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    Nerf Warden

    5K health from one trap does in fact seem a bit OP to me! OUCH!
  2. Zuldaris

    Nerf Warden

    How many of you calling for a nurf haven't even played a Warden yet? I'm not saying your calls for a nurf are not valid, but that if you haven't played a class it is easy to see them as being OP. In too many MMOs this has been the routine. Rogues and Shaman in WoW for examples. I'm not that good at 1v1 and I played both. I could never WTF PWN peeps like others playing that class did. So, yes skill is indeed a factor. Go play the class for a while. If you find you win a lot more, either A. you found a class that fits your playstyle or B. there might be some truth to it needing a nurf. Sure, some will say they never played one but have a much easier time killing every other class but that one. You might have a point then, but are there other possibilities? I mean do some classes counter others well?
  3. I already spend money on the game, not going to pour $60 to play an alpha.
  4. I'm still trying to find out HOW to get into the play tests. A friend got in and I have paid in the past to support this game and thus lock in my copy of the final release. If it is an email, the email title must be pretty vague.
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