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  1. looking good. i like that basically the rewards will be more depended on how much a player contributes to a campaign, that the player can than choose what he wants for his contribution and that apperently the rewards will be the same for shadow and dregs - overall really nice. overall i hope that there will actually be more ways to reward stuff like attacking keeps/forts/outpots/camps during the whole campain...basically the stuff that should be first to do in a rvr/pvp game. as of now crafting is giving way to much in regards to points and more activities should be a way to advance in your campaign ranking. besides these changes i hope that with the rewards being more streamlined between dregs and shadows it will become less of a hassle that you have to play a campaign you basically do not enjoy as much as the other - afterall it's fine if there is more rewards for more risk but if it's so superior that it basically "kills" the other campaign it's not good either and yes i would prefer shadows over dregs just for the setting it offers a ton but atm it just feels like you have to play dregs as a guild too no matter if you enjoy it. so as said again in other threads, i hope you understand that there is ppl out there looking for rvr setting and no gvg setting - i hope you design both as valid endgame activities and let them be more a preference.
  2. The problem is if everything is too easy to get a lot will feel like there is nothing to achieve next. Dunno I kinda like it that the gains are minor but there and I personally do not care so much for the gains so I go out with the purpose of getting the next level asap but enjoy that the exp I get while I do stuff is good for something 😊 Well I personally still would love the passive training back in one Form or the other too as for me advancing my character or account in crowfall is a very central part for me in an mmo.
  3. To be fair we at least get some sort of feedback on this with the so far weekly update. tho it surely is not directly around the feedback we gave but it still shows what they took from it to an extent.
  4. World map should show which zones are eu/us etc... Rewards for shadows still need to be changed - I still hope you acknowledge shadows as a different playstyle and change rewards so that you feel fine playing there to get them and also add a lot for actively fighting for your faction.
  5. Thanks all for the good info 🙂
  6. From my impression I get a lot less harvesting discs compared to the first 2 or 3 weeks after launch.
  7. Sounds good, as of now there is way too much hopping around be it for rewards or the hope for less contested farming, more pvp during night or what not 😂 But please make the campaigns last longer... these 2 weeks long campaigns are no fun... I personally would enjoy like 2 or 3 month long shadow campaigns 👍
  8. So you mean less energy/mama costs for heals? Does this work for druid too where healing generates energy?
  9. Hey all, from what I can tell dmg on a weapon doesn't effect healing in any way. So basically on weapons just stats like support power, healing crit + amount effect have an impact on healing, right? Or am I missing something here? Any input appreciated 😁
  10. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). That shadow campaign was added and there is 3 faction rvr to be had (but see dislikes) Combat feels good and pvp fights are fun Crafting is grindy but rewarding, feels solid EK stuff...really nice to have you place where you can build together with others Build diversity, love the possibilities that all the classes i tested have Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? That the shadow campaign is seen as something you should only stay in until you go dregs - treat it more like a different playstyle, there is players that just enjoy faction settings more and only go dregs not to have fun but for the rewards where they don't have fun getting them ... not sure how long that will motivate The rewards for the shadow campain are just meh...they do not promote rvr/fighting for keeps at all as they are not worth it at all. most just do not bother to even play there as the rewards are just laughable. they are worth like 10 minutes of farming mobs and 10 minutes of harvesting if you throw gold/dust together. second there should be a additional rewards tight to taking keeps/outposts/respawn points, killing enemy faction players, time holding a zone completly and what not...basically stuff that promotes fighting over the stuff that is there to take and make it worthwhile to do so Swapping of trays like ranged/melee/shadow needs to be on a different cooldown Running through EK's in search for the right vendor - vendor search please Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive, and please don't list something you've already listed. It takes time for bugs to go through the internal process and get fixed. My mounts don't have any sound effects anymore Harvesting crit mark is off the ressource quite a lot If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. Don't you think you should clarify more on your dedication to crowfall, all these threads about crowfall being managed by a barebone crew while most focusing on a new game are getting more and more (started only by a few all the time but still:P) and don't draw that much of a good picture for new players on the fence to join - if it's true do you really think it's a smart move to start a new game while the old eh still new one still needs lot's of work to really shine? as an example...from the live stream i took that todd will focus on long term features for crowfall...i hope it's true but it was communicated just in a vewry odd way. Feedback for Tiggs on this forum post or other things you'd like to see on the forums. Different colour shemes please
  11. I hope they will see shadow more as an alternative to dregs that ppl want to stay in instead of something that oddly should push ppl into dregs... I played darkfall, eve and what not but still just prefer a faction VS faction setting. There isn't any games with a decent 3 faction setting so I hope they do not miss their opportunity here with making it so subpar to dregs that ppl play in the dregs for better stuff but without fun... Shadows at least should make it possible to get legendary stuff with dedication while epic should be the standard there. Also gold drops really need to be scaled from starter worlds to shadows and dregs, as both more riskier campaigns just can't compete with gold... Starter should be to get going solo, the others should be more group oriented with better gold/hour by quite a bit 😁
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