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  1. I do hope they do a better job of policing their forums than Shadowbane did. Whether it is just a juvenile minority or not, newcomers often come to the public forums to learn more about a game. They can easily get chased off by all the ugliness. Bear in mind, this is 2015, not 2003. Game players have a ton more options to spend their online time. If the Crowfall forums are allowed to become a mud pit, people won't hesitate to move on. It has nothing to do with whether there is PVP or not - it is just basic customer service.
  2. Sounds good. But you may want to look at what they are doing with the upcoming Warhammer 40K. That will be a PVP conquest game, but they are adding other activities centered around an NPC faction called the Tyranids. I believe some of that will be instanced. You thus provide an option for people who enjoy PVE (or PVPers who just want a change of pace) to do so and help their guild/faction at the same time. They also plan to use the Tyranid faction to sort of "balance" the other player-run factions, but its not clear how they will do that and people are somewhat uneasy about that part.
  3. I think a lot of that was for three factors present early on: #1 the amount of gold farming it took to build a decent city with guards and crafters plus #2 the brain deadening boredom of gold farming and #3 the fact that more often than not the guild was crushed by one of the server zergs - yes, some did pick themselves up to fight on, but most didn't see the point when you had 100 member guilds being crushed by zergs that outnumbered them ten to one. Wolfpack dealt with Number 1 and 2 by upping the amount of gold you can earn, adding mines, etc. and also smoothing out the brick-by-brick tedium of upkeep; cities became easier to build and maintain. Unfortunately, the early damage had been done. Number 3 you can argue is just another barrier to overcome. You heard that a lot in Shadowbane as well. But being faced by much larger opponents helped dissuade small and medium guilds from persisting. If a small group came back, it often did so by joining one of the zergs. The few that didn't became well known and respected, but were not real factors in any sort of Game of Thrones way. There were exceptions, but usually this was how things went. I think they will definitely deal with #1 and #2 easily. The last one is more difficult, since it is player driven. The tendency for servers to devolve into a two-sided war and then, once one of the zergs prevails, a dying server, will need addressing. People being people, when you add real risk of loss to a game, then people look for ways to reduce risk. The same thing that motivates people to join a guild in the first place - strength in numbers - also motivates guilds to join or form zergs.
  4. Wasn't King Steven's bride assassinated at that wedding? In Shadowbane, it was definitely possible to hold in-game RP events. I will always remember the great Irekei cultural festival of the sun on Mourning server. It was amazing. We had the main Irekei guilds, plus people who had Irekei in other guilds came, even if they weren't that into RP. Weddings though...you would need to keep them hush hush. Weddings in a PVP game are like putting out raw meat for starving jackals.
  5. It has been flagged. I think just like everyone here people are waiting for the big reveal before getting excited.
  6. I guess I read this as a "I hope I can get people to have in-game marriage ceremonies so my guild can crash them and kill everyone."
  7. Taking this seriously for a moment (I suspect this thread is just light trolling): - medieval/feudal ties were often sealed by strategic marriages - these marriages were political, not love matches In this sense, marriage ties become part of the politics. Of course, this assumes the game will have families, nobility and some sort of deep feudal system, which would be cool but I doubt they will go that route.
  8. One regret I have will be that we won't have the lore of Shadowbane. The Shadowbane IP was purchased some years back by Changyou, a China video game company. It was some of the richest and most interesting lore for a game I can recall. It would also have been nice to get the same races back. I realize this probably would have meant naming the game Shadowbane 2. Since it is not worth the cost to spend millions to get the IP back, onwards and upwards. It will be interesting to see when they do the Crowfall lore reveal whether they can meet or excel the high standards of Shadowbane. I will still miss my Irekei.
  9. Irekei on both Treachery and Mourning. I miss my Sun Dancer!
  10. The bane of Shadowbane was that too many people read #1 to mean "join the huge server zerg guild." The key to Crowfall success is making an environment where solo and small group play can still be fun. The other 9 advices are unnecessary if everyone is part of the same server zerg.
  11. As a former Shadowbane player, I also hope Crowfall is a fully realized virtual world. Yes, PVP can be fun. But the barren billiard table nature of most of Shadowbane and the very basic creature AI made for very little to do other than PVP. I think a minority ONLY wants to PVP 24/7, but most other people like variety.
  12. Definitely in favor of subscription. In fact, it will likely turn off your intended core base if this becomes a FTP/Cash Shop. Anything remotely BTW will also negatively impact a game based on competitive play. I never saw the appeal of FTP. FTP is the classic bait and switch since they feature cash-shops that milk you all the same. Yes, you don't have to use the cash shop, but they have become clever in ensuring the FTP account gets only bare bones. Again, classic marketing psychology and it really seeps into the spirit of the game where you feel like new content is calculated on the basis of furthering a marketing department scheme. Subscription also places at least some low barrier against mischief makers, spammers etc making tons of throw away accounts.
  13. As someone who spent a LOT of time in Lord of the Rings Online Monster Play I think this is a wonderful idea. It would add color and life to zones if people could hop into a monster from time to time and also allow guilds if they like to just roleplay creatures in a certain area.
  14. IMHO, I wouldn't mind if they put most of the combat calculations "under the hood" and just give players an approximation. For example, that they are "strong, very strong, herculean" or that their chance to deliver a crit is "good, excellent, outstanding" etc. Flatten the curve and keep the break points variable. The reason is that once the PVP number crunchers get to work, they seem to suck all the adventure and spontaneity out of combat. You end up with a series of FoTM "must have" builds and cookie-cutter characters. Look at Elder Scrolls Online where early on everyone was staff/cloth magic blasters. I realize E-Sports is very popular these days. But if it all ends up being an exercise in XL spread sheets and key-binding, it just sounds like drudgery.
  15. Terrain and Weather It would be wonderful if the game could more realistically model terrain and weather as well as injuries. For example: - weather; players in arctic cold players would suffer if they aren't properly clad; travel off road in heavy rain should be slower - climbing steep grades should be more tiring - fall damage where falling off a decent cliff should risk serious injury or death - day and night cycles - a moonless night or unlit cave should be dark - rivers and lakes; swimming should note encumbrance - make water a meaningful obstacle and bridges more important These sorts of things need not go overboard. But I hope they don't make it so people are swimming up waterfalls or running around naked in blizzards without ill effect. I think some of this is more possible now than 10 years ago. For example, SOE plans to release its zombie survival game H1Z1 with features noting player body temperature, thirst and hunger. Injuries and Healing - It would be nice if serious player damage had a chance of leaving wounds that have an impact, such as a game leg or lost eye - if that was the case, healers would be a real useful profession, in that you would need a skilled healer with high grade materials to fix things like a broken hand (if you didn't want to just keep going with an impediment); it would make battles more strategic since as a force fought it would accumulate injuries even if winning (and would need a break to fix them). In other words, don't just have a red health bar. Make it so there can be specific injuries and impacts.
  16. This is a pot-stirring post. I was never a member of the guild that used this motto. BUT I thought that posting this might summon the spirits. If an actual past member of the guild sees this and wants to take it from here the thread is all yours. Just helping things along.
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