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  1. I would love to see social/group aspects in professions like this as well. For example, if someone wants to tame a smaller or more domestic creature like a cat or wild goat, you can do it solo. But something like a small dragon would require a group effort. For example: Millie the Tamer gathers four friends to attempt to tame a small yearling dragon. The order is from another player who wants a dragon for their zoo in their EK and it willing to pay top coin. Even small dragons require group efforts to capture and tame, since you do not want anyone hurt, especially the dragon. Millie has consulted with more experienced tamers and develops a plan which requires coordinated effort. Once the group has located a candidate of the right size, each task must be done in particular order. The group scout places special food, which distracts the young dragon for a short but vital period of time. As the young dragon eats, the group mage approaches and casts a calming spell, which ensures the beast can be approached and handled, also for a short window of time. Once these two effects are in place, step three must happen immediately - the two "wranglers" each approach a separate wing of the dragon and secure it so it doesn't fly away, which they need a specific taming skill to accomplish. However doing this starts a countdown where, unless the dragon is tamed immediately, the beast becomes wild again and can even attack. Knowing this, Millie approaches and, using her special taming skill, makes the attempt to tame. Success depends on a variety of factors, including her taming skill level, whether she has special taming skills for dragons in particular, the type of dragon, size and age of the dragon, the quality and power of the various taming and magical skills of her helpers, and some pure luck. Taming can be a sort of mini-game, and various tamers can acquire specialty skill trees that make them better at taming certain types of animals or serving as "wranglers" "scouts" or "calmers" to other tamers who need a group effort for certain animals. Having the ability to tame dragons, especially to serve as beasts of burden or even war mounts, could be a very special and valuable skill and you could see a group of friends going into such a business and having a lot of fun along the way. The idea of SWG-style social and crafting aspects that contribute to the PVP is what really has me excited. I never played SWG, but everyone talks about it like it was heaven. I only wish they would also bring back the Dancing profession from SWG, as that sounds like a lot of fun too.
  2. My sig pic is my Sundancer from Shadowbane Treachery! My fire elf ideas got shot down when I posted them before in suggestions, so I am not sure how much support there is. I am still sad that Crowfall isn't going to actually be Shadowbane 2.
  3. This is the one and only Kickstarter I ever invested in. Much of that was due to the celestial conjunction of former UO and Shadowbane developers along with the estimable Raph Koster. If Crowfall succeeds, as we all hope, it could breathe fresh air into the MMO genre. No pressure ACE, really...
  4. Order? Chaos? The Cosmic Balance? “Elric knew that everything that existed had its opposite. In danger he might find peace. And yet, of course, in peace there was danger. Being an imperfect creature in an imperfect world he would always know paradox. And that was why in paradox there was always a kind of truth. That was why philosophers and soothsayers flourished. In a perfect world there would be no place for them. In an imperfect world the mysteries were always without solution and that was why there was always a great choice of solutions.” ― Michael Moorcock, The Elric Saga Part I There is so much Moorcock in Crowfall, I fear we will all revert to brooding teenagers...
  5. The purpose of an EK is to have a "safe space" to recover from defeat.
  6. Something about socializer killer makes me think serial killer instead.
  7. Now you've done it. Never, ever, say his name. He's always listening, you know. Always.
  8. Well, I was really looking forward to sbe.exe. I feel sort of numb now...
  9. I believe you can make your crafting EK the ultimate hard core full loot from hell experience. Just don't be surprised if the PVP devolves into the naked mages in death robes variety. I have a better idea. Advertise that visitors will get to see your face so that they alone may find you on the battlefield.
  10. Was that the one where Wolfpack used a catapult to launch free t-shirts to their fans?
  11. I get sniffles remembering the good old days. Shows how memory works, since honestly many of those days were spent in torment, heh.
  12. Unless you have a piece of eight from each of the Nine Pirate Lords
  13. Someone suggested I re-post this here. It is basically a question/suggestion for ACE as to whether they plan to run in-game RP events. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10429-ace-run-in-game-events/#entry249612 As Courant unearthed from the past ACE quote, it seems a question of funding. Sooo, I suppose the issue is whether ACE will make adding staff to run in-game events a Kickstarter goal at some point. It would of course only be after they had accomplished all the other things that should be done first.
  14. Nice catch! I will post this in suggestions and see if ACE responds.
  15. That was just an idea thrown out. I think they can be anywhere, but usually it is hard to run RP events in an open world PVP situation, heh.
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