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  1. I don't disagree with anyone's well-founded skepticism. We have all seen numerous great ideas vanish into vapor. For the founder's sake, I hope they succeed, since I believe this is a sincere labor of love. Something like that is very hard to pull off without big investors, but the problem is that those investors will often demand the product get morphed into another cloned cash-shop driven cash grab and pushed out before it is ready. I think though the success of both the Crowfall and COE KS campaigns shows there is a hunger for better than what we have been served. The question is whether the market is perceived to be just a niche audience. In that case, these will end up as boutique hamburger joints but McDonald's will still rule (sorry to pick on McDonald's - I was just looking for a metaphor).
  2. Thanks. Nice article. The other thing that stuck out for me was this: "Considering the survival genre and its current history, I am well aware that griefers and hackers will descend on Elyria as soon as possible, probably far too late for Soulbound to properly address them." Crowfall has decided to deal with this by creating the EKs, which are basically permanent player-controlled refuges from their time-limited campaign worlds. Chronicles of Elyria, determined to shoot once more for the original UO dream of an open world that can be both immersive and FFA/PVP is going to once again tilt at the windmill of letting murder penalties and player controlled justice handle matters. The author of the Massively article poses the problem in an elegant way. If you have player housing, if you make player houses too easy to break into, everyone gets looted dry. If you make places too hard to get into, they become safe havens for griefers. If you have a bounty system, griefers just use their friends to clear the bounties. COE, to me, seems to also be placing its faith in another aspect of their design - their realism and survival game elements. Due to players having to eat food that they or other players must hunt or harvest and also access water, due to their intention to have realistic environmental and physics concerns (you can get injured/die from falling, drowning, heat exhaustion, etc.), realistic time/space issues (no portals, you have to walk/run everywhere and that goes for moving items for trade since there will be no auction house or mail system other than what players create) and a general system that will put a premium on those able to cooperate with a larger group - these will combine to make it harder to simply log in and grief people. There won't be an Uncle Bob problem because it would take tremendous energy to simply run a larger kingdom, much less take over an entire world that, due to the distributed server approach, will be a single world with hundreds of thousands of players. Yes, there will be bandits, murderers and robber guilds. But the game will attract enough cooperative minded players to counteract their presence. Crowfall decided the challenge was one they would not try and meet. COE seems to want to give it a shot. It will be fascinating to see these two theories play out (assuming both games, as we hope, make it to production).
  3. They just made this huge announcement they are partnering with Improbable to use their SpatialOS technology: http://www.develop-online.net/news/soulbound-studios-using-improbable-s-spatialos-for-new-mmo/0221130 Can someone more tech savvy than I explain the implications of this? I understand the general message, but the fact this is a "partnership" - does this mean it is much more likely they can achieve their ambitious goals? A partnership seems to mean more than just a licensing agreement - it sounds like the new partner really increases the chances of success.
  4. I know the Kelly Gang when I see it!
  5. Are we looking at the same picture? I see a disturbing abomination, rabid and ready to leap...it probably killed Pacman.
  6. Who are these people anyway and where are they at present? Back in ye golden era of pre-Trammel UO (just saying that makes me feel so old) were some of the original guilds. But it has been nigh 20 years now, and I expect many, if they still play MMOs, are at a different stage in life (families, work, etc.). Plus, for many the fingers just don't dance across the keyboard/mouse like they did when they had kool-aid lips. Who are the "elite" PVP people in 2016? Are they in the MOBA's? In Eve Online? In Wizard 101? (OK that last was for fun).
  7. I suppose they also have their animation for the critical hit dagger attack from behind
  8. It's impossible to have a heavy armor wearing dual sword wielder? Maybe I misunderstand that graphic...
  9. Back when Crowfall was teeing up their Kickstarter, they mentioned they were planning to use any eventual success to lure investors. Not sure if that eventually happened or not. I would guess CoE has similar ideas, although I don't recall if the founder has discussed this.
  10. As of this moment, they seem off to a good start. 250k of their 900k goal and not even out of their first day. I am not an expert on Kickstarters, but this seems promising for them.
  11. That seems key. If Crowfall can pull off mass combat without it becoming a slideshow, it will be a major coup.
  12. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, ACE participants must pledge to take a shot anytime someone says "Shadowbane."
  13. Assuming taming is in as a crafting skill, why not let tamed creatures join the siege fun?
  14. I would love to see social/group aspects in professions like this as well. For example, if someone wants to tame a smaller or more domestic creature like a cat or wild goat, you can do it solo. But something like a small dragon would require a group effort. For example: Millie the Tamer gathers four friends to attempt to tame a small yearling dragon. The order is from another player who wants a dragon for their zoo in their EK and it willing to pay top coin. Even small dragons require group efforts to capture and tame, since you do not want anyone hurt, especially the dragon. Millie has consulted with more experienced tamers and develops a plan which requires coordinated effort. Once the group has located a candidate of the right size, each task must be done in particular order. The group scout places special food, which distracts the young dragon for a short but vital period of time. As the young dragon eats, the group mage approaches and casts a calming spell, which ensures the beast can be approached and handled, also for a short window of time. Once these two effects are in place, step three must happen immediately - the two "wranglers" each approach a separate wing of the dragon and secure it so it doesn't fly away, which they need a specific taming skill to accomplish. However doing this starts a countdown where, unless the dragon is tamed immediately, the beast becomes wild again and can even attack. Knowing this, Millie approaches and, using her special taming skill, makes the attempt to tame. Success depends on a variety of factors, including her taming skill level, whether she has special taming skills for dragons in particular, the type of dragon, size and age of the dragon, the quality and power of the various taming and magical skills of her helpers, and some pure luck. Taming can be a sort of mini-game, and various tamers can acquire specialty skill trees that make them better at taming certain types of animals or serving as "wranglers" "scouts" or "calmers" to other tamers who need a group effort for certain animals. Having the ability to tame dragons, especially to serve as beasts of burden or even war mounts, could be a very special and valuable skill and you could see a group of friends going into such a business and having a lot of fun along the way. The idea of SWG-style social and crafting aspects that contribute to the PVP is what really has me excited. I never played SWG, but everyone talks about it like it was heaven. I only wish they would also bring back the Dancing profession from SWG, as that sounds like a lot of fun too.
  15. My sig pic is my Sundancer from Shadowbane Treachery! My fire elf ideas got shot down when I posted them before in suggestions, so I am not sure how much support there is. I am still sad that Crowfall isn't going to actually be Shadowbane 2.
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