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  1. We are currently doing a publish to LIVE, however, we plan on keeping this bug report forum. Thank you all for the great feedback.
  2. you locked the latest bug report thread..

  3. Hello Skoky! Could you provide a few more details? Were you trying to destroy fort or keep walls? If you were trying to attack the keep, did you start a siege? If you do not start a siege by building the banewood tree you will not be able to attack the keep walls / take over the keep. When the siege starts catapults we spawn and you can use those to quickly knock down the walls to get to the tree of life. I hope that helps!
  4. Hey there! Should I still keep reporting bugs on the Focused testing forum? Just wondering what is the most optimal way for me to report bugs about discs and powers. I have a couple new ones. Thanks! 

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