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  1. Hello! I just signed up yesterday, but I've been following since the initial Kick Starter. I'm an long time MMO'er since the early days of EQ/EQOA. I've played just about every MMO that has come out in between EQ and now. Obviously much older now, don't have time to play for 24 hours straight like I did as a college aged kid. But I'm always a potent ally to have on your side, whether it be group content, raiding or PVP, I've lead raids, found rare swords, and won lots of PVP matches both in RPG's and shooters. I've lost touch with my old guildies so I'm basically always looking for a new group of people to play with each new game. The problem is I haven't found a game I really feel I want to keep playing. I did really like FFIX but I jumped on that a year late and really I like to be a part of the initial wave of a game, and if it sticks then awesome, otherwise hope the next one pans out. Crowfall seems promising, so looking forward to maybe this one being a keeper!
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