowned by the Pantheon, the Great Temple, and the vast buildings of the Orders, it loomed above all else. She could see why Anaxis chose this place to stage his mobilization. The passing troops and wagons seemed endless. Her ears were filled with the stamp of feet, the creak of wheels and the crack of whips. Her nostrils took in the rough smell of sweat and leather.
  10. BEASTLY LUCK “Impossible! Your enchantments are defective!” Eamon cleared his throat and pointed again to the spot on the magical map. “Lord Archon, as instructed, I provided her the means to locate the bloodsoul. I also secretly placed a tracker on her flight suit. As you can see, an hour ago the two points converged. They now move together, but separately. We have discounted all possibilities save one.” Eamon wrung his hands. “Leya has joined the Bride of Valkyn.” Anaxis slammed his fist down on the map. It flared, then resumed its shape. “The so-ca
  11. FLIGHT OF FANCY Leya began her descent. She was eager to get to a lower altitude. Even at midday, this high above Ferisse she felt like a popsicle. She’d stayed away from the ends of campaigns for this very reason. Too cold! Yes, more risk means greater rewards, blah, blah, blah. Not worth having to wear three pairs of leggings. This was Anaxis’ doing. She’d shown up expecting some down time with him, but all she got was a brief kiss and another mission. He didn’t ask where she’d been or even seem interested when she told him about the strange clouds at The Arch. And she
  12. SUN, EARTH, AND MOON Light from the clearing ahead. Chanting under the night sky. Ransom wiped his eyes, his breath steaming in the cold air. By his reckoning, they were deep in northern Ferisse. Medria, the last town untouched by the Hunger – and birthplace of the Bride – should not be far. The boy they sought – if he were still alive – would have to be there. It had been a week since the fight at the bridge. Cembrye had spent almost all her time since then secluded in her tent. Despite determined attempts by Ransom, she refused to talk about what had happened. At Ki
  13. Best wishes to you and yours Pan! I will always appreciate the kind words and encouragement you had for the fan fiction I wrote.
  14. FEAR AND FREEDOM Itani took one last look. He wondered if he would ever return to this place. Despite the cold, he was possessed by its unearthly beauty. Everfrost was a snow globe of misted forests and glistening peaks. He found himself longing to explore its wonders further. But darker thoughts crowded in. A sense of impending tragedy. Even if Yuki’s mad scheme succeeded. He heard the crunch of snow, then snuffling. Without looking, Itani knew that the sleigh was loaded and ready. It was time. “It is wise to be afraid.” Itani started and turned.
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