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  1. They see him trolling... they haten... cant believe you didnt get a ban yet. GG devs.
  2. the game doesn't need dungeons or raids it just needs more grind locations. 2 to 3 per map is not enough even for the 2000 people playing.
  3. The Dev's have done nothing to earn any player retention. The game is a pile of crap, except for combat. They need to end the current Derg and force every one to FvF and or release new maps with more grind zones ASAP. The other servers were already planed it just took them longer. So this isnt a WOW your amazing for listening its more of a, its about time.
  4. Can you point out 1 instance when the Dev's were a " good team player"? because if i remember correctly they ignored almost all input from all testers for the last 5 + years and just shot from the hip at what they thought was best and now here we are. With a disaster of a game with an very small player base and losing active players every day. So please explain to me what the Dev's did right other than spend 6 years making a bad game with decent combat.
  5. I couldn't disagree more. Wait.. can you clarify what you mean by currently at please? because the game is fully released and it tanked hard and has continued to tank for the last 3 weeks. The only redeeming quality of this game is the combat. you can go to various other threads that point out every detail of whats wrong with this game.
  6. you do know the guy who made Shadowbane made this game... So your suggesting to fire him and his entire team and start with a new Dev team. I mean I'd buy this hunk of poorly made dergs for $100.00
  7. I agree the last video is crap. But that doesn't change the fact that hes got 4k reviews. And if AC though they would get good word of mouth reviews at launch they clearly miss judged the caliber of video game they made. Even if 50% said the video sucked, which it did, it still being reasonable doubt to do at least do more research. Which would lead to even more horrid reviews of this game. Even at 50% for both videos that's still a loss of roughly 15,000 players and at 40$ a pop that's $600,000. Granted i don't think AC would know what to do with that $600,000 because clearly they couldn't manage to make a good game with 5 million. The point I'm trying to make is that the game is at a critical point in its life cycle and its only been out for 3 weeks. If the current trend continues with more and more bad reviews and with new games coming out this game can not survive unless every player drops another $100+ every month for the life of this game.
  8. Doesn't matter what you think because the video has over 4,000 views. that's potentially 4,000 lost players. So between the two video i posted they lost roughly 30,000 potential costumers. ( If views = potential players.)
  9. Another review with more views then active players in Crowfall. But with far less subs.
  10. Every potential costumer based on the "word of mouth" marketing. This guy has over 25,000 followers. AKA 12.5X more people than people that play this game. So thats 25,000 potential costumers Crowfall just lost. yeah yeah yeah nitch game.. sure but it cant grow or succeed with 2000 or less players.
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