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  1. one of my guild members did finally make a sword today it took him 7 attempts with just him and a little under three hours to make. with that said its not a bug just very harsh risk for very little reward. most of us are hoping to see a change in the risk factor for crafting, and if there isn't one, we will opt out of playing the game on release. I wasn't trying to make a big deal out of this post and was really just looking for hope that we had skipped a step or used the wrong materials some how. but it seems that isn't the case its just not for us you are right. I have tested a lot of games and some of us have been playing since as far back as asheron's call. so to say we aren't hard core is your opinion. we are just looking for a reward any reward, any reason to spend a lot of time together, having fun as a guild. hours of work with nothing to show off, no return on matts, no reroll for lower less valuable swords, just nothing but failure, is just not acceptable to us and creates a bad experience in our vent, haha so thanks again for your input and if this is the game you want keep it.
  2. I appreciate it man but I want to craft and play not be given handouts. very cool of you though.
  3. I am herby surrendering all rights to my account, to the crow dev team, in hopes you will view my crafting history and see that I have 15 or more attempts to craft a one handed sword out of the blacksmithing tab. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope this helps some future gamer.
  4. yep but we are giving up so I am just making the com aware of why so maybe to promote a fix or a better game thanks for all the feedback goodluck
  5. it has to be did you craft any of your stuff with all white ore and wood? and whats your skill in crafting at?
  6. how much failure did you get we have had no success ..... not a basic sword a one handed sword from blacksmithing . hilt and long blade
  7. not a basic sword a one handed sword in our ek from all white matts because that all we have on our ek. we are not trolling that's why we are so mad and frustrated
  8. so your saying if I don't create a character from launch I will be destroyed over and over for six months or so just soul crushing failure until a stat point trains high enough in a passive tree to make a sword........ no one will play this
  9. an entire guild cant craft a sword we cant even get a decent weapon its a problem, no return on matts nothing but failure for 23 ppl all trying new ideas different materials. just trying to get one success on a non epic no special stats sword..... that's a decent effort with no reward..... so this game is you guys if you enjoy it I am happy for you we found it frustrating and we aren't asking for handouts that's just our opinion.
  10. my first words explain I know it is not a finished game...
  11. lets put it this way we play ark and are no stranger to any of these things..
  12. I have been following this game for a long time also. along with my guild.we understand this is not an issue that is going to be fixed and will look elsewhere for a game thank you.
  13. after my guild and I have talked this over, we have tried at least 30 times all together with no one actually getting a sword. we are all giving up, and have decided to no longer play this game, good luck to all those who play this game and I hope this games does well. That being said if there is a repeat of users getting punished so harshly for a mechanic why keep it in the game.... food for thought..
  14. I was using full alchemy potions and all white materials......
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