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  1. Hungercast Episode 2 Question

    Player A: That makes no sense. Player B: This is very important. Games are supposed to be fun not work. Player C: There are 56 female CFOs of Fortune 500 company's. We could always ask them if and why they deserve an advantage. Playet D: What ESports games have P2W? P2W does devalue the sense of accomplishment. I think CF is taking things in the right direction and giving a little bit to everyone. Unless you can fully fund CF for the entirety of its life the Dev's have to have some incentive to generate income. Everyone has their own view doesn't need to be an arguement. The problem I see is that you think you're right and those who don't share your opinion are wrong. Edit: I agree with you, unfortunately any game with tradable resources that can give an advantage can be P2W with or without the Dev's. They have done a good job mitigating.
  2. Incoming changes to Rules of Conduct

    @srathor is correct. It is pretty simple. i am confused.. and sad.. I feel like a lot of time, effort and funding was just wasted.
  3. Thanks! Very excited! For us slow people, if and when possible can we receive a bit more notice as to the octet requirements?
  4. Is the LIVE server supposed to be 5.2.4? I logged out and now when I attempt to log back in I keep receiving "Invalid client. Please patch to 5.2.5 Also.. Yes I have made sure that I am attempting to log into the LIVE and not TEST server. Thank you.. Update: As per life, I make the post and try again and the patcher has now started an update.
  5. "Director of Community": Not ignoring you, working.... Sounds kind of like "Thank you for calling customer service, go custard yourself" That craziness aside, I don't believe that was the question. Why is the fact that some individuals have an unfair advantage being ignored? @Suffocation they may be waiting until 5.3 to do full reset of LIVE server as that may be a requirements for split.
  6. New Player =)

    Welcome to the game. Previous posts covered about everything so Good luck and have fun.
  7. If you are a fan or not, that is up to you and I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong with liking what you like, nor should anyone be judged for it. My offering a correct definition was in no way meant to be perceived as calling you or anyone else a moron. If you took it as such, I apologize. Reading back what I wrote, I did not mean to say that you were sensitive, I meant your response was. This is not necessarily a bad thing as I can appreciate your passion for the game just as much as @ClockworkOrange. This is also me assuming that both of your interests align with the betterment of the game even if your definitions of better and your approaches differ. Have fun. Good luck.. and I hope to see you in game.
  8. If it is on the forums it is not slander.. It is libel.. That being said.. @Anthrage while a little sensitive, is correct. Just because someone enjoys something doesn't necessarily make them Yes Men. I wasn't a fan of the trailer, doesn't mean it was a bad trailer or a bad choice. If it reached the goals that were set for it then it did its job and no, judging someone on liking something is not the same as judging a product on its advertisement. I will also say that while I am not a fan of hostility, I am excited about individuals being passionate about Crowfall. For me even the most mundane tasks continue to be fun.
  9. Looks amazing. Two thumbs up!
  10. While I appreciate the effort, I really think this was a poor choice for a trailer. I honestly believe that ACE would have been far better served just taking the various streamer videos and linking them together as a highlight real. Sorry ACE, if I wasn't already a Crowfall Fan this would deter me from even trying. I get that it shows the spirit of the game but actuality is what will sell. Good luck on the next one.
  11. Duelist: Other Races

    and leave you with a bare chin?
  12. Duelist: Other Races

    Cunning Hamster Champion. Is his name Gir Billings?
  13. Duelist: Other Races

    Assassin, yes. Confessor, maybe leaning towards no. Champion, hilarious. Nothing is better than a raging midget. Give me my Guinecean Champion.
  14. Duelist: Other Races

    Under FAQ's "What Genres game is Crowfall. Answer: MMORPG
  15. ACE Q&A for August: Game Systems

    Yep, they should consider it. It can still hurt as in a substantial resource cost. Ex. People want resources to drop off of MOBs to make the game a bit more PVEccentric. Enable MOBs to have a small percentage chance to drop resources used for rezzing. Then have the cost to resurrect be stiff enough that people will not use it unless it is worth the cost. Or just use a large quantity of dust. Now I have a choice, power my factory for 10 days or rezz dingleberry that just got killed.