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  1. We are currently doing a publish to LIVE, however, we plan on keeping this bug report forum. Thank you all for the great feedback.
  2. you locked the latest bug report thread..

  3. Hello Skoky! Could you provide a few more details? Were you trying to destroy fort or keep walls? If you were trying to attack the keep, did you start a siege? If you do not start a siege by building the banewood tree you will not be able to attack the keep walls / take over the keep. When the siege starts catapults we spawn and you can use those to quickly knock down the walls to get to the tree of life. I hope that helps!
  4. We go through the feedback and bug thread several times each week. We investigate every report that comes through that thread, and check it against every bug already in the database, which already has 7000 entries. Several of the other developers, like Todd and Blair, try their best to review it as well. However, they are less consistent than I am, because they have a seemingly endless list of things of work they need to complete in order to move the game forward. We have thousands of bugs, suggested improvements, and tasks reported in our system. Many of these will include video links or screenshots posted here, or even direct links to particular threads. The threads may seem chaotic, but they are actually incredibly helpful. With a large project like an MMO, it is very hard for anyone person to keep up with the status of every bug and virtually impossible to have the "known issue" list include all of the problems we know about. We use the "known issue" list to report the most commonly reported bugs, to cut down the number of repeated posts. it’s not meant to be a list every bug we know about (there are too many!) On top of your reports, we have numerous bugs that our internal team finds and fixes on a daily basis. We have a tremendous amount of issues that go through out system each week and we do our best to prioritize bug fixes vs moving forward with the project. The feedback threads are incredibly important, and we get a ton of mileage out of them. We appreciate each and every bug you guys report, even if we can’t always respond. Please don’t mistake our quiet for lack of appreciation or attention!
  5. Hey there! Should I still keep reporting bugs on the Focused testing forum? Just wondering what is the most optimal way for me to report bugs about discs and powers. I have a couple new ones. Thanks! 

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