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  1. As an early backer who was going to buy some more accounts, but did not have the time to do it yet, i gotta ask: will I be able to? Or is the one package that I already got all that I will be allowed now that CIS is sold to Innova?
  2. Not going to restock the vendor at least before 5.7 hits. Still taking crafting orders, now at 18 pips.
  3. The Sapho potion still sounds like a clutch. Chugging them potions with a flat increase in pips doesn't seem like fun. Whereas an advanced crafting table built by a stonemason ( with its own exp lines ) that you can share with ppl in your EK or hide away in your closet, or something up that alley, that would sound like a more of a fun way to interconnect crafting professions.
  4. Not sure what thread vendor advertising would belong to but still: Welcome to Shukin's Corporeal Delights vendor and services! The vendor offering ready-made vessels is located in Kittens Shop EK, which is up mostly 24/7. Head directly East from the temple. I'm also available for custom craft orders at 18 Necro Exp pips and capped Assembly and Experimentation from Monday to Friday. Hit my discord - shukin#1768. Please DnD on weekends. Note that I have special discounts and crafting rates for Save The Kittens guild members. If you would like to join or get acquainted please visit https://discord.gg/p2qnDGR
  5. Neither would the vendors. They would just prevent new players from getting into harvesting because suddenly no one would need any white mats, and noobs would need to train before they can get any greens and up. Implementing buy orders would solve the problem though.
  6. Vessels up for sale! Check out Shukin's Corporeal Delights vendor at Kittens.
  7. My 2 cents are: What DKP used to be in WoW is basically a virtual currency which was used by guilds to distribute otherwise non-tradable goods between guild members. A lot of the most sought after Items in that game were bound to a character on pickup and were impossible to sell or buy on the open market. Everyone wanted them, but only some could get, and thus guilds used DKP to rate their members contribution to then reward them with those non-tradable items. While that system worked great for that purpose, it's highly unlikely to be of any use applied to freely tradable goods. If there is free market in the future Crowfall, every good will have it's market price in gold or dust or whatever the most commonly used currency is. In such case, there is no point in coming up with an artificial currency and more importantly artificial pricing for the guild bank. However, some kind of Guild Contribution Points system could be very good *IF* there are goods or services that a guild can offer otherwise unattainable by solo players. I can easily imagine some sort of 'Guild Quests' when for example DKP is rewarded to everyone who contributes stone to build a new parcel for the guild, which they can later turn in for a chance on raid boss loot or a run of the guild-owned factory, for example.
  8. It's a shame the topic became an endless read on peoples take on what the game should be. Behind it, no one will ever see that the op's suggested ability to respec passive training is crucial for actually testing and balancing the skills in general and the tree itself.
  9. This. But we would also need to have noticeable diminishing returns on harvesting training bonuses. A new player would expect progressing through at least some basic tool options or a couple of increasingly difficult node ranks within his first days/week of playing at the very least. At the very start of the game it's hard to imagine a guy happy with whacking at nodes for days on end, getting 3 white boops per node for months before his training bonuses start to be even noticeable.
  10. Firstly, on a high-end competitive level SWG had a lot of players with multiple accounts. Secondly, the game allowed for rather affordable re-speccing through investment of time and/or ISK to grind out that new profession. Even if a player chose to go with a crafting profession, nothing prevented him from dropping it and going full combat if he got bored. In CF we are talking about time-based passive training. After spending a year training combat, I will never even think of crafting unless I a) Have a crafting alt or b)trade my account up for a crafting toon. Neither of the scenarios is beneficial to a healthy MMORPG.
  11. Frankly, i'm not seeing how it is possible to not have a bunch of crafting alts at all in a game that intends to use real time for skill progression. Crafting would have to be a REALLY complex activity requiring time, know-how, real market and logistics to play with in order not to boil down to 'who has the most skill points in crafting is the go-to guy'. I'd like to stay optimistic and hope for the former ofc
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