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  1. I can agree with your statement "The allocation for skill points is unfair." Crafters and gatherers appear to get the short end. You can craft if you want, you can gather if you want, but a combat player can come and roll you and take all your things. I believe the idea is so that you have to go out make friends and play with other humans (gross). Development is still in an early stage, so who knows maybe it will balance out nicely. As for me, I want to pvp and craft, this is why I (and a lot of others) will most likely have a crafting alts. As far as your suggestion for point allocation, if VIP players have an advantage over the free to play crew, then it could easily be seen as pay to win.
  2. Hmm?0 per day? That does seem a bit low. The forums have been a bit wonky lately, might be a side effect of that 500 error.
  3. I love it!! Can't wait to play Legos! I just have one question though. Will small castles be out before Pre-Alpha 2 gains access? Or some time around then? If not it would be cool if Ruby backers got a loaner keep to play around with.
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