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  1. So first, when I go to crowfall.com, both in my phone and on pc (chrome and edge), I get to the german version. I'm logged in with my (timezone+1) account. I switch to english, but next time I go there, it's in german again. Very annoying and something I'm not used to seeing anywhere else (english really should be the starting point), which makes me worried it's scaring first time visitors away, as it may have made me sceptical of the product had I been a first timer. Second, when I click the "community" tab, it doesn't open properly. I see the top few millimeters of the box supposed to contain "dev track" "forum" "wiki". A refresh or two makes this thing go away and it opens properly. So every time I wanna go to the forum, I open the page, then switch to english, then refresh the page, then click the community tab. Anyone recognizes this? Even if I'm doing smthing wrong, others might be doing it wrong too and it it's not good for the feelz.
  2. I think I like the idea of 1 guild per account. I want espionage to be difficult and demanding of commitment. If all your alts were freely expendable as undercover spies (on different servers, but still) then it would take less of a commitment to succesfully spy than is the case with this limitation. I do recognize the issue of devaluing the VIP status compared to buying additional accounts. But all in all I'm positive to this limitation being tried out.
  3. If that is the case with the current Confessor, that her fireballs reveal sin and her absolution cleanses it, then that's better thematically than applying new sin as I interpreted it. But don't you also get the feel that it's a standard fire mage we're looking at in the video? We've seen the tool kit before in various games. Does it cut it to rename the burn debuff/dot and then claim to have made a Confessor instead of a Mage? Maybe it does. But I doubt anyone looking at that video without knowing the background story would guess it's a religious zealot they're looking at, to me that means the execution of the concept is lacking. As it is now. Perhaps the addition of thematically related battlecries and whatnot can nudge the coherence in the right direction. "Sinner!" "By flames be purged!"
  4. It looks sweet! For what it's worth, here's my constructive feedback on it. Thematically it looks a lot like what you'd expect a fire mage to look like; fireballs apply burn stacks, which can be activated for damage by an ignite/combust, there's a longer cast nuke and there's a dash for survivability. But this mage has had its burn stacks renamed sin, its combust spell renamed absolution, its staff replaced by a book and its class title changed to confessor. To me it looks like the archetype started with a design solution (fire mage) and then had its concept forced onto it (religious zealot). And to be honest, the religious tags seem out of place. Shooting sin onto people is strange, even stranger doing it by means of fireballs only to then cleanse it with more fire. The nimble aggressive style of this fire mage doesn't resemble someone of unshakable faith condemning those around it but more a ... well ... typical fire mage. And the "meteor purge" feels far fetched thematically too. I would prefer if (as some have suggested) the Confessor used non fire attacks to reveal sin and fire spells to cleanse the revealed sins. I would also like to see something like an unshaken faith skill temporarily increasing defenses or divine wrath pushing enemies back, in place of the dash. It may be that all these points have been made already and if so, I hereby agree : P Super excited about the game!
  5. I think the most important similarities is the Hunger-Winter-thing and what surrounds it. Like the Ranger archetype seems heavily inspired by the Night's Watch from GoT. He looks like a member/commander of the Night's Watch and his monologue sounds like it too - standing between the Hunger/Winter and the "dumb or weak". In GoT the members of the Night's Watch are also called "Crows", further pointing out the connection. The comparison with the politics, conflicts and battle for the throne always seemed a little far fetched to me. The Game of Thrones universe is a persistent one, with one throne for all to fight over, while Crowfall is about scavenging dying worlds. Sure, something similar to a throne might emerge in a campaign or two, but it'd merely be a means to the end of bringing home some shiny stuff. If one argues that EKs are the throne game, then the comparison still fails in my view, since any amount of thrones can reign simultaneously in the EKs, taking away the core premise.
  6. I like toggle run. It makes sense to walk and type messages at the same time.
  7. @nakawe You and your son playing a char each on the same server sounds awesome!
  8. I was under the impression ACE already expressed their ambition was to have each player join with only one character in a campaign (multiple chars in different campaigns is obviously a non-issue). I don't know where they said it but they certainly have good reasons for such an ambition. It is beside the point however. You made clear that you don't care if it's an exploit or not, as long as "they can't stop it" you will do it. If they allow multiple characters in one ruleset but not in the next one, then you will "take your gameplay to them". This way of reasoning is what I object to. Gaining advantages on the other players regardless of the costs, or the intended design or anything. To me it looks like cranking down the difficulty level, at the expense of the health of the game and the community. It's a lot like faking falls in soccer - hard to stop, gives advantages, harmful to the game, nothing to be proud of and calling it "hardcore" is a vulgar aphorism. (On second read I notice that your post might have a more reconciling tone than mine does. So I wanna add: If ACE calling it an exploit would actually make a difference to you, then what I wrote does not apply to you. And I agree that we will see where it ends.)
  9. To me you come across like one of the kids who took a game like NHL, made a custom team with all players on max scores and used it to faceroll an easy level bot team tirelessly for hours. You're prepared to pay money to systematically use unintended exploits to get advantages over other players until the game breaks? Dude, do you even like games? Hardcore is such a vulgar aphorism for that behavior. What you're doing is dodging challenge, at the cost of games and communities. Play the game - refuse to use ANY unintended exploits that give you advantages and beat other players cause you're the better player. Until then, stop flattering yourself Bob.
  10. I remember the devs mentioning something like a "detect hidden" skill in one of the podcasts. So whatever stealth is like, they seem to have counter stealthers in mind. Anyway, just a minor sidenote.
  11. I would argue your life quality is more relative to your gaming time than your gaming style. I've found a few hours of immersion every now and then, preferably with friends, combines very well with a productive and socially functional lifestyle. I imagine non-immerse hardcore pvping 10 hours a day comes with more of a backlash. And about multi-boxing. I really hope it will be ineffective.
  12. Actually, it seems to me that Sheen contributes by briefly stating his opinion on the topic while you and a few likeminded boost the thread up the frontpage by flooding it with rants about how everyone else is overreacting. If you don't think p2w is an issue, why spend so much time in p2w-threads. Counterproductive to your expressed cause and annoying to others. I think it's good to stay alert on p2w-aspects on all the new stuff that comes up for sale with real money, those slippery slopes are real and better safe than sorry. If you find this reasoning odd, think of how you want to be alert on "carebear"-aspects of every new implementation because you fear that slippery slope. Then you might see where it's coming from As for trading VIP-memberships, I'm not a fan of it, feels a bit like bringing euro/usd straight into the marketplace, would rather not see it in the game.
  13. Do we have information on how many players can inhabit one EK? I have a vague memory of someone from ACE saying something along the lines of "population of 1000, that would be a very big EK indeed". If the number of inhabitants is limited (by practicality or otherwise) to a couple of hundred or even less, then there could be hundreds of "fully" populated EKs. While that won't guarantee they're all regularly visited by outsiders - a few may still serve as the go-to-hubs - it will at least encourage some diversity.
  14. So we know Game of Thrones is a key source of inspiration to this game. I think it shows particularly well in the design of the Ranger, who very closely resembles a member or commander of the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones. The big fur, the sort of detached attitude, the labeling as "Warders, Heralds of Winter". Perceived as the last outpost between the icy Hunger and those "too stubborn, dumb or weak to leave". "I don't give a damn for the Gods" "It is ours to protect" The Ranger seems to illustrate a lot of the inspiration ACE got from GoT. By the way, the Night's Watch are also known as Crows.
  15. I'm glad to see we could end on a good note. /thread
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