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  1. Awesome! You guys are making huge strides..
  2. Much anticipated notes from Race/class split? Are these notes of things that have happened or that will? Tell me more about 5.3.1 on Live server or soft launch unless the aforementioned notes are about assassin, frost weaver, or factories.
  3. I think Grey top end is around 110. I have a 102, looks like Srathor made 104. I know that white 58 blade + white 38 grip with 5 pip (all) good roll on damage = 80-107. I am still trying to confirm the math.
  4. Seems Quiet

    You are on the live servers everyone is on the test servers
  5. Based on the Dev's intent I would focus on Group v Group. 1v1 in important for understanding your class but may not help you when game is released.
  6. State of Melee In Crowfall

    Says the Wood Elf Ranger
  7. Would be awesome if they lived in nests in trees. Start whacking away at the wrong tree and multiple spiders drop down on top of you. They look awesome
  8. lol @ untrue.. I said "for me". I also stated that "when all is said and done it could even out". Thanks, sometimes I get confused and believe I can view things differently from others
  9. @Brightdance you have a valid point and I agree but in its current state it is still somewhat irrelevant.
  10. Being much more useful and still somewhat irrelevant isn't much of an argument. I am still on the fence about how it is tiered as for me there is a greater overall value for BS, LW and WW than for RC, Necro and Alch. This being said with an understanding that when all is said and done it could very easily even out reinforcing Anhrez's initial statement.
  11. Armor Layers

    I haven't paid attention as of late but I was under the impression that specific abilities did target specific areas. Ex. Attack that trips does target the feet and one that blinds does target the head. Is random targeting actually the way it is or is this just speculation?
  12. Anyone know what Curse Tablet is for?

    Surprise at the time to attain is not necessarily the reaction I expected. While he may not be the authority Anhrez did write the book on harvesting. Well at least the article.
  13. Teleportation?

    Fake news!
  14. Teleportation?

    It really isn't that far. We are testing the system as a whole not just classes, all aspects. No teleports please.