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  1. I said make it cost in game resources... so thats not p2w at all. And if your paying resources to respec to gather resources that would just be stupid...
  2. Yes but aren't you going to get diminished returns? Trying to change your build at all after a certain point would be all but impossible.
  3. Will we be able to reset skill points and reallocate them in the future? This feature is needed as the devs might nerf/buff or just change certain things that could ruin builds. I'm guessing we will pay an in-game resource and then get back the 'time' used to train skills and be able to use it instantly anywhere we see fit. Anyone know if this has come up before?
  4. Ya I love theory crafting haha, and it just seems like there isn't a lot of it cause the skill trees are really quite bland tbh. And there's really no choices in it long term unless it literally gets to the point where it takes a year to learn one skill because of diminished returns. Im just really hoping the disciplines adds a ton of actual abilities rather than just buffs.
  5. I did see clips of that video but never the whole thing. I guess if there are a decent number of actual powers instead of just buffs and whatnot then it could be pretty sweet. Is there a complete list of the disciplines? I checked for them 2 weeks ago and only found limited info. Thanks for the link.
  6. Do disciplines give you extra abilities? I haven't heard much about them.
  7. Maybe I've yet to see the full picture and you really will be unique, but as of now it doesn't seem like there will really be much more to combat than picking your archetype and playing it well.
  8. Yea I know they have a limited budget, but i feel like this is a core mechanic that most mmo players love. Idk, to me it kinda feels like playing League of Legends in a different setting. In LoL, you can buy different items that make you play slightly different, but at the end of the day you will play the champion you picked the exact same way any other player does.
  9. I found out about CROWFALL 3 weeks ago. Since then I've bought the game and convinced 5 friend to do the same. We all played in the last play test and despite expected issues, we had fun. I'm super excited for this game, but the combat customization has me worried. There are plenty of ways to be unique behind the scenes. Attributes and skill trees accomplish that. But I'm talking about the things people can readily see...abilities. It just kinda ruins the fun for me if every confessor or knight uses the same exact abilities. I know that promotion classes are going to add one or two mor
  10. accidentally posted half finished topic and don't see delete option xD
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