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  1. It may help her change her avatar for the 500th time though.
  2. What if the server is ran by someone from QFT or someone from Wolfpack who doesn't want their name attached to the product? It'd make sense to shroud it in secrecy and just give a product that works. I mean, I'd probably eat my shoe if it was someone like Growart the sweater king but hell, it's a working stable server experience. The dev(s) don't seem to stick their hands in the cookie jar and therefore there's nothing to hate on. No ammo to troll with in that regard. People cling to reputations too much.
  3. Then SoTD showed up and every one of those DHL trees disappeared in under a month.
  4. I mean, when the insulted starkid renames my characters because they're named "Reforged in Fail" and "Starfail the Idiot" then you know he has an ego issue. Like dude, hands off. He can't help himself. He really can't.
  5. I hate saying I told you so. But I told you so.
  6. Doc lost his mod status. Boo freakin hoo. Wouldn't be the first time someone from QFT lost their status. My favorite part is how all these nobodies are jumping on the rip gonzo train. You're wonderful. He'd still be here if he wanted to be here. He lost mod, so what, he could still contribute and even more so since he wouldn't need to tone it down. He decided to leave instead. That's on him, not this dude who reported him. Side note: it probably takes more than 1-2 people to report a mod for them to get canned. Check the cf Twitter as supposedly a bunch of people were onboard the hate tra
  7. I see you browsing Tully, you sneak. Come say hello. We won't bite too hard.
  8. pvp101


    Just stick in 60 target AOEs, thatll take care of it.
  9. FeiCryMore still on my jock. Get over it chump, WM is simply better than you and all your trash-tier friends.
  10. My main isn't on that page anymore. I feel left out.
  11. Trash kids trying to forumbane with the forum and in game kings. Not gonna happen chumps. Your home is in the dumpster, where it's always been, because you're trash.
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