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  1. Making these logs exportable is something we can look into, and timestamps will likely be a toggle in the settings menu. It took weeks of careful training.
  2. Our general philosophy going forward is, if it uses a key, we will let the player bind it to what they want, and notification hotkeys are no exception. We have a lot in store for the upcoming social system, and we're working hard to ensure that the features MMO players have come to expect will be a part of that. One of those things is giving the player full control over what appears in their chat. Additionally, we have a goal in giving much greater flexibility to the players in how they interact with others, as well as providing better feedback for when a player wants to interact with you. We'll be announcing more as it comes online, but I'm pretty excited to be working on these features, and hopefully you folks are excited too!
  3. We use the Open Sans family of fonts all across the UI
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