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  1. This is heartbreaking. Coolwaters was one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, he would help anyone he had the chance too. I first played with him probably 15 years ago and we met as both friends and enemies over the years in a few different games. I am so sorry to Damebix, Angelmar, Yoink and the other Winterblades that have lost someone that has been truly a friend and part of their lives for so long. You are all amazing people that has made a beautiful family, shedding the silly moniker of "guild" long ago, I've come to cherish the times I got to spend with all of you. Rest in peace, Coolwaters. My sincerest condolences to his Winterblades family and everyone else he has left behind.
  2. The stuby-legged power behind the throne. Long time no-see regro!
  3. This, precisely. Very disappointed so far with how they have explained combat. A ton of people running around in huge blobs swinging at the air is not a fun game, and then adding lack of good healer/support classes just makes it into an FPS.
  4. Yeah Apple Bootcamp runs Windows better than a junky Windows computer anyway =)
  5. Hello! Two names I haven't seen in a while. I've seen quite a few other Carnage people around.
  6. phearlo


    Havent seen those in a while, CS tags were way better than X.
  7. Mostly read just the bullet points but they were all spot on except for the Low Magic and Active Combat. You cut out a lot of players by not having available magic classes, not everyone wants to play mostly melee. I cant stand the hack and slash games, especially in a game such as what I think this will be. A ton of people in one area just running and swinging at everything is bleh.
  8. BenWP! Ashen! Vosx! Hail players, glad you're all doing well.
  9. Hail BenWP! All will be worked out, most Shadowbane players are nice dudes that enjoy a little forumbaning but are otherwise fun to play with. Culture clash was inevitable, there has never been another game like Shadowbane where words typed on a political forum had real in-game consequences.
  10. Hahahah. I posted a link to the play2crush site on the Silvermoon forums but it got no replies.
  11. Didn't everyone play Mourning at some point?
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