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  1. There a issue with this........ it might take a longer time to get the resources you need to combat said players. Since those players most likely will be geared out a bit to protect themselves. Yes you may be able to do more dmg but if you don't have the crafted gear to back up your skill placement than ya............
  2. I have seen a few games where they still have a type of HP bar but it changes from green > Orangish > Red and than death. They do not give exact numbers just a color indicator Hell they can go as far as Black Desert does with PvE to PvP as put that you have to learn said players info to unlock the amount of HP they have. They could still have where you must learn said Mob and player since even if a player changes name and ves they are still tied into a account name
  3. This how I know OP for sure didn't read or research since even on the store it states its in Pre- Alpha and any package saying Early Access allows you in. In my opinion he should not be allowed a refund
  4. Clearly you did not read anything on the site nor forums.......... Or on the calendar. Hell even in game on the right hand side said Pre-Alpha
  5. Maybe relook on what you said just know............. More players = more money as of right now the game still being made so they want to keep cost down since there not a steady flow of cash
  6. Erm wouldn't really require that high of a graphics card........ If the game already taxing on your card than with it or with out this system you will have issues. Also really do not need 10MS either to implement this since there are other cartoonish MMO that have a system like this minus the not displaying name and guild name and many do not get 10ms and have no issues......... So what was the point now?
  7. Dark And Light is not the same graphics style also Dark and Light is another Ark lol
  8. Oh didnt know this thread was made in 2015 =3
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