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  1. When does VIP membership start? Is it active now or does VIP membership not start until the game officially launches? I am a sapphire 2016 backer so I was just curious.
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am so happy your allowing Alpha 2
  3. saw this pop up in my email and had a heart attack thinking I got in even though I am alpha 2 haha. forgot I was following this thread
  4. No prob work hard I am going to play Dark and light till its time
  5. It says that its going to go Pre-Alpha 1 than 2.... after that Alpha 1 than 2 so we won't get one sadly
  6. Just realized I have Alpha 2 access so hopefully soon
  7. Oh crap I am glad you said something because my name sucks as an ingame name. Will it be like that forever or just during beta
  8. Only PvP game I am willing to play
  9. Dauntless has been very clear on twitter and facebook and that August 18th is when it would go into Alpha. Before E3 they never gave a hard release. When you buy the founders pack for Dauntless if you scroll down it says, "Alpha starts August 18th." I bought the most expensive pack in Dauntless two months ago and was happy about how up front they have been about the whole process
  10. Will we see new patch notes today? The wait is killing me
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